Friday, January 17, 2014

On the Needles - 1/17/14

Not a lot happening On the Needles for me this week.

I made a little progress on my first bright red House Targaryen sock.....

Wow - you can tell I haven't worked with those DPNs in a while!  My tension is wacky in a few places there  on the cuff - LOL!!!  I tend to have some problems with purl stitches from one DPN to the next.  Hopefully that will repair in the blocking process :)

I haven't started the Swing Cowl yet because I want to be able to give it my full attention until I get comfortable with it, and there just hasn't been an evening this week where I could do that.  I really want to start this one soon though, before the cold weather is over.  UPDATE:  Denise has finished hers and shows a picture in today's post - YUMMY!!!!!

This was one of those weeks where I had somewhere else to be other than at home almost every day.  Fun stuff usually - sit-n-sews, bookclub, etc. - but it does cut my days up and leaves me feeling like I'm running behind in the evenings.  And instead of peacefully knitting as usual, I spent most of my evenings preparing quilting projects for the next day.  I've also been spending some quality time with my new EQ7 software, learning how to use it - yikes!!!  Talk about a learning curve!!!  But it's beginning to come together :)

And speaking of evenings, was anyone else devastated by the events in this week's episode of Downton Abbey?????  I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but if you haven't, be warned - it's very emotional!  There was quite a lively discussion among friends on FB this week!  I had real difficulty getting to sleep that night......

On a brighter note, I'd love to share a photo of one of my grandkitties that I took while visiting with family during the holidays.  This is Willow.....

Isn't she beautiful?  And the sweetest little creature on earth!!!  Willow belongs to Hudson and his mom, and she has a cat-brother and a dog-sister.  She couldn't be a better pet for a little two-year-old!  I was truly impressed with her patience with Hudson; she never lashes out when he gets too rough.  She and I became great friends during the visit :*)

Now, I'm off to play with the EQ7 some more and then maybe jump into my blue scraps for the January Rainbow Scrap Challenge .... I'm hoping to share a BLUE Owl tomorrow :*)

Do you have anything On The Needles to share?  Check out Patchwork Times today!
And if you have a wonderful kitty you'd love to share, go to Sarah Did It for Feline Friday!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Willow is indeed a beautiful cat - Welcome to Feline Friday! You will LOVE EQ7 - it definitly has a learning curve but there is sew much you can do with it! So glad you didn't give away Downton Abbey - I just started season 1 this morning so I am sure I have long ride ahead since everyone is always talking about the show.

  2. Your Willow photo belongs on a Christmas card. I love it! I actually thought your post was all about animals. When you said you had not started on the Swing Cowl, I misread it. I thought you said Swing Cow. I didn't remember you talking about a cow project before, but my imagination ran wild for a minute. Maybe I need new glasses. LOL

  3. Willow is a beautiful lady. How nice that she is so patient with the little ones. Your red sock looks great to me. I am getting closer to starting a pair of socks. Just a little more time on my 3S Shawl.

  4. Kitty looks very regal!!
    Can't wait to see these colorful owl begin to gather. : )

  5. I don't knit much anymore, but did make some new woolen mittens. I was surprised that I still remembered how to knit. What a precious kitty!

  6. Oh yes... I love Downton and this episode was another incredible well done!

  7. Your socks are looking great. I on the second one of my pair but I may need to make a pair in plain yarn so the stitch pattern shows up better.
    Start the swing cowl, start the swing cowl -- it's so fun! :-)

  8. I do have something on my needles - but won't show it!!! LOL Can you believe it, I really picked up my knitting needles and I'm practicing on an old project I started several years ago! It has been fun!!

    Love Willow - so very pretty. My daughter has a kitty like that. His name is Ike and he is so patient and loving to Gracen!!

    The owls are cute and of course I love your knitting!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  9. Wow -- Willow is beautiful! Gosh I miss having a cat of my very own! Every time you talk about 'Denise' knitting, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach. LOL!! I'm happy to help if you have EQ questions -- I *love* EQ!!! And as for DA -- whoa -- I was *totally* unprepared for that. I listened to an interview with the actress that plays Anna and she said they really do *deal* with it over the course of the season. Whew. Owls = Happy! :)

  10. I can't wait to see your owls in the various colors of the RSC! Willows eyes look so kind! Kindness must run in your family!

  11. Willow is gorgeous and seems to be a fitting name. Downton Abbey Oh it did the same to me. Only difference is that I had to record mine because I was working a few overnights. I am already obsessing over how many more episodes are left.

  12. Your socks are coming along quite well. Have you tried using a long cable instead of DPN's? I switched to using that instead and it just seems so much easier as I was always dropping stitches off the ends! I know what you mean about DA! It was hard not to replay that scene. I wonder where they'll take that next?
    Willow looks like a neat kitty with lots of personality. Enjoy EQ7!

  13. Love that Willow photo! Looks like you've got lots of projects to keep you busy. It's good to have a working computer again, but I've lots of catching up to do.

  14. Willow is so pretty ... I'm a dog person, but there's a definite appeal to kitties ... a whole lot less effort involved, which is great as we do love to travel.

    I can't wait to see your owls ... they're going to be so adorable!

    I have a birthday coming up and was contemplating asking for EQ7. I don't use a lot of patterns (I see some, fall in love with them, buy them, but then don't use them - ha!) ... I prefer traditional quilts and would love to be able to play with them ... adding sashing, borders, turning on point, etc. Because I can't envision all that I can do with traditional blocks, I end up making tried-and-true quilts ... not that there's anything wrong with them, but I'd like to try something a little different ... and I think EQ7 would help me do that. But I'm intimidated by the learning curve that I hear so much about ... hmmmmmm


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