Wednesday, October 2, 2013

End of Month Reports: September 2013

This month was not quite as successful as last month for getting things done, but all in all, I'm satisfied with what was accomplished - especially considering that I spent a week at retreat and a week getting ready for it.  All that cutting and washing fabrics - ugh!  It takes so much work to get ready to start new projects now that I have to wash everything first!!!

September 2013 NewFO Challenge project:  linking up with Cat Patches

Summertime Wool Applique - remember this new project?

Vintage Valentine Table Topper gift for Mom....

I got a great start on this project by having all the fusible pieces drawn out and cut in advance!  I had prepared them for this block in the Vintage Valentine quilt quite some time ago - another of my UFO's.   So when Mom requested one of these blocks for her next tabletopper frame quilt, it was easy to just choose a block that had all the fusible papers traced and cut, but not yet fused to fabrics for the quit.  I chose all the fabrics and fused the pieces down on the background before retreat.  All I had to do at Runaway was stitch them all down with a buttonhole stitch - Done!!!  Now I just need to take an afternoon to quilt and bind it, adding a little hanging sleeve for the table topper frame.  This will go to Carolina with me at Thanksgiving :*)

Christmas QAL - Bargello Tree Skirt.... linking up with Needle-Thread-Happiness

Another new start for the NewFO Challenge is this Christmas QAL project that I have been wanting to dig into for the longest time now!!!  My goals list for September listed quilting my Blue & White "The First Tree of Life" quilt..... BUT, I am already quilting a much larger quilt right now which ties up my machine, and I didn't want to quilt at retreat - I much prefer to do my quilting at home where I have plenty of room and lots of tables around me to catch the quilts.  So I decided to start work on the Bargello Tree Skirt at Runaway.  This was a much more complicated project than I thought it would be - which is really saying something since I expected it to be a challenge! - so I didn't finish it, but I'm happy with the progress.  And since it is on my list of Christmas proejcts I want to complete for the holidays this year, I really just substituted one project for another on my Christmas QAL goals :*)

This will go on my October Get It Done list for finishing up!

September 2013 Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks:  BABY BLUE - linking up with SoScrappy

Lone Starburst

Yes, they are pastels!!!  But they were fun to play with, and I'm crossing my fingers for something brighter in October LOL!!!

September Quilting Project:  Moonglow!!!

I'm adding a section to my End of Month goals.  I really NEED to get some of my projects quilted, so I'm scheduling those into my To Do list.  This month I've chosen one of the hardest projects on the shelf - start with the biggest challenge and it's all downhill from there, right???  LOL!!!

This is a Queen-size quit, so I will have to wrestle with it to get it done!  But I've done several queens before, so I know I can do it.  As you can see, this was basted on my friend Joanne's long-arm machine, so I didn't have to get down on the floor to sandwich and pin it - SO MUCH EASIER!!!  I will say though that my fingers keep getting caught in those huge basting stitches :*)

My first task was to stabilize the quilt, so I QID - quilted in the ditch - around the edges
between the center blocks and the borders - my Janome QID Walking foot makes this a breeze!!!
Or, at least it would be if it weren't black on black - so hard to see.....

Another problem with black - it picks up every piece of lint or cat hair in my universe!!!
I surely don't want to quilt those suckers down on my quilt, so....

I keep my lint roller handy and use it on each section before I quilt it.
Pebbling around the star points - VERY time consuming, but I'm liking the results so far....

One Star block DONE!!!
Only 12 more to go LOL!!!
Now if I can just decide how I want to quilt the log cabin alternating blocks.....

Get it Done - September/October 2013:  linking up with Patchwork Times

September 2013 Goals:
  • Finish prep-work on all materials for Runaway class - DONE!
  • Continue washing Stash - Continuing.... lots washed for retreat projects, but not much since then.
  • RSC Challenge blocks- DONE!
  • Complete Genevieve's baby quilt - Top is DONE but it still needs to be sandwiched and quilted.  I had to talk to the Mom before I made a final decision on the backing.  All ready to go now!
  • New Tabletop quilt for Mom (NewFO Challenge project)- Top is DONE!  Still needs to be quilted, but it doesn't have to be done until the week of Thanksgiving, so I'm happy! :*)
  • Quilt The First Tree of Life - Didn't touch this!  However, I substituted starting my Bargello Tree Skirt for my Christmas project this month, and I got quite a lot of that done at Runaway :*)
  • Start quilting Moonglow- DONE!  The quilting on this is going to take a LONG time!!!
  • Make flying geese for Talkin' Turkey - Not done!  Joanne and Mary would not let me work on them at Runaway - they insisted that we only work on this project during our sit-n-sew times together!  So I will get started on these this coming Friday :*)
  • Finish Dreambird Shawl - I suppose I was way too ambitious on this one considering I had a week-long retreat to go to and days of preparation.  I do have 13 of the 21 feathers done though :)  Look for a picture on Friday when I'll link up with Judy's On the Needles.
  • Plan and prepare Runaway projects that I think I can accomplish in 4 days- DONE!
All in all, I don't think I did too very bad this month!  Retreats usually throw me for a loop as far as momentum - do they do that to you too?  I always think I'm going to get SO MUCH done, and then I don't.... but much fun was had, so that's what counts, right?

October 2013 Goals:

  • RSC Challenge Blocks
  • NewFO project - ?????? - I want to do a pumpkin project - will I have time???
  • Quilting - Moonglow, Genevieve's Banners, Mom's Valentine table-topper
  • Finish prepping and begin stitching on the next Summertime block
  • Yarn Projects - start Wingspan knitted shawl so I'll have an easy take-along, no-brainer yarn project
  • Christmas QAL - Finish Bargello Tree Skirt; start on Jovial if I have time
  • Make at least half of the Talkin' Turkey flying geese
  • Continue washing stash
Well, that's it for me!  I hope you have some really fun projects planned for October!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I think you did quite well - lots of variety.

  2. You had an amazing month! Love those blue blocks, even though they are pastel, giggle. Thanks for showing your quilting on make it sound so doable. Maybe someday I will tackle a large quilt!

  3. Every project is beautiful, Teresa, but you know of my fondness for Moonglow. I'm proud of you for getting right in there and quilting it! What kind of thread are you using on that pebbling? It looks good, and my pebbling never does--of course, my skill (or the lack thereof) has nothing whatsoever to do with it!! : )

  4. Boy, oh boy! The pebbling on Moonglow looks fantastic! Good luck on working through your list o'stuff. One stitch at a time girl, one stitch at a time.

  5. You accomplished a ton this month!
    The Moonglow quilting looks great!

  6. Very impressive, especially when you add on all the knitting and embroidery!

  7. Teresa all I can say is Wow! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects!

  8. Teresa, I'm am blown away by all that you got done in September AND a retreat week and getting ready for it. You did good, girl. Your projects are all so beautiful and I love that Christmas tree skirt! I baste quilts for those who want to hand quilt or quilt on their domestic machines, but my stitches are much, much closer together than yours look. I sometimes use washaway thread in the bobbin too.

  9. Your posts are always pretty and inspiring... my favorite kind! Good luck on your queen top.

  10. That was a good bit of work finished for September. :) And what a PRETTY bunch for October! The tree skirt is stunning, and Moonglow is gorgeous. Good one to start with for the quilting. :) I'm doing a queen at the moment, too, so you're not alone in wrestling the bulk around. It goes well, though, so long as I remember to keep the front bulk from hanging down and creating drag. :)

  11. Love your projects. Can't wait to see how the one you are quilting turns out. i have a big one to wrestle with too.

  12. What beautiful work! They are all wonderful. May I ask you where you got the pattern for the Fantasia block? It looks beautiful with scraps!

  13. Love your little Summertime Wool Applique. It is so cute and hand buttonhole stitch on wool is so relaxing. The blue fabrics in Fantasia or beautiful. In fact, I believe I have some of them!! LOL Lots of accomplishments for your end of month report.

  14. All of your projects are really beautiful, but I especially like your Rainbow Scrap Challenge Block! You are a very busy lady.

  15. Oh my word! You have such amazing and exciting projects nearing completion! I can't wait to see them finished!

  16. Everything is looking just beautiful, Teresa. I've been watching and drooling over your knitting too. You're doing such a great job on all your projects. What? Lint? Cat hair? Whatever are you talking about?


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