Saturday, February 25, 2012

ScrapHappy Saturday!

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Linking up today with SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This is the last Saturday in February and I finally have my green mini Pineapple blocks complete! Nothing like sliding in just under a deadline….Yahoo!!!  These finish at only 3-1/2 inches!

Aren’t they sweet?

I also showed you in an earlier post this Gothic Windows block from a tutorial by Pat at Color Me Quilty

I used all scrap strips for this and plan to make at least 4 more blocks out of different fabrics to make a scrappy wall hanging. Lime green is a color I just can’t get enough of lately!

Wonder what the March color will be? It’s going to be fun to see all these little pineapples grow into a rainbow of blocks month after month!  Go HERE to see what others have been working on using their green scraps this month.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Ohhh, I absolutely LOVE these tiny pineapples. Can't wait to see more! : )

  2. purrrr-deee scrap blocks!! what size are they?...I'm almost afraid to ask =P


  3. Beautiful blocks! I still can't belives how tiny they are!!!

  4. Beautiful, the colors are wonderful, the green is my favorite

  5. Hey Teresa, love the green pineapple blocks. Just too cute!

  6. Nice work! I love the green polka dot center on your pineapple block. Lime green is one of my latest favorites too.

  7. I just LOVE those pineapple blocks. Very pretty.

  8. Absolutely adorable. They are starting to make a nice little collection

  9. LOVE you tiny pineapple blocks! They are going to make a wonderful Rainbow quilt! Also love your Gothic Windows block. Hmmmm yes I wonder what next month's colour will be :)) Elly

  10. I love those pineapple blocks. They are just so cute.

  11. Love the pineapple blocks. This is another block I have never done yet, but have to add to my "to do" list for doing sometime this year. They look FANTASTIC in green. : )


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