Friday, August 8, 2014

Wrapping Up Our Visit!

Today and tomorrow we are winding down Sara's visit - she and Link go home in a few days -

I love this picture of them!  
One of my readers commented, "Photo-bombed by a puppy!!!"  LOL!!!!!

We've done so many fun things!  Wednesday was Grandpa's birthday, and we celebrated by taking a little spin in his convertible down to the local Sonic for sundaes.  Someone (I'm not naming names here!) decided to get some cheesy tots too :*)  Yep, THIS is how you Sonic!!!

She's wearing her favorite pocket T-shirt!
Love that soft floral on the white -
she has a good eye for color & what coordinates well! :)
I am trying to finish up a few projects that I'd like to have done so she can take them with her.  Today I will finish up her "foxy" shorts and the woodland creatures pj's - both pretty easy and quick projects, provided everything fits like it should without too much fiddling!!!

Sara is busy writing down instructions for all the things she wants to continue making at home - pocket t-shirts, pillowcases, etc.  She will be working on making another pillowcase - this one for her sister Emma - while I'm making garments today...

I'm sure you've already figured out that she raided my stash for some extra projects to take home with her, right?  *VBG*  These fabrics are for another pillowcase....

I really thought the shorts and pj's were all that I had left on my ToDo-Before-They-Leave list .... that is, until this little girl fell in love with my Blue Heaven flannel rag quilt....

So glad Link came to visit so I could have this adorable shot to join in the
Pets on Quilts linky party over at Lily Pad Quilting!!!!
Miss Link is competing for Puppy on a Quilt - #63 :)

I made this quilt several years ago and have loved it ever since!  There is no quilt more comfortable in the world!  Several members of the family have rag quilts now because they cuddled up under this one and fell in love :)

For the back, I used a beautiful paisley, and then added some left-over drunkard's path blocks
that were not used on the front to the top and bottom to add length
and make sure they got used in the quilt.  I LOVE that paisley!!!

Link waits for me to sit down every evening to watch a little TV to wind down before going to bed - and she hops in my lap immediately, snuggling down in the folds of this quilt like it's the best thing she's ever felt!

So I got the idea to make her a little dog-sized flannel rag quilt to take home with her from my flannel scraps - and remembered that I even have scraps left from the original quilt!  And of course, lots and lots of batting scraps too!

Hopefully that will be a quick, easy project to throw together for Miss Link :)  But I'm not going to stress over it - if I don't finish it before they leave, it's a simple matter to pop it in a box and send it on next week.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  We got RAIN last night for the first time in a while, and it was very, very welcome.  Hoping for some more in the next few days as well.

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Looks like Sarah has been a delightful addition to your home. She seems like a sweetheart and has really taken to the sewing.
    I love the story about her puppy--that is good of you to make a special quilt for her to snuggle in. Love the photo of her in yours. : )

  2. Lucky you to have so much quality time with Sara. You will miss her.
    My garden in breathing a sigh of relief this morning after the rain.
    I made my Grand-dog a quilt several years ago and backed it with flannel. He's one of those miniature greyhounds -- can't remember the proper name -- so tiny, skinny, and cold all the time.

  3. Great photo fun and I enjoyed reading all about them. Such a sweet looking girl and adorable doggie. Thanks for the smiles ... :) Pat

  4. Wow Link is one lucky puppy to have a human great grammie that will make her her own personal rag quilt. Hope Sara continues to sew. She will always have one of a kind clothes!

  5. It's so much fun teaching a grandchild to sew. Since Sara now has her own machine, perhaps she will continue to sew and learn. She can give one-of-a-kind gifts to her friends and family, too.

  6. What a delightful visit you've had. I can hardly wait until she comes again!! I just love that rag quilt.

  7. How fun! Granddaughter and Link both are adorable!

  8. I think Sara (and Link) will always have wonderful memories of the summer they spent your house! I also think Sara will always be thankful for all the things you taught her. I love your blue rag quilt! That is absolutely gorgeous blue paisley! Lucky pup getting her own quilt!

  9. What a cutie granddaughter! I'm sure she will remember this trip for years to come :) love your rag quilt too! I've never seen one done like that before. Did you just lay a circle on top and sew on top of the square keeping both layers? Sure looks snugly :)

  10. Your granddaughter and Link are both so cute.

  11. You really have been making the memories with Sara (and Link), haven't you? I had never been much of a fan of rag quilts until I saw yours ... now I need to see if I can't find some pretty flannels to make one for myself! ;-)

  12. I'm so glad you're making Link her own quilt, she looks so happy on it.

  13. What a wonderful visit you have had with your granddaughter and Miss Link. That shot of Miss Link is priceless in the blue quilt. You are such a good grandma and have stirred up a hobby of sewing that will be a treasure for life in Sara's future. I am a quilter today because my mother let me use her portable White machine way back when I was Sara's age. I am so thankful she did and Sara will be too.

  14. sounds like a great visit and cute pictures of sara and link!

  15. I love all the sweet! The quilt is beautiful!

  16. Sonic....mmmmmm.....oh and yes...just an adorable photo of link! (Never seen a rag quilt made like this it!)

  17. Gorgeous quilt and a great photo of Limk snuggled up in it!

  18. The rag quilt is beautiful and Miss Link looks perfect cuddle up in it. So nice of you to make her one of her own.


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