Tuesday, September 6, 2016

OMG for September 2016

This is a whirlwind week with so much going on!  So I'm just quickly going to announce my OMG project for September:  Completing the quilting on my Blooming Nine Patch.

This was supposed to be my OMG for June, but you can read in THIS POST some of the reasons why it did not get done.  Usually, I choose my guild's UFO number for the month to link up with this group, but I've already quilted the project that I had on the list for the number called for this month.  So it's a free month to choose whatever I like, and the B9P is one that I really, really want to finish!!!

That's it!  I gotta run!  Two all-day classes the next two days!!!  And with none other than the amazing Jane Sassaman!!!!  Don't hate me just 'cuz I'm lucky like that LOL!!!  I promise to come back and share with you ♥♥♥

Please join in the UFO busin' fun - go to Red Letter Quilts HERE and see all the wonderful UFO's that have an excellent chance to graduate to finished quilts by the end of September!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rocky is the Champion!

Mom says that I have won a new championship title -
Favorite Cat on Quilt 2016!

My cover shot

If you are just meeting me for the first time, you can read about how I became a Quilt Snoopervisor HERE, and how I was rescued from the coyotes in the North Carolina mountains HERE.  

Pets on Quilts 2016

So, this is what happened.
Mom says Jacque over at Lilypad Quilting held this wonderful contest called
Pets on Quiltsand lo and behold, I won as the favorite Cat!!!

I have to tell you, I’m overcome with surprise, 'cuz you see, I have never seen myself as anything special. I’m just a little gray cat from the mountains who was lucky enough to be adopted by my new Mom and Dad. But Mom says I am very special, and it makes me happy to know that she thinks so.  She says I am the sweetest cat she has ever had - and that’s saying something 'cuz Mom has had lots of cats since she was a little girl!  (I think that must have been quite a long time ago!)

I do believe that I have an impressive set of manly cheeks, and a quite splendid set of whiskers, if I do say so myself!  (And yes, Miss Molly, they are REAL!!!)

I told Mom I really want to thank all my new furriends who voted for me purrrsonally, and especially Jacque, Padsworth and DragonDrop over at Lilypad Quilting!  And a special thanks to my new furriend Terri Stegmiller who is one of my mom’s favorite artist/designers and who sponsored this contest by contributing a gorgeous set of her amazing hand-dyed fat quarters -- which we WON!  Oh my!!!  My furry little paws are just itching to touch these fabrics …. can you even imagine how much fun it is going to be to help my Mom make a quilt with these beauties? 

My tail and whiskers are twitching with excitement, I tell you!!!!

Honestly, I’m not sure what this new title means, or what my new duties might be, but I have to say I hope there’s not a lot of fighting involved, because I’m a lover, not a fighter!!!  I'm hoping I left that part of my life behind in the mountains.  The only other cat I have to "fight" now is this wuss cat who lives with us and is always trying to claim my cat tree...

Believe me, he doesn't stay up there very long!!!

Since coming to live in Tennessee, I’ve enjoyed being an only kitty and loving on my new Mom and Dad as much as I want!

I don’t have to share their scratches or cuddles with anyone else!  And they give me all the food I want - even special food that has tuna in it!!! Yep - you heard that right!  Yum, yum, yum I love it!!!  Mom loves the little growly purrs I make every time she puts my bowl down.  It took a little getting used to not having to fight anyone else for my food.  Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve put on a few pounds since coming here - sssshhhhh!

Best of all, I haven’t seen even one coyote since I got here!  Mom says they have coyotes in Tennessee too, but you couldn’t prove it by me.  I’d just as soon never meet another coyote in my entire nine lives! That’s why I never ask to go outside - I’m purrfectly happy being an indoor kitty, safe and sound in my new home.  This is as close as I get to the outdoors now...

I admit to an occasional fantasy about catching one of those birds that keep flying around the window though....

Mom says I also need to congratulate the other winners of the Pets on Quilts 2016 contest - Buddy the Flickr dog (wait, wasn't that a horse???), and Kathy’s Ducks, (love her blog title, "Quacks on Quilts" - hahaha - just 'quacks' me up LOL!!!) and Lara for her mugrug of Charley and Wilbur - although I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to vote for dogs or ducks, do you?

Mom says Buddy is beautiful and that she would like to have a Sheltie someday. Seriously???? Why would she want a dog when she’s got me???  I can tell I’ve got my work cut out for me around here, keeping out stray dogs, defending my cat tree, helping Mom quilt, and working hard at my Snoopervisor job so I can stay slim and trim and keep my title next year =^..^=

So, again I just want to say THANKS again to all my new furriends who voted for me!!!  Mom and I are going to have a blast playing with our lovely new fat quarters! You can be sure I will be my best Snoopervisor ever for this project, because, you know, it has to be purrrrrfect to live up to Terri’s beautiful artistry!

Purrs & Headbutts!
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