Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October End of Month Reports

Nothing like being just a "little" bit late, right?  Let's see.... October ended a week ago, didn't it?  

Oh my!  Life has just been so busy, and blogging has had to take a back seat.  Actually, that may be the case for much of November too.  I have two baby quilts to finish up in two weeks time - one hasn't even been started yet -  yikes!!!  I promise I'll try to pop in and keep you updated with short posts about my adventures :)

So, what did I accomplish in October?  

October 2013 NewFO Challenge project:  One of my favorite things to do each month is start something fresh and new, and then LINK UP with Barbara at Cat Patches!

Sneak peek - "Paws in the Garden" wool block in process

Terri Stegmiller - amazing mixed-media artist and art quilter! - asked for volunteer pattern testers last month, and I just couldn't resist these adorable, purrsonable kitties in her pattern called "Paws in the Garden" - so I said, "Sign Me Up!"  I thought these kitties would be a really cute addition to my Summertime wool quilt (click on the name to see the designer's quilt).  As a reminder, I'm only doing 9 blocks and substituting some of them with a few of my own choosing - such as my wool rendition Terri's "Paws in the Garden."  I had SO MUCH fun with this NewFO in October :)  You'll be seeing the finished project soon!!!!

As my regular followers have already seen, I finished Moonglow and it won 1st place at our local Oktoberfest Quilt Show (click here for more) - woohoo!!!  

I'm hoping to get a better picture of this quilt soon!
After a marathon quilting session that lasted 2-1/2 weeks, I was pretty much "quilted out!"  I took a much-needed break from the machines and did some soothing hand work instead.  I sat down to my sewing machine for the first time last night to sew together a backing for a quilt to go on Joanne's longarm today.  I'll share pics of that fun finish in a few days :)

We also had some company this month, which is the absolute BEST reason I can think of for not getting all my Get It Done items completed this month, wouldn't you agree? :*)

Mom & me, at Olive Garden with our favorite fellows, celebrating my birthday - shhhhh!!!!!!
(It was such a fun time, we couldn't sit still; hence, the blurry pic LOL!!!)
Early in the month, we had our oldest grand-daughter Emma for a week - always a pleasure!  And then last week we had the rare treat of my mom and stepfather here for a few days while on their way to visit my brother in Los Angeles.  My friend Lynn came in from Seattle for a visit also last week, and we enjoyed some wonderful time together piled up in the recliners and covered with comfy quilts while I introduced her to the excellent PBS series, Call the Midwife. This is absolutely my favorite show on TV right now.  They are showing repeats right now, gearing up for the 3rd season which starts in March 2014 - can't wait!!!

Since I was in a place where I just wanted to rest and relax, I picked up my needles and put on a new pair of plain jane socks - and I finished them in 10 days!  If you had told me a year ago that I could make a pair of socks in 10 days, I would have sworn it was impossible!  But here is the proof...

Surf Serenity socks
Two at a time using Magic Loop

They fit very nicely!  
Still a tad loose around the foot though - I'll take a few more stitches out of my next pair.

For the cuff, I went to DPN needles one size smaller than those used on the socks, 
and tried out a new-to-me method called Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off.

The cuffs are easy to stretch out but hug nicely when worn and
go back to shape quickly when I take them off  ----
Yes, I was happy with Jeny's bind-off and I'll use it again :*)

So, in summary, my October accomplishments - or lack thereof - look something like this ..... *drumroll please!*

October 2013 Goals:
  • RSC Challenge Blocks - The color was Black/Gray, so I chose to let these blocks slide last month so I could concentrate on getting Moonglow quilted.
  • NewFO project - ?????? - I want to do a pumpkin project - will I have time???  No, I didn't have time for a pumpkin project :(  However, "Paws in the Garden" has been great fun!!!
  • Quilting - Moonglow, Genevieve's Banners, Mom's Valentine table-topper - Moonglow is DONE, but the other two are still on the To Do pile at the side of my machine.  They MUST be done by the week before Thanksgiving - yikes!
  • Finish prepping and begin stitching on the next Summertime block - DONE!
  • Yarn Projects - start Wingspan knitted shawl so I'll have an easy take-along, no-brainer yarn project - YES STARTED and two "wings" done :)
  • Christmas QAL - Finish Bargello Tree Skirt; start on Jovial if I have time - NOT TOUCHED!
  • Make at least half of the Talkin' Turkey flying geese - Cut most of the neutral pieces, but still a lot of cutting to do before I can even start sewing on these geese :(
  • Continue washing stash - this one is ongoing and I did make some progress this month - Yay!!!
November 2013 Goals:
  • Finish and post about Paws in the Garden project
  • Quilting (domestic sewing machine DSM) - G's Banners, Mom's Valentine table-topper
  • Quilting (longarm) - UFO - Christmas Geese (Christmas QAL)
  • Make a baby quilt for newest grandson for shower the week before Thanksgiving
  • Make several receiving blankets, etc., for shower also
  • Yarn Projects - continue Wingspan; cast on new socks for working on over the holidays :)
  • Enjoy time with family for the Thanksgiving season!!!!!
Linking up with -
Cat Patches - 2013 NewFO Challenge
Patchwork Times - Get It Done!
Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Love the sneak peep and the socks are cool! Glad to see you schedule time for family on your Nov list.

  2. Congratulations on all your starts and finishes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's the best year you've ever had!

  3. The kitties are looking very cute!!
    Moonglow is radiant,as always.
    And what snazzy socks! Wow, you can really churn them out now!
    Sounds like a happy, and very busy birthday time! What day was your birthday? We have lots of October birthdays in our family. I will send you a little bundle of very belated birthday wishes when the soap I just made has cured in a few weeks. : )

  4. Cute projects, and I love that picture of you with your mom.

  5. You had a very busy month! Your Moonglow is stunning and well deserving of first place! Loved seeing the pic of you and your mom...special! And those socks are too cute!

  6. I think the quilting moonglow more than accounts for why other goals were not met. i can sit down and start to machine quilt and in 1/2 an hour I only have part of a sunflower FMQ.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Your Moonglow is wonderful! SWOON.
    I love that quilt and have the parts in to do it. Someday.

    Great knittting on your socks, they match perfectly, well done. Jane

  8. Love the sneak peek of your kitty project. It's looking so cute!!!

  9. Moonglow is just so stunning! And your wool kitty cat is way too cute.

  10. Oh my gosh girl... you are having too much fun!
    Happy belated birthday!
    LOVE your new socks!

  11. kitty is super cute; know it will be even cuter when you show it all! your socks/color reminds me of the beautiful moon glow... and happy birthday, teresa! what a great pic with your mom! xoxo

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Teresa. Did I know when it was?? Your picture with "mom" is so good. Boy, you have really been finishing lots of your projects. I love your Surf Serenity socks. Great colors. Can't wait to see your wool kitty project finished. That is a really cute sneak peak so for. Have fun with your baby showers and family visits.

  13. Happy belated birthday!! I love that sneak peek! Your kitty is adorable! And those socks - sweet! Good to see you include family time on your November list - can't forget the important things! ;-)

  14. Love the photo of you and your mom. What a treasure!
    Those blanket stitches on your applique are beautiful. Just perfection. Love the little kitty, too.

  15. I love those socks. I, too, haven't had time to even post an end of the month post.

  16. No wonder October flew by! You sure got a lot accomplished though. A belated happy birthday, too. Great socks! (Toe up even!)

  17. Congratulations on first place on Moonglow! It's really beautiful.


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