Friday, January 15, 2016

Q1 2016 Finish Along Goals

I've got a fun list lined up for my Q1 Finish Along goals!

I'm going to keep my list a little more manageable than usual this quarter because I'll be on a cruise(!) for several weeks.  I know!  It's a tough life, but someone's got to live it, right?

This will be my first cruise, so I'm equal parts excited and nervous.  Excited - because it is a quilter's cruise, so I'm going with some very good friends and there are several exciting projects that we'll be working on.  But perhaps the thing I'm most excited about is that it is going to be very WARM where I am going - hooray!!!

Nervous - because I'm prone to motion sickness and I'm not terribly comfortable on boats and don't care much for being surrounded by large bodies of water.  I like to be able to see the shore and know that I can doggie paddle to get there if I have to LOL!!!  I've never really been interested in going on cruises, but my friends insisted I try this one out with them.  If I end up sick or drowned, I'm going to blame it all on them!!!

I've already visited my friendly physician to procure the golden elixir patches just to be on the safe side :)  I'm not as bad as I used to be about getting sick, but still ... imprisoned in my room in the bowels of a ship, green and retching in my miserable cot is not how I want to spend a vacation.  (Can you tell I read too many novels?)

My friends assure me that I will not get sick or drown.  Both very good assurances, wouldn't you agree?  I think so long as the ship stays afloat I will have a very good time and be glad I went.  If not, well then, it's been great knowing you all!  =^..^=

While still safe on solid ground, I will be happily plugging away at these FAL projects ....

Bertie's Year - December wallhanging

Last year I managed to complete 11 of these wonderful BOM quilts.  This will be the last one - and I think it is one of the cutest.  It's not even out of the package, so it will be a Start-to-Finish project.  It's small though, so only the embroidery really takes much time at all.

Sassy Garden

This quilt top has been finished for quite a while, waiting on the Flimsy Shelf for its turn in line to be quilted and finished.  It was suddenly knocked to the top because the focal fabric is a Jane Sassaman print, and we are lucky enough to have Jane come to speak and teach out our guild this fall!  Needless to say, I'd like to have it done to show when she comes.  Quilt, Label, Bind

Show Me the Honey!

This is one of Kim Schaeffer's Calendar Quilts - a leftover from last year so you know I'd love to have it done soon!  It's already sandwiched and ready to quilt.  Quilt, Label, Bind

Fire in the Cabin

This paper-piecing project was started at a retreat class late last year.  I love the fire in the colors, and the squiggly effect in the focal fabric.  It reminds me so much of a breathtaking glass fireball by the amazing Dale Chihuly my husband and I saw in the Bahamas years ago - it was utterly breathtaking!  This little quilt will be a forever reminder for us :*)  Complete blocks

Love You!

I blogged about this adorable mini-quilt today . I want to have it quilted, bound and ready to display for Valentine's - which means I don't put it off until the day before LOL!!!  I need to Just Do It!  Quilt, Bind

Montego Bay

Another left-over from last year!  Repair a few quilting issues, Bind.

Bionic Gear Bags.  I need to make 2 of these this quarter.  They are not easy sews, but I've made several now, so they should go pretty fast.

I'm sliding in on the last day to link up with others who are planning their 1st Quarter 2016!  Come along and see what others are planning to finish up!  Linky party is HERE ....

2016 FAL

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I could never go on a cruise - I KNOW I would get sick - just from the panic (nearly drowned as a kid). I'll invite a crew in my house to sew and get a fish tank thank you. Love all your projects

  2. Enjoy your warm cruise, Teresa!
    I've never been on one and doubt I ever will. Enjoy it for both of us!
    You have a nice list of goals for the quarter. Seems manageable--until real life crowds in, right? : )

  3. Buy some pressure point wrist bands for seasickness, they really work and won't make you sleepy like some othe meds. My daughter-in-law swears by them.
    Have a fabulous time! What are the shipboard classes/projects?

  4. Hope your cruise is fabulous! Looks like you have plenty of projects to keep you busy all quarter. Hopefully you will get a few of those crossed off the list soon, looks like some quilts are quite close to the finish line.

  5. Enjoy your cruise!! The seasickness patches should work well. I was on a 2 week cruise and didn't have an problems with being sick. I'm not badly prone to seasickness, but I figured they could hurt!!

  6. You are going to have an amazing time on the cruise - a quilting cruise, no less! Fun, fun, fun. Have fun working on all of your projects.

  7. My mother, who is very prone to motion sickness, uses Sea-Bands, for cruses, and also in the car. You can get them at drug stores. Every little bit helps. I've never been on a cruise (I think Titanic when you mention a cruise). Have fun!

  8. your projects are great, I should start the calendar quilt too (again!)

  9. You will love your cruise. I have only been on one and it was so much fun and we it wasn't even with quilters!! Where bouts are you heading? Your Q1 finishes look like they are all doable for you. Good luck with them.

  10. That's quite a list! I've been on 2 cruises and lived to tell about it! A quilting cruise sounds fun. Bring some handwork...there are plenty of lounges to sit and stitch while watching the views.

  11. I hope you have a blast on your cruise. Quilting and cruising with much fun. Although I have never done it, I'm as scared as you. You have great projects lined up to work on. Love, love, love the heart quilt!

  12. A commendable lost! And a cruise! Oh, my goodness! You'll have a wonderful time, you won't get sick, and you'll want to go again!

  13. Enjoy your cruise. Can't wait to see your pictures when you return.

  14. My daughter went on a cruise and loved it, but she knows me all too well and said don't do it MOM. I'm still listening to her....:) Love all your projects.

  15. Wow, you have so many fun projects that you're working on! Have a wonderful time on your cruise and I hope you aren't sick at all, but that you have a blast with your friends!!

  16. Have fun on your cruise, and thank you so much for linking, to share your lovely quilts!


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