Friday, August 19, 2016

On the Needles 8-19-2016

I'm one of those unlucky people who suffer from motion sickness, and I can't read or write while riding, much to my regret.  I do often listen to books, but then my hands still need to be occupied.

One of the things I can do while riding is knit!!!  I often keep a project on the needles just for the purpose of having something to do during trips when my husband is driving.  It helps keep me awake and engaged, and that makes him happy :*)

For our trip to Carolina this past week, I pulled out my Aqua Socks to repair.  These came off my needles last winter (I can't find that I even blogged about their finish - bad girl!!!!)  But when I picked them up from the basket several weeks later to weave in the ends, there was this huge hole in one of them!

Some little critter had found its way into my knitting basket and had itself a feast!  Fortunately, I still had some of this yarn, so I was able to rip the stitches out all the way back to the hole, making sure to pick up the stitches on my needles before ripping back....

Then the repair was a simple matter of attaching a new strand of yarn and re-knitting the rows and binding off again.

Measuring to be sure I get it the same length as the first one

It is not as pretty or neat as before, but I doubt anyone will ever know except me!

Share what's on your needles at Patchwork Times today!

And PS - don't forget to "Like" our sweet little Quilter's Kitty, Rocky, in the Pets on Quilts contest at Lilypad Quilting =^..^=

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I am impressed with your repair! Beautiful socks.

  2. Well I don't knit, so just made me in awe.

  3. You are so good to be able to rip out and not lose any stitches, Teresa. I think the repair is not at all noticeable. Having motion sickness while riding in a car would be hard. I get it on ferry boats but then, I rarely ride ferry boats so it's not a big deal, but in cars -- yes, hard, I think.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  4. Never had suffered from motion sickness until one year on a ride at the state fair with my daughter. I was green around the gills the rest of the day. But I have still never had trouble reading or doing handwork in a car. I am glad there is something you can do without getting sick. A long car ride with idle hands would be hard.
    Can't believe the damage a critter did to your beautiful sock. Must have looked so good they thought it would taste good, too.
    I admire your tenacity in ripping it out and repairing the damage. Looks as good as new to me!

  5. So glad you had the skill to fix the hole! I love the socks and really love the project bag! I have to keep my hands busy in the car, too. Fortunately, I don't get motion sickness, so sometimes I just read. Have a wonderful day! XO

  6. Great fix, T! Like you, I can't read while riding, but I have been able to cross stitch and hand piece (though I haven't tried it lately).

  7. I doubt anyone would ever know there was a hole in that sock, how wonderful that you had the extra yarn and were able to do a proper fix so quickly. I've tried applique during road trips but have given up, the roads around these parts are just too bumpy to make any good progress, other than basting my pieces to the ground fabric.

  8. Wow, I certainly cannot see where you made the repair. I can baste EPP projects in the car because I can look up often enough to offset any motion sickness. Most anything else requires too much concentration and results in motion sickness. ;-)

  9. Hmmmm.......I am not sure if I could do that while riding....maybe while flying though! LOL Your gift to your niece and her hubby is just wonderful! How contemporary and fitting! Rocky definitely has my vote!

  10. I just love that peacock pouch. I have some of that fabric-it's so lovely

  11. You are so clever. How on earth did you repair that so you cannot see anything wrong. Never in a million years would I get that right. Love the colors in your socks too. Guess you have one of those beautiful knitting bags to match every pair of socks you knit, huh? lol.

    The gift to your niece for her wedding was so appropriate and I loved the fabrics you used. That was such a thoughtful gift. Oh yes, Rocky got my vote (twice in the same day). Wasn't sure it would take that, but it did.! He is just the cutest, prettiest little kitty around.

  12. Socks are gorgeous and I did "like" Rocky

  13. Wow, I'm impressed. I couldn't see where you repaired it at all. Nice job!! Give Rocky a pat for me.


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