Friday, August 23, 2013

A Special Gift =^..^=

Have you ever just been blown away by someone's generosity?

Well, that's what happened to me the other day when I went to my mailbox and found an unexpected squishy package there from a friend.  Inside that package was THIS AMAZING LITTLE FEATHER QUILT!!!

Mini-Batik Feathered Wholecloth
Quilted by Janet O. of Rogue Quilter Blog
Size:  9-1/4" x 12-3/4"
My friend - and I'm betting your friend too - Janet O., who blogs over at Rogue Quilter, has been very quietly becoming quite the expert at feather quilting!  I've been happily following her journey and telling her often how impressed I am with the progress she's made on her feathering.  But the day she posted this feather quilt, I went nuts!  I so fell in love with it and of course I told her how much I loved it too in my comments.

Well, next thing you know, sweet Janet has wrapped this little beauty up and sent it all the way to Music City to live with ME!!!  WhooHoo!!!!  I'm over the moon excited :*D  Of course, batiks are irresistible to me - always have been - but combining blue, purple and aqua in one batik - give me a break!  I was a goner at first sight!  And then add to that the gorgeous feathers Janet has created on this beautiful fabric!  Just look at this amazing stitching..... hyperquilting, no less!!!!

Her note says to me, "I can see all the flaws..."  WHERE????  I can tell you, there are NO flaws on this little gem!  It is flawless and beautiful and MINE!!!!

Janet was one of a handful of wonderful bloggers who made me feel welcomed and at home when I first started my blog almost 2 years ago.  That meant a lot to me, and still does!  But I'm betting that Janet has been a special friend to a lot more of you out there too!  I just had to share my gift with you so you could see what a special quilter she is, as well as a special friend :*D

Janet, you made my day, my week, my YEAR!!!!  
Thank you so much dear friend!  
I will treasure this gift forever ♥♥♥

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. That is really gorgeous!!! I don't see any mistakes either.

  2. This is just gorgeous! Luck you for such a lovely gift.

  3. What mistakes??? What a wonderful, wonderful gift! You are so blessed!

  4. It's really a beautiful piece of art, and it DOES look like you! I wonder if she had that in mind to begin with? ;-) Also, I'd like to say you certainly are paying it forward, as you have made me feel the same as Janet made you feel when you started blogging!

  5. Can you see the glow of my blush from there?
    My goodness, girl, how you do go on!
    In answer to Kevin's question--yes, I had you in mind as I selected the fabrics, and your reaction when I posted clinched who had ownership.
    You, my friend, make everyone feel welcome and included!

  6. Lucky you to have one of Janet's little quilts. I think she is doing a fabulous job on machine quilting, and she is definitely not giving herself enough credit! It is beautiful - and glad it has a home with you!

  7. Yeah for you!!! Janet KNEW just who would love it!! It fits you exactly!!! Blessings sweet friend!

  8. What a wonderful gift and story - I am picturing the great big smile on your face!

  9. Lucky you Teresa. Sometimes you never know how much someone's comment can mean to you. Your comment must have made her day and in turn she made yours. I think those feathers are great and perfect and batik is my kind of fabric too and those colors I love as well. I will have to check out her site as I am not sure I have heard of her before, so thanks for the link.

  10. Wow! What a lovely quilt. The colors are wonderful, and the quilting is fantastic (I don't see any flaws, either). Oh to be able to FM quilt. I just love feathers. I can't even draw them on paper, much less draw them with thread.


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