Sunday, January 7, 2018

Begin as you mean to go on....

That's an expression that I've often used in my life to spur me on when I find myself at the beginning of something new.  Since this is my first Goals post for 2018, it should serve me well today!


Like many of you, a new year inspires me to do new things!  To clear out the old, begin the new, set goals, choose how I want to spend that precious year.  Of course, it rarely turns out the way I've planned it, but without a plan I'm doomed from the start :)  I'm definitely a planner, an organizer, a dreamer.  One thing that seems to work for me is to break things down into time and effort segments, then get those pieces on my calendar for the month...

These are the two projects getting all the love right now -

Mint Chocolate Wedding Ring ...
This is one of my oldest UFO's from 2008.  It was a little intimidating to me when I first started it as a relatively new quilter, but I'm really having fun with it this year and will almost be sad when it's done.  There's incredible satisfaction when each block is completed and placed on the design wall...

And yes, Rocky, is still the Snoopervisor Extraordinare of all things that happen around here!!!  

And he continues to take his job as CEO of Foot Warming very seriously....

And yes, he's put on a few pounds LOL!!!

Of course you know I had to join in Bonnie Hunter's newest Mystery Quilt - On Ringo Lake!

Just had to put pieces together to see how these blocks will look!

I loved her color choices and happily went with them, with a few exceptions - blacks instead of browns, and limited my neutrals to soft buttery yellows.  This year's project has literally thousands of pieces, and I'm almost done with them...

400 Flying Geese!!!!

I love all the new challenges, sewalongs, quiltalongs, BOM's - the list of shiny new things to do is always so tempting!  And I always want to do them all.  Joining in is a great way for me to stay on track and gives me that much-needed measure of accountability.  However, my biggest challenge is to limit myself to what I might reasonably be able to accomplish in one year - any of you relate?  Yeh, I thought so LOL!!!

These days, there are many UFO challenges out there and I like to choose one or two that I can combine with the UFO challenge at my Guild.  One of my favorites is Elm Street Quilts' One Monthly Goal

Elm Street Quilts

My project this month will be to quilt my Diamonds R Forever top...

This is an old UFO from a Guild class taught by the String Sisters ...

Another Challenge I hope to keep up with is the 2018 FinishAlong, hosted by She Can Quilt....

I'm also planning to join Lyn at What a Hoot! with her 18 in 2018 link up, and I'll hopefully get that list together later this week.  There will also be a few new projects that aren't really new but taken from my Wish List - I can't wait to share them with you!  I'll probably join Pomegranate & Chintz's 6 & 6 in 2018 for these.  Yep, I'm hopeless - join all the joins!!!!

Enjoy your week my friends!

Hugs & Blessings!



  1. Wonderful goals my friend!! You are an inspiration to many!! Now...maybe I’ll organize my plans for the year!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. From one planner and list maker to another - well done!!

  3. Best of luck with your monthly goals. It is always nice to start the new year with a burst of planning and energy. Love the colors of your string quilt.

  4. I have that String Quilt Revival book and planned to do that same quilt. Your quilt top turned out beautifully!!

  5. Great goals. I liken mine to eating an elephant. One bite at a time. Rocky is getting so big, he is a very good quilt inspector/snoopervisor.

  6. I don't use a planner like you but do know all the steps to break things down to make it more practical to get to the finish line.

  7. What a sweet companion you have! My kittens are a wonderful distraction, so curious! I should have name one of them Mayhem as she is always causing mini disasters like patting my open box of wonder clippies to the floor, stealing the pins out of my heavy old tomato pincushion or making off completely with my chicken pin cushion! She provides me with many laughs every sewing session!

  8. Rocky looks pretty darned comfy. Quilting cats have the best lives.

  9. Love the blocks in your diamonds quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  10. With Rocky as your helper, you’ll be sure to accomplish all of your goals. Your planning reminds me of my teacher days. Having goals is a great idea, but breaking them down into objectives is how to accomplish each one effectively. You’re off to a great start! Good luck on you OMG! XO

  11. You are amazing in being so organized. You are off to a great start. All of those UFOs are beautiful and will keep you very busy. Rocky is still the best helper so I know you will accomplish them all.

  12. Yah I can maybe relate a little bit! LOLOLOLOL
    So happy to see what you're working on and that you have joined in the mystery!

  13. Rocky has definitely grown up! It looks like you have some great goals for the year. I LOVE the string quilt colors.

  14. Your projects are wonderful! The wedding ring is gorgeous! New quilters don't realize what they are getting into when they start, do they? I started with a cathedral window quilt - I finally finished it years later. Something that challenges one to learn skills is important too. It is so helpful to have goals and I'm in the process of making my list. One main goal is to use up scraps and not buy fabric!! I have some scrappy projects in the works.

  15. Great goals! It's so nice to see you posting again.

  16. Thanks for the delicious eye candy. The quilting is lovely too.

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