Saturday, December 20, 2014

Playing in Fabric ......

It may not be cheaper than therapy anymore, but it sure is easier and definitely more fun!!!

Photo found on Pinterest

I want thank all of you for your sweet and loving comments about our loss of sweet Gypsy.  

Gypsy on my lap her last morning with us .....
I had to go pick her up and bring her upstairs with me
because she couldn't walk on her own anymore,
but I will always be glad that I did ....

I have to confess that I haven't been able to respond to each and every one of your comments - I get all choked up and upset all over again each time I sit down to the computer to answer those wonderful emails.  I hope you will understand and forgive me for not responding to you individually.  Please know that your compassion and caring lifted my spirits and gave me many reasons to smile through my tears the last few days :)  And I prayed for quite a few of you who shared your own pain at losing a beloved pet.  Praying for others is another thing that lifts me up out of the pit :)  Does it you too?

Today was a better day.  My Guy and I puttered around the house and tried to get back to what passes for normal around here.  I finally began to feel the urge to do some sewing again, and there were a few projects demanding attention.  Playing with fabric is usually a sure thing to take my mind off what ails me, and it didn't fail me today.  I pulled fabrics to my heart's content!

Aren't these luscious??? 

Rainbow version?

I'm really beginning to love working with solids - they have such impact!

Or how about these???

Sunset version?

Tone-on-Tone prints in bright, hot colors!

Hmmmm - how do I choose??? 

I know - You're wondering, "What is she up to now???"  LOL!!!  Well, there are few things that can yank me out of a deep hole better than pulling lots of gorgeous, color-drenched fabrics off the stash shelves and planning a new project!  So that's what I did today :)

I've decided I absolutely HAVE to make the Arcadia Avenue quilt by Shayla and Kristy Wolf of Sassafras Lane!  I'm sure you've seen this quilt, right?  It's been all over the Internet for months now :)  I went over to Sassafras Lane and bought the book the first day it became available - I knew the minute I saw it I would have to make it :*)  I do love to paper-piece and haven't had a good PP project in the works for quite a while - it's time!!!

The above picture shows it in beautiful Dear Stella dot fabrics and a light background .... (Psst....Canton Village Quilt Works has a limited number of kits available in this colorway if you're interested!)

Of course, I'm drawn to the darker background, and I really want to use that gorgeous shade of aqua in my pictures above.  (I know it looks more blue in the picture, but trust me - it is a perfect aqua!)  I've challenged myself to pull all the fabrics from my stash, although I will allow the purchase of one or two small pieces to complete the set if needed.   I already know I will have to buy a light and a medium constant.  I'm sure more of the fabrics in my pictures above will be subbed out for others.  A few are just there to audition the colors I think I might want to use, even though I know it is not the particular fabric I want to use.  Make sense?

My biggest problem right now is in deciding which color way!  I love the Rainbow version I've pulled together - YUM!!!  But I also love those sun-loving yellows, oranges and pinks in my Sunset version!  I may have to toss a coin - but I'm leaning toward the Sunset :) 

And just a reminder - Shayla Wolf is also the talented designer of the cute little Hootie owls I've been sharing with you!  She's super talented, isn't she?  I interviewed browns for the tree limbs today since I wasn't totally sold on the original choice of the chocolate brown (the one in the background between the Hooties).....

I think I've finally decided to go with these fabrics ....

I'm thinking most tree trunks and limbs are not really a dark chocolate brown, but rather have a lot more gray in them.  I kinda liked the touch of green in the top left batik and plan to work it in as the tree top somehow.  This project is on schedule to get lots of love next week :)  Since I've also worked these owls one block each month, I'm linking up with Lyn at What a Hoot! for her BOMs Away Party.  Did you see that she graduated?  That is such an accomplishment and I am so proud of her!!!!  I'm hoping this means we will begin seeing more of her lovely quilts in progress :)

But ..... before I did any of these things, I had to get my #3 Sew Sweet Simplicity block done and a post ready for you for Monday morning!

I hope you'll come check out all the fun blocks - and get inspired to make your own.  This month, there is a Bonus Block included, and there's another GIVEAWAY too!  Jacquelynne is just so generous to us, isn't she???

Now, I plan to get back to my therapy session - relax and pull some fabrics for my next Patchwork of the Crosses block!  Here is the start of my current block...

I'll be Slow Sunday Stitching on this, and hopefully start another, while watching football with My Guy tomorrow.  Why not pick up a slow stitching project and join the fun by linking up with Kathy's Quilts!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!
See you Monday morning, bright and early :)

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I like the tonals, but do like the white background. And I gave my furries extra hugs today.

  2. Both color ways are gorgeous!! Why not make it both ways and either have two fab quilts or a reversible quilt?

  3. Decisions, decisions on the choices of fabrics. Either will be great looking. You always make the best choices in your fabric colors, so I know it will be fantastic.

  4. Great new paper piecing project. Beautiful! I am partial to the rainbow hues of course, but the tone on tones really sing. Either way will be beautiful, but I'm sure you can figure it out block by block. Hootie is coming together beautifully. I really like the top brown for branches. The sky is very dark blue, which makes me think of night, and the darker brown looks great against it. Again, any of them would work great. Enjoy the finishing!

  5. The sunset version looks more like you. I approve the change in Hootie's tree fabric. Fussy cutting your POTC pieces really increases the impact. I need to get a lesson from you when I start my project next year.

  6. You didn't ask, but I'll throw in my two cents worth. I prefer the sunset version ... I think those bright brights will absolutely sparkle and pop on the black background! Your POTC is going to be fabulous ... your fussy cutting is impeccable. I'm glad that you're finding comfort in playing with fabric. {{hug}}

  7. Lots of eye candy here. Your owls are precious.

  8. What a beautiful new quilt you are starting... I hadn't seen it before. You can't go wrong with either set of fabrics as both are fantastic! Enjoy your slow stitching today!

  9. I had to laugh at the last owl on the bottom! :)

  10. I imagine your Hooties would be happy to land on any color branch, even a striped multicolor. They are quite delightful. And your new project is quite exciting.

  11. Do you know - I *hadn't* seen that quilt yet? Very super cool - it's going to be fun watching you work on it!!

  12. Arcadia Avenue is quite a quilt. Have fun with which ever color palette you choose, either would look fantastic! Those owls are too cute and your cross is gorgeous. Happy slow stitching.

  13. Oh so much color it would be hard to choose any one. Love the hooties and the different looks of the branches and trees.

  14. Hang in there, I just lost my fur baby, Romeo, on 11/7 and I've been having a hard time too. I don't think everyone always understands how much we love them, mine was like my sweet baby I lived with everyday. Quilting and sewing help to take my mind off of it some and I feel like God finds a place in heaven for these innocent souls. I will see him again!

  15. So much color wonderfulness here!
    I definitely vote for the dark background (are we taking a vote here?), but as far as Sunrise or Sunset--that is like asking to choose a favorite child!! Two gorgeous collections of fabric, either one of which would make a stellar quilt!
    Good move on the tree fabric--doesn't compete with the owls, IMHO.

  16. I would be able to spot you, your stash, or your quilts out of a huge crowd! BEAUTIFUL fabrics my dear for some amazing works of art!

  17. Now where do I begin to comment on all these lovely projects!!!!
    First of all I love the new project and specifically the sunset colours. Great fabric choice to go with your delicious Hooties. Sweet Simplicity - lovely colour burst here and of course your Patchwork of the Crosses - super!

  18. I love, love, love the way you're using the Laurel Burch fabric! Your Hootie quilt is wonderful also as are your POC pieces. Can't put the HH mittens on my blog until next week, but you can see them on Rav....

  19. Great fabrics! I think this quilt is stunning! The bright tonals are amazing. Katja is doing that as a block of the month but I don't think I will start it. Well, I don't PLAN to start it ; )

  20. Your next paper piecing project is going to be stunning. I wish I enjoyed paper piecing! Love the browns with the Hooties and your latest POC is gorgeous. Pulling and playing with fabric does ease the stress and brings calm. Merry Christmas.

  21. Your owls are adorable and I love the night sky background. Thank you for sharing!

  22. *hugs* I've been sending a lot of these to you the last few days.

    As always, everything you do inspires me. I happened upon a cute BOM that just started like two months ago that has a black background and it made me think of you. It's on my list to start working on in January. Prayers being sent for you my friend!!! And lots and lots of "hugs"


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