Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cute, Cute Selvedge Skirt!

As promised a few days ago, I am excited to share something I saw at Assembly Day last week....

Look closely and you will see some quilting stitching - flowers!!!

You all know how I love selvedges!!!  Kim Emery of Courthouse Quilters Guild in Dickson TN wore the cutest Selvedge Skirt to the event, and as soon as my friend Candice saw it she knew I would love it!  When I came to sit down, she made sure I saw Kim's skirt :)  Of course, I DID love it, and had to have a picture to share with you.  I SO want to do this one day!!! 

She also let me show you how she put in her "Project Runway" zipper - so funny!!!

But really, wouldn't that be a great way to slap a zipper in there?  And I love the style with that skirt - it's totally sassy and kind of says, "Who cares about prim and proper?  I want to be free!!!  I really don't want to do things the way they've always been done!!!!"

I asked Kim if it would be okay for me to share the pics on my blog, to which she replied, "Sure!"  And when I told her the name of my blog, she smiled and said in surprise, "I follow you!"  It's always amazing fun to meet a new blog friend in person!!!  Especially when they are nice people like Kim :*)

Kim used a floral that she no longer loved for her lining, and then she used the lines of the floral fabric to add some lovely quilting lines to the front - such a great idea!!!


Kim also asked me to be sure to share some news about a Quilt Show & Boutique happening this November at the Waverly United Methodist Church, 115 W Main St, Waverly TN 37185.  This is a FREE Quilt Show, so be sure to mark it on your calendar!  Come on out and enjoy the day surrounded by lovely quilts!!!
November 7                       November 8
10am - 6pm                        9am - 3pm

The Quilt Show is hosted by the White Oaks Women's Exchange.  
For more info:

Hope to see you all there!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Very fun! Thanks for sharing it. Are you going to make one?

  2. This is such a cute idea! Kim is a very clever girl! Love the zipper!

  3. Love it! Almost enough to try one myself... a l m o s t! I am scared of garment construction!

  4. Wow that is gorgeous and what a great way to add interest with the "quilting".

  5. How very clever! But I can tell you right now that I would never have the patience to make one. : )
    Go for it!!

  6. Very cute Kim. I can just see Sara in one of those too!! Maybe a little A-line one. Hint, hint!

  7. That is fabulous!!! I love it. The floral addition is perfect for it too. Super cute.

  8. Hey Teresa! Thanks for the WOWE Quilt Show plug! And thanks for posting about my selvege skirt! I made it for the Hoffman Challenge a couple of years ago so the floral fabric was the challenge fabric from Hoffman. It was challenging because I really didn't like the fabric, that's how it ended up on the "inside" of the skirt. Also, just to make it a little more challenging... :-) ALL the selveges are from Hoffman fabrics. As you can guess, this skirt was made with A LOT of help from my quilting friends! Aren't quilters the greatest??? Thanks again for posting about our quilt show in November and for the great skirt pics! It was so much fun to meet you & I LOVE your blog!


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