Friday, August 19, 2016

On the Needles 8-19-2016

I'm one of those unlucky people who suffer from motion sickness, and I can't read or write while riding, much to my regret.  I do often listen to books, but then my hands still need to be occupied.

One of the things I can do while riding is knit!!!  I often keep a project on the needles just for the purpose of having something to do during trips when my husband is driving.  It helps keep me awake and engaged, and that makes him happy :*)

For our trip to Carolina this past week, I pulled out my Aqua Socks to repair.  These came off my needles last winter (I can't find that I even blogged about their finish - bad girl!!!!)  But when I picked them up from the basket several weeks later to weave in the ends, there was this huge hole in one of them!

Some little critter had found its way into my knitting basket and had itself a feast!  Fortunately, I still had some of this yarn, so I was able to rip the stitches out all the way back to the hole, making sure to pick up the stitches on my needles before ripping back....

Then the repair was a simple matter of attaching a new strand of yarn and re-knitting the rows and binding off again.

Measuring to be sure I get it the same length as the first one

It is not as pretty or neat as before, but I doubt anyone will ever know except me!

Share what's on your needles at Patchwork Times today!

And PS - don't forget to "Like" our sweet little Quilter's Kitty, Rocky, in the Pets on Quilts contest at Lilypad Quilting =^..^=

Hugs & Blessings!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Wedding in Carolina (finally!)

We traveled to North Carolina this week to attend the long-awaited nuptials of our niece to her beloved.

These two lovebirds - Raney & Josh - have been engaged for over 3 years!  

They really, really wanted to walk up the aisle 3 years ago, but a very wise pastor counseled them to wait until Josh finished college and they were in a better financial position, and they were wise enough to take his advice.  So you can imagine their joy when this day finally arrived!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding!  We like to think God showed up and blessed the day with some of the most beautiful skies I've ever seen....

Few things are more beautiful than a Carolina blue sky filled from one end to the other with fluffy, voluminous clouds!  And I loved that they were all shapes and sizes - such a delight!!!

Of course, these two grandchildren were definitely a more beautiful sight to this Grandma's eyes than even those clouds :*)

Reaghan and Adam dressed for their parts in the wedding

Their little brother Cooper was not in the wedding, so he was able to just chill - you can probably tell he does that very well .....

The groom was waiting outside the church - all smiles!

And his groomsmen waited there with him.  The rather tall young gentleman there on the right is our nephew Andrew....

What you can't see from this picture is that everyone in the wedding party was barefoot!

This was a Hobbit themed wedding!  Raney and Josh are both Christians and love the Lord of the Rings movies, and they wanted their wedding to reflect both of those things.  Their cake was surrounded by vines, with tiny Lego bridal figures and a castle gate on top...

And it was surrounded by lots of beautifully creative sunflower cupcakes....

These were too cute to eat!  Although, a few of the guests seemed to have no problem at all with eating them...

Ethan's cupcake matches his boutonniere!!!

Cooper was not a bit shy about biting right into the Oreo in the middle!

There were a few other yummy things to eat too - this huge vine wreath was really gorgeous...

Keeping with their theme, the inside of the church was very simply decorated with a lovely flower- and vine-draped cross as the focal point.

Can you tell how happy Raney was to be walking up that aisle to her husband-to-be finally?

Her mom, my sister Laurie, walked her up the aisle, and her joy and pride in Raney was evident in every step and tear shed along the way :*)

After the ceremony, there was lots of hugging and picture-taking, as is always the case after weddings.  I just LOVE this photo of the glowing newlywed bride with her smallest attendants....

At the reception, the newly married couple opened the festivities with a very touching foot-washing ceremony....

And I was able to finally present Raney with the quilt I made as her wedding gift.  I think she liked it!

I liked the idea of a wall quilt for them to decorate their new home, something they could see all through the day if they wanted.  And I decided to mount it on artist canvas as a piece of art rather than simply a wall quilt.

It can be hung on the wall or just stood casually against a fireplace or on a mantel - there are many options for a quilt finished in this way.

The pattern is by Zen Chic called You & Me.  I love its simple elegance and the modern color scheme.  I used a lot of fabrics that spoke to me of home and love - bricks, vines and flowers, even a few raindrops and snowflakes.  Mostly, I pulled from my scrap stash for the background, and you all know how happy it always makes me to play in my scraps, right?

I learned a new technique while working on this project too!  I printed out the label on my own soft gray fabric!  I've always hated working with Printed Treasures - the paper is hard to remove from the back, and the fabric is not white so that it often looks dingy to me.  This worked like a charm, and I hope to do a tutorial on the blog soon to show you how I did it.

When we walked outside after the reception on Raney and Josh's wedding day, I was charmed by this view of a full moon over the steeple of the church.  Once again, I felt our Father's presence and His shared joy in the day with us!

You may be wondering if this little guy helped me with the Wedding Quilt....

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words .... and Rocky was busy posing on all of his favorite quilts that day for his entry into the Pets on Quilts contest going on right now over at Lilypad Quilting!!! The voting will start soon, but he would love for you to "Like" his picture now and show him some encouragement  - you can do that HERE!!!

Pets on Quilts 2016

Hugs & Blessings!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Pets on Quilts!!!

It's finally here!!!
One of my favorite parties all year long!
 - and I'm so excited to share my new love with all of you 

Many of you have already met Rocky through previous posts, but let me take a minute to introduce him to our new readers who are visiting today.

Rocky is so excited about being entered into the 2016 Pets on Quilts competition in the Cat on Quilt category!  After all, he just LOVES quilts!!!  When I told him we were going to enter him, he was quite shocked.  He had no idea that he was a beautiful cat or that other people would enjoy seeing him.  He's just a sweet, humble little guy, born in the rough and tumble (and dangerous!) mountains of North Carolina.  He was about 3 years old when I first saw him trembling in the snow on my mom's doorstep in April, fell in love with him on the spot, and brought him home to Nashville with me.

He had a home with lots of other cats, but he was small and gentle, so I think he got bullied by the older males and chose to spend his days outside, usually at my mom's house begging to be let in - but she couldn't because her cat Gus is a one-cat kinda guy.  Unfortunately for Rocky, "outside" was a pretty dangerous place to be - the families in the area had lost quite a few cats to the coyotes in recent months, and Rocky's mother and several siblings were among them.

I fell in love with his sweet fat cheeks at first glance!  I mean, just look at this face .... could you walk away from him and leave him to the coyotes?  Nope, me neither!!!  He took to me right away too, curling up in my arms and purring like a locomotive.  I was thrilled when his mom said I could bring him home with me.

First cuddle - I just love that dirty little nose!!!

Since moving in with us, Rocky has found that he is a true Quilter's Kitty!  He has found his calling!!!  He loves absolutely anything and everything to do with quilts!!!  The moment I walk into my studio, he is right there at my heels.  "What are we gonna do today, Mom?"  He's such a big help....

"Hmmm .... wonder if quilts taste as good as they cuddle ...."

He loves to sit on quilts .... this picture was taken his first night at our house - he headed straight for the first quilt he saw and made himself at home!  Needless to say, I was charmed =^..^=

The first quilt he claimed as "his" was Montego Bay.  I had made the strips for binding it and sat them near the quilt on my machine.  I stepped away for one minute to use the restroom before starting, and came back to this ...

He actually insisted on sitting on this quilt while I was binding it, just cuddled himself right in there and refused to budge.  I found I just couldn't say no - I mean, again, just look at that sweet face!!!  Can't you hear him begging, "aw please Mom!"  He rode that quilt all the way around as I sewed on the binding.  It was too funny!  I really should have made a video of it =^..^=

He also loves to Sleep on quilts .... one of his favorite things to do is nap on my Pineapple Blossom quilt in the studio while I am sewing  =^..^=  He never likes to be very far away from where I am in the house.

The next quilt he claimed was my Blooming Nine Patch.  I think he is especially attracted to the way the quilts feel between the sandwiching and quilting stages for some reason.

He was insistent on sitting on the quilt while I was working on it, but I just couldn't wrestle with free-motion quilting this big quilt with him on it!  The only way to keep him off of it was to cuddle him up on my flannel blue-and-white rag quilt - he was happy so long as he was on a quilt and right next to me!

When I had to set the quilt aside for a while to work on other projects, he made it his special spot - daring me to move him!  He tried to tell me he was just keeping an eye on it for me, but by then I was becoming wise to his addiction =^..^=

He especially enjoys helping me choose fabrics for "our" projects ...

"I don't think you need any of these Mom - I'll just keep them safe for you until you do...."

If there is fabric laying around in the studio, you can bet your bottom dollar that Rocky can be found laying on top of it!!!

"Here Mom, I think this is the one you want ..."

It can be exhausting work....

And the studio is a place of many diversions and exciting adventures!

King of the Hill!

And Hide-n-Seek!

Being a Quilting Kitty is a very demanding job with lots of roles to fill, but Rocky feels he is well up to the challenge!  He even tried to fill in for my machine when it went in for service LOL!!!

Now that's dedication!!!

So have you fallen in love with Rocky as much as we have?  If so, he would sure appreciate your vote for him in the Pets on Quilts contest - the Cat on Quilt category!  Maybe then he will believe me when I tell him what a beautiful and wonderful little boy he is!

And once you vote, please be sure to go and visit all the other beautiful pets by clicking on the link below!

Pets on Quilts 2016

Hugs & Blessings!
Teresa & Rocky

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