Thursday, February 4, 2016

OMG! and Circles!

Life is just crazy around here this week, so I'm dropping in for a quick-ish post and a promise to give more juicy details later ....

I've been impatient to get started on my Quilty 365 circles!  So many blog friends are doing these and they look SO fun!!!  I've wanted to do a circle quilt in the style of the amazing On the Bubble quilt by Coop Crafts (picture and tutorial can be found HERE) for ages, so I finally pulled some background fabrics a few days ago...

She used all solids for her backgrounds, which is gorgeous!  But I am determined to work from my stash where possible, so I pulled some tone on tone prints except for the black and white, and I think it's going to work just fine.  I am setting my official "start date" as February 15!

To cut down on the time invested in my circles, I decided to improvise my method so that the hand-stitching wouldn't take quite so long on each one.  I'm going to prepare them with my favorite starch method but then stitch them down to each square with a big-stitch effect in embroidery floss, similar to the effect I got (and LOVED!) with my Twinkle Star Runner (see HERE) - except I will be doing this to attach the circles, not as part of the quilting process.

I've been cutting a few circles as I had a spare minute here and there, but no stitching has yet been done....

Following the 2016 Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors, I started with BLUES that have a hint of purple - YUM!!!

Love all the movement in these beautiful blue circles!!!

That scrumptious reindeer circle in the upper left is from a piece of fabric sent to me
by my friend over at Amity Quilter to encourage me to start this project!
She's SUCH an instigator!!!!
And I love her for it :*)

So there's that. =^..^=

Then I need to quickly link up my One Monthly Goal project for February ....

I am combining my OMG! project with my guild's UFO challenge, and this month #6 was called for us to complete.  For me, that means my QAYG Reversible Runner.  This was a class I took at our Guild last year, and it was great fun!!!  However, I got 2 blocks done and it's been sitting in the project box ever since.

I chose Fall colors for one side ....

... and some yummy Christmas print scraps for the other side ....

Since the runner is already quilted when you are done with the piecing, I'm pretty sure I can complete this before March 1 - wish me luck!!!

Click on these buttons to see what's going on at these two fun Blog Parties!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. QAYG is the best method for table runners, I'm convinced. Nice that it will work for more than one season.

  2. You will LOVE the circle effort -- welcome to the Quilty 365 project!

  3. Hehe! Instigator, eh? What are friends for?! I love the blues, and that reversible runner is outstanding. Off to check out that link for the On the Bubble quilt.

  4. The inspiration quilt for your circles is wonderful! I can see why you want to make one.:) Great to have you sewing along with the rest of us circlers!

  5. I haven't jumped on the circle band wagon yet, but I'm so tempted now that I see what you are doing. Your table runner is going to be gorgeous with those prints! And how cool that it will be reversible!

  6. Good luck on your UFO. You can do it! Beautiful circles you have selected so far.

  7. All of the lovely color combinations in this post have me drooling!
    Now I need to go see the link for the quilt you love.

  8. I have loved seeing all of the circles. Have fun with them. Those Christmas fabrics are beautiful too.

  9. Those circles are going to be wonderful!

  10. Your circle colors are scrumptious. What fun that will be. I know you will have no problems finished your reversible runner. Go girl go!!

  11. My QAYG table runner is also still just 2 blocks. LOL. It will be interesting to see how your circles come along.

  12. Good Luck on finishing your table runner. Smart to make it go for 2 different seasons. Talk about instigator, now I want to make On The Bubble!!

  13. So happy you're going to play along! Your design inspiration looks wonderful!

  14. Your projects look like so much fun!! I love the colors that you're choosing for your circles and I'm curious to see how you're going to stitch the circles down.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  15. I left my circle project in Nova Scotia. I'll have to catch up when I return in April. I love QAYG projects! Have one in the works right now! XO

  16. Good luck with your UFO... what a great idea to make a 2 sided QAYG!
    Love that bubble quilt you are using for your inspiration!

  17. Oooh, your circle quilt will be gorgeous! Good luck with your One Monthly Goal! XO

  18. You are so accomplished, finishing those goals!! Great job, sweet lady! :)


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