Monday, February 20, 2012


Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville has asked her blog friends to share our favorite thimbles and then link up with her blog so her readers can see some of the thimble options out there and make decisions about what might work best for them.  Here's a picture of my very sweet little thimble collection.  However, I don't use any of these of course.

When I first began to hand sew as a little girl, my grandmother taught me to use a thimble, and I cannot sew without one now because my finger feels vulnerable and naked!  However, the traditional silver thimble doesn't really work for me.  My finger sweats and gets uncomfortable, no matter how well the fit.  I love the open backed silver thimbles, but unfortunately I can't afford one right now.  Probably because I can't keep out of the fabric shops LOL!!!!  

Today, I use several different types of thimble.  Mind you - they're not very sexy, they just work for me!  This is my favorite... the Ultra Thimble.

It fits right on the tip of my finger - any finger!  It has a sticky tape that adheres it to my finger, and the tape is reusable for many stitching sessions.  No sweating, no discomfort.  It's perfect for me!  I can also use a second one on my finger under the quilt when hand quilting.  Most quilt shops will carry these if you ask for them.  I've found them at most quilt shops.  Or Amazon of course, but check your LQS first!!!  And it's not terribly expensive.

A second favorite is this really inexpensive, plastic alternative to the above-mentioned open-backed silver thimble.  It's called the Adjustable Thimble.

It's not perfect, but it allows me to have nails and use a thimble, something a "normal" thimble won't.  (Not that I have beautiful nails to speak of, but sometimes I do & maybe you do! :*D)  Because they are so inexpensive, I have several of these and keep them in my various hand projects so they are handy.  Being adjustable, it fits anyone, so no need to find one that fits!  I've bought these at Joann's but I noticed recently that my local Joann's had discontinued them.  Not sure if that is a universal thing for all Joann's or just mine.

Hope this helps someone looking for the perfect thimble!  There are so many really beautiful and unique thimbles out there, and there are new designs coming out every day.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's favorites at Quiltville.  Hopefully some of the other bloggers will have sexier thimbles than mine!  =^..^=

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Thanks for sharing. My thimbles aren't very sexy either. Can't afford the sexy ones just now!

  2. I like the adjustable thimble, too. I also have a little blue flexible thimble that I really like to use. But I adore looking at *pretty* thimbles!! :)

  3. I don't have a sexy, lovely, or jeweler's quality thimble either, it's a simple tailor's thimble for me... open on the top, I "push" with the side of my finger so it isn't a problem. It's what I have used for years. Your decorative thimbles are very pretty. I do have a thimble that was my grandmother's, I wear that on a chain around my neck:

  4. I got a chuckle out of the cowboy hat thimble in your collection. Could you imagine trying to use that? LOL!

  5. I only have one "pretty" collectible thimble. My boss at the quilt shop where I used to work bought everyone a thimble from her vacation trip.
    I use a regular run of the mill ridged edge thimble. Mine isn't very sexy, but then my hands aren't either.
    Thanks for sharing yours!


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