Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Hopes and Dreams .....

Since life has been so busy lately, I'm leaning toward calling my plans for August more like hopes and dreams LOL!  We have a trip to Carolina planned this month for our niece's wedding and a nice visit with the kids and grandkids (and my sweet Mom!), which will carve out a good chunk of the month.

I did manage to finish up my July OMG - "Moon Over Meowmi" - but failed to find the time to write up a blog post so I could join the linky party :(  Oh well, I guess I would rather have the finish than the blog post, right?  Always look on the positive!!!

Of course, "finished" is a relative term, since this is only to the flimsy stage, which is all the farther I was prepared to take it for now.  There are already several quilting projects in process, and they have to be cleared before I can do this one.  As I said HERE when I posted the project as my July OMG, this project was begun way back in 2013, almost to the day, so to have it this far after sitting for 3 years is a WIN in my book!

I got down to business with this project at a quilt retreat last week.  The background fabric is a hand-dye by Colorways by Vicki Welsh.  I purchased both the pattern and that piece of fabric from Vicki.  The next piece that I thought would be critical to the success of Meowmi was the black.  Did I want a solid, flat black, or maybe a fun and funky print?  I never dreamed I would end up going with a slinky, shiny, glossy black that is anything but cotton!  Can you see the shiny black pattern fabric in this picture below?  It is a glorious fabric!!!  I have absolutely no idea what kind of material it is.

I came across it in my Miscellaneous Fabrics drawer while looking for the iridescent gauze remnant I had picked up several years ago and put back for the moon.  I keep things like Minkee and rayons, etc, in that drawer, fabrics I don't ever look for but sometimes happen upon in a remnant sale or at Goodwill - like a magpie, if it shines and glitters I'm hooked LOL!  I ended up falling hard for the black for my cats.  I even love that it frays a little on the edges making it look more like fur!

I really wanted a piece of white fake fur for the bellies, but didn't have time to shop before going off to retreat.  I was lamenting about this when Carole pops up and says did you say white fake fur?  I don't have fake fur, but I do have a nice while fluffy fabric with lots of texture - would that work?  Would it ever!

This white is just fluffy enough against the slick black - it's perfect!  We were all pretty amazed that someone "happened" to have the exact fabric I needed for my project - and enough of it that she could share with me :)  That was fun!!!

The iridescent gauze I had saved ended up working well for the moon, but I had to add a shiny silver behind it to make it show up enough.  It still needs a good trim, but I want to quilt it first.  See how sparkly and moon-like it is?

I also found this AMAZING piece of blue-green slinky fabric that I had picked up thinking I might make an infinity scarf out of it.  It worked perfectly for the bowl the cats are sitting on....  and who needs a silly old scarf when you can create an amazing bowl for cats to sit on?  Am I right?

I had a terrible time deciding what to use for the rim of the bowl.  I originally had a sparkly brick red piece, but I melted it on the iron - the retreat's iron!  Thankfully it came off okay :*)  I finally went with a wonderful blue grunge that looks a little like pottery. Everyone says the swirls in the bowl fabric look like fish figures :*)

As for the leaves, I decided to go with a variety of green cotton prints and batiks to change up the texture.  The tree is a gorgeous brown/black batik, so I think it all works well together.  The leaves will be 3D and will branch out beyond the binding when the quilt is done.

For someone who is not an art quilter, this quilt was a fun challenge for me!

This was my first retreat away from home since Rocky came to live with us, and I was a little worried about how he would handle it.  He's used to me being in and out all day, and tagging along at my heels wherever I am in the house.  As luck would have it, My Guy also had business meetings several nights that week, so Rocky spent two days alone from 6am to about 10pm.  My Guy said he almost attacked him when he walked in the door in the evenings LOL!!!  Here he is begging him not to leave him again ....

I was curious to see how he would treat me when I came home.  Gypsy used to very pointedly ignore me for a day or two just to make sure I knew how displeased she was with my deplorable behavior.  But Rocky's sweet nature doesn't seem to have space for such airs and punishments... he was delighted to see me!  For the next two days, he barely let me out of his sight....

I couldn't even read without him right there demanding my complete attention!  What a little sweetheart he is :*)

So that was it for July - wow did it ever go by at the speed of light, right?  As for August, my Guild UFO number this month is #3, and that means that my August OMG project will be my Patchwork Snowman Table Runner kit by Shabby Fabrics

I love that this is a new project - not even pulled out of the bag yet!  I realize that some don't consider an unstarted project a UFO, but for me if it has been sitting on my shelf kitted up (by me or someone else), then it is a UFO and needs to get DONE!

I love the colors in this kit and look forward to having a Christmas finish this early in the year :*)

There's also a bonus project I'd like to finish - it's one of those that I mentioned clogging up the quilting queue ....

This is my August Calendar Quilt - it's only been in the works for a couple of years LOL!  I got it appliqued and fused down last July, and had every hope of getting it quilted this July but that obviously didn't happen.  This is as far as I've gotten...

These quilts designed by Kim Schaefer have the cutest little details!  This little bee will have to be quilted in a light color so his head will show up :*)

I'd love to finish it this week if possible so I can enjoy it on the wall for a while this year.  And since the September quilt hasn't even been started, it might get to stay on the wall until October :*)  After this one, the Blooming Nine Patch (BNP) is next in the queue for quilting.  I want to finish that one SO badly!!!!

I'm linking up with Quilting is More Fun than Housework for this week's Oh Scrap! party!

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And I'm also going on over to Red Letter Quilts to join the linky fun there!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. MOM is just too cute! I can't believe it's taken you this long to finish. Love the black fabric and how fortuitous that someone had white furry stuff!

  2. Your fabric choices for the cats are incredible! That black is purrfect as is the soft white. You always have so many fun pieces in progress.

    Have a great time in your journeys.

  3. Love all the bits you used in your Meow quilt - so rich and fun. My furkids give me attitude for a couple of days when I leave them - then I can't peal them off me.

  4. Such a fun post with great projects. Good luck with your August hopes and dreams (love that!). So fun that all the parts came to you perfectly for your cat quilt. That bumblebee one is calling my name. Love it.

  5. You look very busy for July as usual. The fabrics and unusual pieces for your cat piece are just perfect. I love the texture of the black fabric. I think you found the cutest little kitten ever in Rocky. I love that he is so sweet and affectionate, even after you deserted him a few days. Almost makes me wish I had another kitty.

  6. Your piece is gorgeous. All the rich colors and textures are great. I think that is a pretty good finish for a busy lady like you.

  7. Teresa, you blow me away with your spirit! I can't say enough about your art quilt, it's beyond fabulous! I think I'm loving the snowman table runner, too. Quite cute and will be a winner all sewn up. Your August wall hanging calls my name! I have made a couple of Kim's Calendar Quilts for my daughter, but not that one. Yet! I'd be hard pressed finding enough scraps for the hive, but perhaps it's time to put it on my list and to start collecting a few so that when it gets to the top of the list, I'll be ready! Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you have a fun month to look forward to! Enjoy!

  8. Your Moon piece is just too cute! And I agree with everyone else...perfect fabrics! Your August piece is adorable, too. I look forward to seeing your finish with that one.

  9. Of course I love your Moon over Meowmi. That would look good in my mewseum. You chose some great fabrics. Rocky is precious. I have to deal with that in the, in fact...while I'm trying to read blogs and write comments.

  10. Your kitties are adorable. I liked reading about the process of making "moon" quilt. What a mix of great fabrics which all seem perfect for the roles they are asked to play!

  11. I haven't a clue where May, June, or July went? How is it August already???? A flimsy is a finish in my book, as is a kit a ufo.....speaking of which, I have about 5 waiting for me to start on them! Rocky looks like such a good boy! Him laying on that book is priceless!

  12. Oh, the texture of all those fabrics in Moon over Meowmi! Luscious! And of course sweet Rocky - don't you wonder how you ever got along without him in your life?

  13. Moon Over Meowmi is stunning, loved reading about your choices for texture. I have a drawer like that too and found this inspirational. Sorry you missed the linky, but I am so glad you shared this beauty! Looking fwd to your snowmen and hope they keep you cool in August!

  14. That snowman table runner is adorable! I need to finish some quilts; there are several waiting for bindings. Bad me!


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