Thursday, February 2, 2017

RSC Finished Projects Linky Party!

Angela at SoScrappy is hosting the first-ever special linkup for finished Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects!  I have loved this fun monthly challenge since I first began reading blogs, and when I started my own blog, Angela's party was among the first I participated in.  When I saw her post to link up our finishes, I had so much fun thinking back on the wonderful quilts I have today because of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!

Soul Searching is my latest RSC finish .....

I am still putting the last binding stitches on this quilt!  Rocky is not being particularly helpful ...

He says it is after 9pm and he is OFF DUTY!!!!  He also says I should hand-stitch down all my bindings because it suits him to curl up in them while we watch tv in the evenings LOL!  Do you like that bold backing fabric?

I had a tough time choosing the backing fabric, but eventually this won out.  I loved the primarily black as opposed to the primarily white prints on the front.  And those colorful squares in each bloom are perfectly understated and fantastic!

I shared a few photos of the quilting in my last post, but here they are again...

The quilt laid on the guest bed for a week or so waiting for me to get around to trimming it.  I noticed Rocky napping in there one day and I have a sneaking suspicion he may have gotten a little impatient and tried to help me out....

I chose to use a lot of scrappy white-on-black fabrics pulled from my 2-1/2" strip bin (then trimmed down to 2-1/4"), as well as my black scraps bin, before cutting a strip from some of my fat quarters.... probably 20 fabrics in all.

Rocky had a ball at this stage of the game!  He loves those long strings of fabric!!!  I took a picture of him trying to run off with the string but it didn't take very well :(

I loved this binding choice from the moment I began stitching it down!

Of course, two of the joinings just had to work out to fall on a corner!  

I left this one because it was just to one side of the actual corner and with a little pushing and shoving it will be fine.

Sending a SPECIAL THANKS to Angela at SoScrappy for the beautiful quilts we've finished over the years because of your Rainbow Scrap Challenges!  It's been a blast and I've made some really good friends all over the world from participating in this linky.  Looking forward to another fun year of playing in the rainbows....

Hugs & Blessings



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  1. Great quilt! I hate it when the seams end up on the corner.

  2. Oh that turned out gorgeous, and your backing is perfect as well as your binding.

  3. Lucky you!! That looks like the PERFECT backing for your colorful quilt.

  4. Fabulous finish, especially with all the encouragement and help from your buddy Rocky! And don't binding seams ALWAYS fall on at least one corner of every quilt? I thought that was one of the unwritten quilting rules we had to follow lol!

  5. I really, really LOVE this one! Super backing and I always love a binding that adds some zip to the whole.

  6. That is fabulous! I love your choice of backing too.

  7. It seems like a seam ends at a corner at least one a quilt...I think, what's the odds but it's happens a lot. Love your binding choice and the quilt!

  8. Once again you have the perfect combination for this fun top. The backing you chose is perfect, the binding you made is perfect, and you did a perfectly beautiful job of quilting this!

  9. Delightfully fun post, Teresa! Love your quilt! XO to Rocky

  10. Love this quilt! Thanks for the inspiration. I think that I'm also going to make this quilt as part of RSC 2017.

  11. I just love this quilt and I really want to make one! Where do I find the pattern?

  12. Rocky is protecting you from sewing room wind gusts...I can't believe you are already taking his help for granted.

  13. If you need a place to store this beautiful quilt, I have a spot! :) This is one of my all time favorites! Great finish.

  14. Absolutely beautiful! What a stunning quilt. The graphic back and binding are the perfect finishing touch. Love it.

  15. Beautifully done. Congrats on a gorgeous finish.

  16. Wonderful quilt! I love the backing and the binding is perfect as well.

  17. Teresa. Your Soul Searching is beautiful and I do love your backing fabric. That took a lot less time than the way I did mine. Love that Rocky is still helping you in the sewing room. He is a real trouper.

  18. Congratulations on a wonderful finish! I love that backing fabric. I am sure you would have never finished it without Rocky's "help".

  19. Teresa! You are quilting like a house on fire! WOW! WOW! WOW! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your Soul Searching is really beautiful! I am loving seeing your progress on everything! You go girl!

  20. Is there a basic block pattern for this quilt? I love it.


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