Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TVQA Assembly Day - Hot Fun!!!

This year's Assembly Day was a Blast!

Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company was there as the Keynote Speaker - and she was amazing!!!  I was thrilled to get a picture with her afterward :)

Every year, the Tennessee Valley Quilters Association holds an Assembly Day for all the Guilds in their association.  The first year I began quilting, whenever I heard other quilters talk about the upcoming Assembly Day, I thought they meant a day where a lot of quilters came together and assembled quilt sandwiches!  Not so!!!!

What a gathering!  Fellow quilters from all over the area.....

Lots and lots of vendors..... yes I did my part to help the quilting economy!

Delicious food - this year it was catered by Houstons - YUM!!!

These ladies were enjoying their lunch outdoors!

This year the day started out wet .....

....... and ended up VERY HOT ..... we quickly learned the A/C in the building was broken!!!

With almost 600 ladies in attendance, needless to say it got a little stuffy in there!

The theme this year was Christmas in July, and true to theme, our Greeter Elf was Vicki Jeffries of the Iris Quilters Guild, who hosted the event this year ..... you couldn't have found a brighter smile anywhere in Nashville!

Ginger Fondren was the Head Elf, and she certainly did a fantastic job - especially considering that she unexpectedly lost her daughter in the middle of the preparations for this huge event.

After learning that the Iris Quilter's Guild had entered our event into a contest being held by the Nash 103.3  radio station - and that we had WON! - we were all led in singing the Star Spangled Banner by this lovely lady from the radio station....  you can click HERE to watch it on America's Morning Show!

Then Jenny Doan took center stage!!!

Jenny is famous for her tutorials on You Tube - you can click HERE to find them!  Jenny told us she moved to the Midwest because she didn't feel like she "fit" in California.  But once she got there, she was bored and looked for something to do.  When someone suggested quilting, she said, "No, old people do that!"  All these years later, her videos have over 30 million views!!!  She told us she filmed her first video with a broken leg and heavily medicated - so she appears drunk in the video :)  At our event, she apologized for wearing flip flops - she had only brought two shoes, but they were different shoes and both for the left foot!  She was so funny!!!!  And warm, and open and had the most infectious laugh!!!  We all loved her immediately!

Jenny shared many of her "easy cut and flip" blocks with us - with her husband Ron as handy helper!  (I took these pics with my iPhone from my seat in terrible lighting, so I apologize in advance for their quality!)

She has a new magazine called Block that is currently only available from her website ....
She said the magazine stand areas are owned by the Mafia
and they can't afford the cost of space there LOL!!!

After lunch and shopping, Jim Gatling from Arkansas took over Center Stage.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people left because of the heat, but they missed an entertaining show!  

Jim blogs over at Jim Gatling's Crazy Creative Life - click HERE to visit his blog.  He is very funny and his quilts are mostly built from his years as a teacher and huge amounts of quilt blocks/fabrics given to him from friends etc.  He loves to embellish his quilts and told us he has a Button Room - filled with nothing but buttons!  I'll just show you some of his quilts with a few comments....I don't remember all of the stories behind them, which is a shame because he told some good ones!

This was one of my favorites!!!

The below quilt took our breath away!  I believe this is the quilt that he told us if there was ever a fire in his house, he might have to run out of the house naked, but he would make sure he was wrapped in this quilt!

I don't remember the whole story on this one, but it was something about one of his students -
a little colored boy who wanted to represent just how much his mother did in one day

This quilt was so pretty in person!!!  Jim loves to cut designs in his spare time LOL!!!
This is one example of how Jim takes abandoned orphan blocks
and makes them into a beautiful cohesive quilt!!!
I hope you've enjoyed this little replay of our fun Assembly Day event!
Come back tomorrow to see the wonderful Selvedge Skirt the lady in front of me was wearing!!!

Today, Sara and I are off to Goodwill to see what we can find and craft ....
And then we might make another pillowcase for her sister :)
Wow, is she ever enjoying her new sewing machine!!!
But I have lots to teach her before she goes home .....
What will you be up to?

Hugs & Blessings!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Art of Home - new Summer E-Magazine!

Jacquelynne Steve's newest Summer Edition of her The Art of Home E-magazine went out to subscriber's email boxes today!  Did you get yours?

Photo by Jacquelynne Steves

Inside you'll find some really fun and useful projects - not to mention a few tasty ones!!!  Get a sneak peek of Jacquelynne's newest fabric line, Peaceful Pastimes - TOO SWEET - along with 3 free patterns!!!  You will definitely want to get really crafty and dress up your own pretty notepad with just a few fun things you probably already have around the house and your imagination!  There's a FREE printable gift tags section!  And as always a couple of really yummy recipes!  This issue she shares her favorites of the wonderful summer photo contest!  Our own little Genevieve is there, totally rockin' her sunglasses and lookin' cute as a little button! :)

As promised, a few of the items included were designed by 'Yours Truly' - me - using Jacquelynne's wonderful and whimsical Cottage Charm fabric line!  My See-N-Go Bags are the perfect summer bags for us gals (and guys!) on the go with our projects!!!  See what you need to include at a glance and never again pick up the wrong project bag! As you can see in the below picture, my Happy Dance Socks project in progress fits perfectly in this one :)

This large See-N-Go Project Bag is roomy enough for your hand project, but definitely not bulky.  Approximately 10"x12", it fits nicely into a large carryall bag, or grab it up and carry it along all by itself.  I used one of Jacquelynne's lovely panel prints for the front side....

One of my favorite features of this bag is the inner zippered pocket, perfect for scissors, needles, or anything else you might want to find easily or keep safe from your delicate yarn or fabrics.....

I've already made 3 of these and I'm finding they are like candy - I can't make enough of them!!!

This little See-N-Go Pencil Bag is totally versatile!  Of course mine coordinates with the larger Project Bag :)  You can put pencils, tools, makeup - just about anything you want to carry along with you - in this bag!

Fully lined, so no messy strings!!!

I made one See-N-Go Pencil Bag using the vinyl which is the perfect see-through fabric, 
and then I also made one using screening!

Even though screening may not be quite as see-through as vinyl, I love using it in my bag projects because it is so easy to work with and is a little more durable too. You can find it on a roll at most hardware stores :)

My Selvedge Needlecase project was designed to provide a cute way to use up selvedges from this wonderful fabric line!  As you may know, I love to save my selvedges - they are just too darn cute to throw away!

And of course, they cost just as much as any other strip of your fabric - right?

Don't you just adore this cute little needlecase?
And it's SO EASY to make!!!  I'm already working on a few others as gifts :)

Remember, if you didn't get on Jacquelynne's mailing list 
for the E-magazine Summer Edition, it's not too late!!!  
Go HERE to her website 
NOW and get your copy!

Hugs & Blessings

Monday, July 21, 2014

Design Wall Fun!!!

I've had lots of Quilty FUN this past week!

Our Guild held a Blooming Nine Patch class on Thursday, taught by the amazing Pam Thorne, one of our members who is a long-arm quilter and heads up our Scrapper Bees group.  Her goal was mainly to get us organized and help us plan our color schemes.  Pam is a super-organized quilter, so I knew we were in for a treat!

This is what mine looks like on the Design Wall so far....

This is just showing the first 3 fabrics, with the 4th just coming in on the right, and of course none of the blocks are sewn together yet except the nine-patches.  The pattern calls for 8 fabrics, but I will be using 9 in my quilt.  Of course, you can probably guess that my colors are bold and bright all the way to the end, right?

I couldn't decide between the first two, but I finally went with the more solid one on the left.

You should have SEEN all the fabrics in the middle of my studio as I tried to pick and choose the perfect ones for this quilt!!!  My husband took one look and turned and left the room without saying a word - yep, he was speechless!  It was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated to choose fabrics that would blend into one another in a pleasing way - and then to have enough of each fabric too.  I've been scrappy quilting so much lately, so I only buy half yards of something I like.  By the 5th fabric, you need more than 1 yard, and about 2 yards of the 8th fabric!  I did cut my strips a little smaller (1-1/2" instead of 1-3/4") so I could use my Sizzix machine to cut the strips :)  So that allowed me to use slightly smaller yardages.

There were some gorgeous quilts blooming in our class!!!  I wish I had thought to take pictures, but I'll try to share some of the finished quilts with you :)  This is as far as I got in class, and it hasn't been touched since I got home - because Miss Sara has been sewing!

Remember the pillowcase project we were going to start?  Well.....
          She sewed .....

New polish that matches her pillowcase! *sigh*
And she ironed.....

     And she made her first pillowcase!

Yes, she is hooked :*D

Best of all, she has been given a sewing machine - all her own - and she is in heaven!!!

The same Pam Thorne who taught our class saw on my blog that Sara was learning to sew and offered her first sewing machine to her!!!  Of course, Pam has come a long way from her learning days and this little machine no longer gets any attention.  Her girls have their own machines, and this one just got stuck in the closet.  When she offered it to Sara, I was floored, and Sara was thrilled!!!  She posted this picture to her Facebook timeline, and calls it "My new baby♥♥"

So all afternoon, Sara played with her new machine and we learned all about how to thread it, and clean it, and wind bobbins and ... well, just everything!  She said, "I can't wait to go home and show off my new sewing machine and make lots of new things!"  Thanks for making her dream come true Pam!!!

Everyone knows stitching goes better with Ruffles - right?!?
See the bag hiding there on her lap?
Like Grandma, like granddaughter - LOL!!!

Showing the cute stitches it will make to Grandpa :)

Today the girls come to my house for sit-n-sew, so I know it will be a fun day!  Sara will be sewing with us - working on her Dolphin pillow.

I hope to get a lot more nine-patches done for my Blooming Nine Patch :)  What's on your Design Wall?  Share with everyone on Mondays over at Judy's Patchwork Times!  Also linking up with Connie's fun Tuesday Linky Party!

And come back tomorrow for a recap of my fun day Saturday at TVQA Assembly Day!!!  
Hint - Jenny Doan of Missouri Star was there!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Reds!

My sewing schedule has been all over the place of course this summer!  

I haven't been able to really play in my REDS yet this month, which is a shame because I love RED! - hopefully next week I'll get to start on RED Hootie.  But I can share my RED Soul Searching block with you today because I actually made it several months ago when I had to wash my REDS for another project.

So - Ta-Da!!!

(Did you know that "Ta-Da" means "There it is" in French?  I didn't either until Sara told me.  
She's taking French in school, a language I always wanted to learn - 
but it wasn't offered in my high school back in the Stone Ages LOL!)

Maybe you can see some of these wonderful RED fabrics better in this close-up?

I love this block!!!  It's huge, so you get quick rewards for your work!  The quilt is almost ready to put together - just the ORANGE block now to be done!

Share your RED creations with us over at SoScrappy today!


Hugs & Blessings!

Friday, July 18, 2014

On the Needles & Other Fun Stuff!!!!

I'm having so much fun with my granddaughter here for the summer!  We've been VERY busy!!!  But first, since this is an On the Needles post, let me show you my progress on Rocio....

I've worked the back down to the armhole shaping.  I'm telling you, I un-knitted more than I knitted on this lacework, but I finally got the knack for reading a chart down pat, and the last 20 rows were error free!!!!  Once I got to that point, this project has been FUN!!!

Then after I put the back stitches on a holder, I began to pick up the provisional stitches at the shoulders to start on the right front.  The front is done in an easy reverse stockinette stitch, but it has increases every 4 rows, as well as the armhole shaping to remember...

I really love the look of this yarn - the variegated blues just make my heart sing!!!  I think I'm almost ready to break off these sttiches and put them on a holder, but I have to figure out what kind of holder I'm supposed to use because what I have is not working!

See the red arrow on the left?  It is showing the clip I'm having to use to keep those stitches corralled on that circular end.  I even had to use a stopper on the tip to keep them from falling off of that!  I'll be doing some research today - any tips from my knitting friends out there?

I've been busy quilting too - although, certainly not as much as usual, since Sara and I have been gallivanting all over Nashville seeing the sights :)  Wednesday, we went to the Adventure Science Center - 

Sara thinks "Science is Awesome!" and we found the perfect souvenir T-shirt for her!

And let's not forget her puppy, Link, who has definitely been enjoying life at a quilter's home!

I think she likes Grandma's lap pretty good too :)

Sara surprised me with her desire to learn how to sew!  So of course, we got out the small Janome and began to teach her the basics before she could change her mind!  

She is a very controlled sewist and careful of that needle, which I am delighted to know!  She also sews a pretty cool quarter inch seam...

She will not be happy that I showed a picture of her fingernails in need of some new polish!

For her first lesson, I just wanted her to get the hang of sewing a straight seam - which she of course she ACED! - and then how to sew parts together...

Looks like she ACED that too - look at those perfect intersections!
Makes a Grandma proud :*)

We've purchased some fabric for her.... today she is going to make a pillow case out of these soft ocean prints.......

Then, we are planning a throw pillow....

Sara wants to be a Marine Biologist - can you tell from her choice of fabrics?
That cute octopus print will be the back :*)

She also likes little woodland creatures, so we are planning a pair of shorts from this fun fox print...

... and then some shortie pjs from this sweet flannel fabric.....

Probably enough to keep us busy and out of trouble - at least for this coming week!!!
We'll keep you posted on progress.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am this summer :)

Hugs & Blessings!

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