Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yes, I've Been Busy .....

I know I've been gone from the blog for a while, but rather than bore you with all the many and various reasons for my absence, how about I just share a couple of quick posts showing some of the Quilty stuff I've been up to?  Would you like that?  Yeah, I thought so *wink* =^..^=

Rosette #1 is complete!  

Since today is the Slow Sunday Stitching party over at Kathy's Quilts, let me start with the first month's Rosette from The New Hexagon - Millefiore BOM designed and presented each month by Katja Marek of Katja's Quilt Shoppe - it finishes at 36" wide!!!!! Although I popped a picture up on Facebook and Instagram to share when I finished it, I just today realized that I never shared it with all of you - bad blogger!!!

I chose to follow Katja's color scheme for this Rosette, using yellows, pinks and oranges - my current color combo crush!  Of course, this is all hand stitched using the EPP method.  You would think it would take ages to stitch all these pieces together, but amazingly it really doesn't.  I just stitch as I watch TV in the evenings and before I know it another round is stitched in place :)

Rosette #2 is well underway .....  some very yummy aquas and lime greens ummmmmmm!  The lime green is not quite such an acid in-your-face color in real life, but it seems to be a color that refuses to show up exactly in my photos.

The very center hexie has been sewn together, but the rest is just in position on the design wall for auditioning.  I believe I'm finished with the fabric choices on this one, although I'm not absolutely sure because I just changed out a fabric yesterday.  I must confess - I've been obsessing over these a teensy bit because they are so fun and have such potential for that WOW! factor :*)  I can spend days just picking out the perfect fabrics for each section.  Here is what my studio can look like after a day of fabric auditions...

Yes, YIKES!!!!

I had a hard time choosing the right fabric for the very center hexagon, just didn't seem to have a really eye-catching motif that was the right size and colors.  So I ended up cutting the template into 6 triangles ....

..... and then fussy cutting motifs to piece together a center design that made me happy ..... I have no doubt that is exactly what Katja would have done too!  Notice that I traced the outlines of the motif onto my template plastic to be sure the pieces are all the same.  The marks will wipe off later so the template can be used again on future rosettes.

I also fussy cut this same fabric to echo the motif further out in these little rosette stars ....

I think of these as fabric vases because they "hold" the wonderful "sprays" that fan out from their center :*)

You probably didn't notice a small difference in the "sprays" on the large picture above - here it is again with red circles to direct you to the areas I mean ....

 .... can you see that one is darker at the outside edges?  I took a black Sharpie Fine Point marker and blacked out the fussy white squigglies because I felt they were too busy.  Now the darker areas give it more definition and allow it to have more visual impact.

I'll be taking this one off the wall probably later today.  I clip each 6" hexie grouping together with wonder clips, like so ....

..... now it's all together for me when it's time to start stitching.  Wonder clips are my new absolutely FAVORITE tool - I use them for everything!

I also take a picture on my phone of how the finished section should look so I can refer back to it quickly and not turn a piece the wrong way.  Don't even ask how I learned this was necessary LOL!!!

Even this is not a correct look at the lime green - closer, but too dark!

Rosettes for March and April are waiting patiently for their turn on the design wall .....

I wouldn't hold my breath though - it may be quite a while yet before they get their turn LOL!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Blues.....

I hope you all are handling this winter better than I am!

This is what is happening at our house this morning!

Second major snowstorm this year, in as many weeks.  That just doesn't usually happen in Nashville my friends.  Yes, it's beautiful, and I love at least one good snow, but enough already!!!! 

I just saw on The Weather Channel about traffic backed up on I-65 in Kentucky - one woman has been stuck in her car for 14 hours!!!!  I am definitely praying for these unfortunate people this morning.

I'm also dealing with a sore throat/stuffy nose event - yuk!  I brought it home from my retreat last week and it's been beating me up all week.  Of course, that hasn't kept me from sewing LOL!!!  I'll be posting a few finishes very, very soon, so stay tuned! :*)

Praying you are all staying warm and safe ♥♥♥

Hugs & Blessings!
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