Friday, October 4, 2013

Dreambird - On the Needles 10-4-13

All of my knitting projects seem to be taking "Wing" LOL!!!

Dreambird is slowly but surely taking shape - I now have 13 of the 21 feathers done!!!

Joanne has been much more industrious at the needles than I have - as usual LOL!!!  She actually has 17 feathers done now, although this picture was taken at only 16....

I've also begun a new project, Wingspan, so I can have a quick, pick-up-and-go project that requires very little thought for guild meetings, doctor offices, etc.  Dreambird is NOT that type of project LOL!!!

If you look at the upper left area, you can see where I'm just starting the second section.  This is a super easy pattern and I love the striations from the combination of this pattern and yarn together!  It actually has more color variations than I realized just looking at the ball of yarn.

The yarn is soft, light, and fluffy, a pleasant change from the prickly Noro sock yarn used in Dreambird.  The bright warm colors are also a nice change from all the cool aquas and purples I've been working with lately :*D

So what's on your needles?
See all the fun projects being shared at Judy's Patchwork Times today!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. What's on my needles? Thread--the only kind of needles I have. : )
    Seriously, Dreambird is luminous!! In fact, both versions are. I thought yours was because of the color choice, but Joanne's glows as well, in totally different colors.
    And Wingspan looks like a fun little thing. : )

  2. your shawl is just beautiful!! and the yarn for the next is gorgeous

  3. Beautiful work!
    You know, of all the vast and varied needle work I dabble in I've never fully excelled at knitting. My Mother is a brilliant knitter - Me only a poorly executed sweater back in the 80's :o)
    Keep up the beautiful work.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Just love your Dreambird! And your new project is gorgeous too. I don't knit, so I am quite envious.

  5. That yarn is yummy and it looks fantastic.

  6. What beautiful scarves!! I can't wait to see them finished!

  7. Okay, I'm totally intimidated!!! Awesome needle work - you amaze me!!! All your quilt projects are just so lovely, vibrant and cheerful!!! Can't wait to meet you in person someday - a treat for me!!


  8. Your choice of yarn is beautiful. I can't say it looks like an easy pattern but its going to be beautiful.

  9. You are moving right along with all your knitting projects. Your Dreambird is looking beautiful and I love the yarn you are using in WingSpan too. Those colors are so rich and it looks warm and cuddly.

  10. I love the updates on the dreambird shawl. It is beautiful. The new project is gorgeous also.

  11. I am swooning over the blues and the beauty of this stitch. Such a work of art. I shall have to stay tuned to see more. Blissful Stitching...

  12. Wishing more and more that I knew how to knit. Love the blue yarns. Now that Joanne's has progressed to this stage, I love her shawl, too. Just gorgeous!


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