Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Thanksgiving Yarn....

Lots of projects On the Needles this past week while traveling over the river and through the woods to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving!

I started the Orchid Cowl on the way to Carolina ....

I bless the day I realized I could knit in the car and not get carsick!  I have such a hard time sitting and doing nothing - especially for long stretches like that.  Even at home, I have to be doing some sort of handwork while watching tv or I go crazy!  This project kept me plenty occupied as I knitting and unknitted until I finally got the pattern in my head LOL!!!!

So, the reason I felt free to start something new is because I finished up something old!

The knitting on my Ombre Infinity Cowl is finished!  I actually finished it before we left on our trip.  It is ready to be taken off the needles so I can block it, and then I'll kitchener together the ends to make it into a loop.  I love these colors!!!

I also managed to add some rows in PURPLE to the Swing Cowl that I love so much...

Of course, there was lots of eating too :-)  Here's my lovely mom and stepdad with the turkey...

Isn't that one gorgeous rockstar turkey???
I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!!!

This Thanksgiving was much brighter for all of us.  Mom is now recovered for the most part from her illness of last year, and she thoroughly enjoyed putting together this year's feast (with our help of course!)  We had 21 for dinner - such a wonderful gathering of loved ones


And now here a couple of odds & ends I wanted to be sure to share with you -----

If you are a reader like me, you may not know that Amazon is now having their Holiday Sale on books!

Holiday Deals in Books: Take an extra 30% off any book

Click on the link I provided above and use code HOLIDAY30 when checking out to get 30% off any one book ($10 limit)!  I got mine - now go get yours!!!

And of course you'll love this COOL Christmas Tree I saw at McKays a couple weeks ago :-)


Last is a warning about an iPhone SCAM that showed up on my phone a couple of times this past week ...

If this shows up on your screen, there appears to be no way to get out of the screen without touching the "OK" button - which you should never do!  I googled it and found the solution ...

1.    Double-click the Home button to take you to the Ap management screen.
2.    Swipe the Safari screen away that shows the scam pop-up.
3.    Go to Settings, then Safari.  Click to Clear History.

Your phone should then be clear of the popup.  If you don't clear history, it will just pop back up every time you go to Safari.

That's it for today - 
I hope to update you on my stitching progress tomorrow!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. No time like family time. Beautiful projects. Can't wait to see them in person.

  2. Good tip on the iPhone scam. The turkey looks amazing!! Great knitting too :)

  3. Beautiful picture of your mom and stepdad with the turkey!

    I love your knitting. I would be lost without a car project too. Glad you resolved the car sickness issue.

    Love that book tree!!!

  4. Lovely knitting projects and thanks for sharing the Book Tree. LOVE it!!!

  5. I can't sit with idle hands, either. But that said, why don't I have more to show for my busy hands? : )
    Beautiful work on all of your projects. The colors are so gorgeous!
    Looks like your family had a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. Did anyone come photograph the meal to put on a calendar?
    The book tree is incredible! I'd want to play jenga with it. Hee Hee.

  6. I have to have a project in the car, too. I'm crocheting an afghan. Love your knotty projects! Your mom looks great! She's so pretty! Glad you had such a nice Tday! 21 for dinner, wow!

  7. Your knitting is gorgeous! Those colors!! I love car projects too... I can (and do!) just about anything to make the miles pass faster.

  8. Lucky you to be able to ride in the car and knit! I love your cowl and the colors that you chose, that will be so nice to wear this winter. What an awesome turkey! Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.

  9. Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving! Love your knitting projects.

  10. I think I could just make cowls and more cowls. I love them! Yours are gorgeous -- both the colors and patterns!!! The book tree is way too cool!! :)

  11. Congratulations on finishing you ombré cowl. You have chosen beautiful yarns for all your projects. That is one gorgeous turkey! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have to tell you that Three Pines has sucked me in, I am on the third book, probably why I have not gotten much sewing done lately! lol

  12. I knit in the car too beautiful bird!! hope it tasted as good as it looks. Love the book tree!

  13. Merry Christmas, Teresa! Have a wonderful, funderful day! XO

  14. I'm coming to the party very late, but wanted you to know your new purple cowl and the finished blues/purple one are gorgeous. I also like your personalized knitting bag. What a fashionista you are on the knitting front. That turkey looked better than Martha Stewart could do!


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