Friday, March 28, 2014

New Red Socks!!!

I finished up my red House Targaryen socks while I was at Mom's!

Aren't they JUST TOO COOL???

This was a really fun pattern to work, and I just love the effect!  I had a lot of the yarn left over, and once again I wish I had made the leg section longer.  Will I never learn???  Also, because I made them with dpn's, the top edge of the cuff was the cast-on row, so it is tighter than I really like.  I didn't think of that or I would have researched a more stretchy cast on for it.  I figured with the ribbing it would be fine.  I can wear them, but they'd fit a lot better if I lost about 20 pounds LOL!!!

They have a very pretty lacy look :*) 

Anyway, my focus now is going to be on finishing up the Swing Cowl which is over halfway done and looking marvelous!  And I'm hoping to start giving Rocio some love as well now that I'm home again :*)

I like to have at least one pair of socks on the needles at all times, so I've cast on a new pair out of this yarn....

I have already made one pair out of this beautiful yarn, but I gave those to my sweet daughter for Christmas, so I need to make a pair for me now :)  They will be just plain jane socks, and I'm using my favorite Toe-up, Two-at-a-time, Magic Loop pattern.  I'm off to a great start....

Stash Report:  I'm adding 300 yards of yarn to my "Stash Used" column for the red socks, which leaves me at 1,500 yards stashed for this year so far.

I'm linking these fun knitty projects up with On The Needles at Patchwork Times!

Just a few more things to share before I go.....

Jacquelynne Steves of The Art of Home is putting the final touches on the next issue of her free e-newsletter!  You won't want to miss it, so if you are not already receiving it, visit her blog HERE to sign up.  Remember - its FREE :*)  I love Jacquelynne's artwork, so whimsical and happy.  She'll be coming out with a new fabric line too very soon!  She has an Etsy shop HERE that sells her lovely artwork in various products - my favorites are the adorable notecards....

And I really want to say a huge THANKS to a few generous friends!  

I won these gifts in a giveaway from Clover & Violet just before I left for my mountain break.  Jennie and Clara are a mother-daughter team that design the most adorable things and share lots of fun tutorials.  I love their blog :*)  Wow - I was SO excited!!!  Both of these are very handy tools to have around when free-motion quilting.  I'll be sure to let you know how they work out for me :*)

And my friend Carla gave me this totally CUTE needle-keeper that she made.  Isn't this the most beautiful fabric - YUM!!!  She sure knows my colors, doesn't she :*)

When you lift the flap, it opens up into a very roomy needle keeper!  I can actually organize my needles by size or type!  The beaded necklace is for "reading" glasses, but I think I'm going to adapt it to hold my guild name tag.  That way I'll think of her and remember her kindness every month :*)
      Thanks again Carla!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  
I think our weather is supposed to warm up a little....
 - will Spring ever get here???

Hugs &  Blessings!


  1. Very pretty socks. Just love the cardinal in winterwear-lol!!

  2. Around here the Cardinal holding the Starbucks coffee has the famous STL (for the St. Louis Cardinals) on his vest!

    Those red socks are so pretty! If you decide you're not happy with them, please send them my way. They're so gorgeous that I'm sure I could "suffer" through the tighter and shorter tops! ha!

  3. Such an awesome the socks and Jacquelynne'a are work (gosh spelled her name wrong)

  4. Great post! I like your new socks and they look like they turned out so nicely. I'm with you on wishing that I had knit socks longer, it seems like I'm always wishing that to the point where sometimes I just redo the top until I'm happy. The Kroy yarn is so nice to knit with. Enjoy!

  5. Teresa the red socks are gorgeous!!! What cast on did you use? A long tail cast on is a stretchier cast on in case you make another pair from the cuff down.

    What a lucky ducky you are! I use the plastic magic genie thingies and I like them. Never had any problems with my bobbin since I bought them a few years ago. I also have the Supreme Slider. At first I loved it. But because it self sticks and lint can get up under it, it can move when you don't know it while quilting. I found this out after I took my quilt off the machine bed and saw the slider moved and the needle punched into the place near the hole. You need to clean the back of the slider so it sticks in place, but you never know when it might shift. I don't use mine much anymore, but it is nice if it stays put like a good little slider, lol!

  6. Love those red socks! The yarn for the blue ones looks so soft and comfy. Your cardinal gave me my first chuckle of the day.

  7. Love your red socks! And pattern just shines with your choice of yarn. Your next pair is going to be beautiful, too. I'm working with Kroy yarn now, too, and love the color of yours.

  8. love your red socks and thanks for the pattern link I'm having a hard time figuring out the K3 tog yo k3tog.

  9. Ooh love the red socks! They look very cozy. And the new pair looks scrumptious too - what pretty yarn. Winter is a total UGH by now.

  10. Love, love, love the red socks! I use a long tail cast on and then knit the first row before starting the ribbing. I don't remember who suggested that to me--it makes the cast on a little bit looser.
    Love the new socks too. I still haven't mastered the toe up..I think I'm just too lazy to sit down and learn it. LOL

  11. Love your red socks and that bird photo, too. Welcome home!

  12. Good to have you home, my friend. I have missed your posts--like chatting with a neighbor. : )
    Quite the snazzy socks, girl. And the blue yarn looks like it makes the softest, comfiest socks ever.
    Love the bird at posts end. What a hoot!!

  13. Just testing after I made my changes. Did I fix it?

    BTW, love the cardinal pic!

  14. Teresa, I'm sort of glad that I don't knit- I just don't need another "habit" to support ha ha! But I love all the fabulous yarns in the shops, it makes me wonder if I SHOULD start knitting... Thanks for mentioning my Etsy shop and emagazine!! (I just finished it, and I have to say... I think it's really cute!!)

  15. One of these days I will learn the toe-up method. Love the yarn though.

  16. Teresa, your socks are wonderful! And I bet your toes are all happy and snuggly!! Some lovely, sweet happies came your way -- you deserve lovely, sweet happies!!! :)

  17. The socks are fabulous! and my favorite color!

  18. Your socks are lovely and such lovely gifts.

  19. I really love those red socks! My poor hands won't let me knit socks anymore. That cardinal is really special, love him!

  20. I was beginning to wonder where my blogging friend had gone? So nice to see it was with friends and family! Did you get to see Bonnie Hunter again? How long does it take you to make a pair of those beautiful socks anyway?


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