Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 NewFO Challenge Project

My NewFO for January is Rose Medallion and it comes from this book, which I have had now for well over a year....maybe even two, I can't remember.

I've been in love with this quilt since I first saw a picture of it on Pinterest.....

I'll be using that scrumptious, shiny black sateen cotton as my background for the design - which will be done all in Orientals - YUM!!!

One thing I didn't realize, though, is that this quilt is 54 inches square!!!  Road Bump!!!  I'd been thinking from the picture that it's maybe 18 inches or even 24 inches ... but nope, tricked again!!!  I never dreamed this thing was that huge!  Of course, my first thought was to just reduce the templates and make it smaller. But then..... I thought, what an impact that size quilt would make, in that design and those fabrics - wow!!!  (Are you beginning to see where "thinking" gets me in trouble often?)

So, of course, I just had to do it :*)

But then ...... I read these instructions....

Seriously?????  Major Road Bump!!!  I had to consult with the engineer in the house immediately - start talking to me about math, geometry, radii, 18 degree segments, protractors.... and my eyes begin to glaze over!  But this guy - he's able to handle these things with ease!

And by the way, he informed me the other day that he really HATES being called "Hubby" on my blog, and asked that I please come up with something else :)  After a very in-depth discussion with my sewing buddies - involving much silliness and laughter I must confess! - the following are possibilities that I will present for his approval: "Daddy-O" (we LOVED that one!); "Honey"; "Mr AQAP"; or simply "My Guy".  The last one comes from the TV show, How I Met Your Mother - Barney has "Guys" who make things happen for him.  I have to admit it, that show is totally raunchy and inappropriate, but it makes me laugh every time!

Until he gets his vote, I'll call the cute engineer who lives with me and makes things happen for me "My Guy" in this post :*) So....  My Guy went to work, and he quickly cobbled together a method for marking the circles and sections on that huge black square.  First we had to stabilize the fabric so it wouldn't move, which involved rolling back the rug on our great-room floor and then t-pinning the square to the carpet.

He devised this super-scientific, totally perfect ruler-thingy tool to make the circles....and it was in our price range too :*D

Since the center will be covered with applique, I was not concerned about tape residue or a potential hole where the t-pin was placed.  My Guy drilled three holes in the ruler to insert the Clover disappearing white ink pen (my favorite tool EVER!) for marking the three required circles....

My job was super important and very technical...............

It worked perfectly - Yay!!!!

Yes, I'm a little concerned about the puckering where I had to piece this!
I'm trusting that applique and quilting will take care of it.....

And then My Guy used a lot more math and calculations - eyes glazing over again here! - and figured out how to mark the 18 degree sections.  Something to do with circumference = diameter x 3.14 (Pi), divided by 20 ..... yep, you understood all that, right?  Me neither!!!

We were doing this at night, so it was impossible to get the black to look black in the pictures
That was a JOB!!!  

Many, many thanks to My Guy, because I'm telling you folks, this would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED if left to my own devices!  In other words, when it comes to math, I have no devices LOL!!!!

The rug is all rolled back now - don't you just love the "quilty" design?

Believe it or not, we bought that rug the year BEFORE I started quilting :*D

I've decided this quilt deserves more than fusible raw-edge applique, but the thought of having to hand-stitch all these pieces was daunting.  I'd really like to finish it someday, you know what I mean?  And I already have two hand-applique projects in process.  So I'm going to compromise and do this as machine-stitched applique which has the appearance of hand work.  All the pieces will be prepared with turned-under edges using these freezer-paper templates and starch, but then they will be stitched on by a tiny machine stitch that will be barely visible - I hope!  I'll keep you posted!!!

I'm also linking this NewFO project up with Sharon Vrooman's (Vrooman's Quilts) Let's Book It in 2014!  You can click HERE to read more about this fun monthly event!  Sharon says she has lots of books on her shelf that have never been used - amazingly, I do too!!!  She decided to choose one book a month and make something from it.  Great idea, right???

Since I want to keep with my focus on keeping things as SIMPLE as possible, I'm going to work this together with my NewFO project when possible.  I may not be able to make something all 12 months from my unused books, but even if I get six of them in action that will be a good thing, right?

Did you start something new in January?  Join in the linky party HERE at Cat Patches - it's fun to see all the great new projects, and you might just win a prize!!!

I'll leave you with this picture from my upstairs window...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Love a picture of a guy and a cat!

    I have plenty of "Poopsie" and Rudy.

    (Rudy is the cat.)

  2. You were lucky to have a My Guy for that part of the process - wow! If you want to work this each month for Book It that is fine - just show a little progress with it. A big project is going to take longer than a small one.

  3. I majored in math in high school ... but I hated geometry, and when you started mentioning the instructions for that quilt, I confess that my eyes glazed over, too. ;-) It'll be a beauty ... and you'll have to include Your Guy's name on the label!

    I LOVE that rug ... and if I could find one like that (in a size that would work in our living room), I'd buy one!! that red in your rug looks like the accent color I'm using in our living area.

    I've never done applique, but if I could figure out how to do the freezer paper templates, I'd be willing to give it a try. Do you leave the freezer paper on the fabric?

  4. That pattern looks pretty intense! Those bright Asian prints are perfect for it.
    And that rug!
    I have noticed a lot of bloggers refer to their hubby's as DH. In my mind I say Dear Husband when I come across it, is that what it is supposed to be?

  5. I'm thinking that rug was sending you subliminal messages to start quilting, lol. What a project...I'd wouldn't have made it that far but it's an intriguing quilt!

  6. WOW! So great to be married to an engineer when it comes to getting things done. So glad your guy was able to help you with the set up on that one -- otherwise it would have been over before it started.

  7. you and YOUR GUY are amazing. what a wonderful combo/partnership/helpmeet {or make that {"quiltmeet?!"} lol!

    looking forward to the RESULTS, too!

  8. Love the birdies!! : )
    I think your Guy could make a living hiring out to quilters everywhere to do the hard things. But then, he probably already makes a living as an engineer, right?
    That is going to be one amazing project and the fabrics are SO gorgeous! Where will you put this when you have it finished?

  9. I love your bird photo!
    As to that quilty torture project... I can only say that you are amazing for sticking with it! I'd have given up as soon as I read the instructions! What a great team effort! You will have to give credit for construction assistance on the label of the finished quilt!

  10. Teresa, you are hilarious! Love your manicure this week! LOL The quilt is going to be so intriguingly beautiful! Will "My Guy's" name be added to the quilt label since he helped? LOL

  11. Wow!!! What a gorgeous quilt and perfect fabrics for it. Man, I would have to get Scott to help me with the marking, too. Best use of a ruler, ever. ;D And you kept making me laugh all through your post.

  12. Red, white, and blue all from one window! That will be a gorgeous quilt! Challenging, too....

  13. Oh my word... I would have put that book back on the shelf in a hot minute! Can't wait to follow your progress and your bird picture is fabulous. We rarely see cardinals here.

  14. What a beautiful quilt!! Do you hire out "My Guy" to others who are math challenged? You are very lucky to have such a smart DH and one who is willing to work on quilts. Will be watching this one come together.

  15. That will indeed be a fabulous quilt and I can't wait to see your progress! Just getting the circles drawn and segments marked is a huge task. Good for you having your guy help with that. If I were to do anything like that, my son would be my math guy.

    Enjoy the NewFO 2014 challenge! I'll be checking in monthly and look forward to seeing what else you start. Have a great year!

  16. Guess your Guy is DoubleHemi-Brain! Amazing how he came up with the math to do this (such a left-brain activity) and then switched to a right-brain to come up with the yard stick circle maker! Amazing man!!! Love the quilt, your rug and your window mates!!

  17. Wow! That looks complicated. Isn't it great having a resident engineer? How do folks get by without one? Your fabrics are gorgeous! It will be fun to watch this come together!

  18. Whatever Mr Guy decides to be called he is most definitely Mr Handy. Your quilt will be awesome!

  19. What a great way to mark the circles! Your last picture of the birds is stunning!

  20. Theresa, as soon as I saw the picture, I knew you had your work cut out for you. Kudo's to your husband for stepping up to the plate and getting you started!! I can't wait to see your progress along the way. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous. I'll just have to follow you so I don't miss a thing!! ~karen

  21. LOL this post cracked me up! I think most just say Hubby or Hubster or the Mr. I call mine Honeyman ... because I call him that in real life (I did a blog post about it once) anywhoo I also LOVE How I met Your Mother! We came into it a little over a year ago (thank goodness for Netflix) we are half way through season 7! Sad to think it will soon be done! I'm currently cracking up over the ducky tie! LOL

  22. My "DH" was reading this over my shoulder after I started chuckling. What to name our significant others? He says he is find with DH. We used the same technique when marking large circles using holes drilled into a yard stick. Lovely fabrics and looks like a gorgeous quilt.

  23. Great way to solve the problem. I would have tried using my 9 degree wedge ruler. Don't know if that would have worked. Great project and a good idea for the Oriental prints. I have a stack of those I'm saving for just the right project. Good picture of the birds too.

  24. Holy WOW -- that' some quilt!! I'm pretty sure it doesn't fall under the category of "simple" sweetie! LOL!! Very glad 'your Guy' was around to help provide the solution! I think you're right -- a mini would be pretty, but the full scale project will be stunning. I'm glad you're going to GO FOR IT!! :)

  25. Simple? Not the word that came to mind when I began reading your post
    re: Rose Windows. This wallhanging definitely needs to be this large. It will be very dramatic! Good luck!

  26. Smoke colored monifilament thread for the invisible machine applique. I would have just given up. My math skills stink. Glad you had a helper who could figure it out.

  27. I forgot to tell you how much I love that amazing bird photo!

  28. Your Guy came up with a great method. That is going to be a gorgeous quilt, Teresa!

  29. What would we do with out our 'Guys'. THat is going to be a lovely dramatic piece!

  30. That is going to be a beautiful quilt you are very ambitious. I am like you about math and fortunately I am also married to an engineer. I love the picture of the birds out your window.

  31. I've met Angela and have seen all those quilts in person.They are amazing.Your finished quilt will be worth all the trouble xx


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