Monday, December 19, 2016

Happily Productive!

It's so nice when I am able to get almost everything on my To-Do list accomplished in any given week, but especially this week given that we are so close to Christmas!  I finished up several hand-made Christmas gifts this week and wrapped them up, ready to ship off to my loved ones!

And I am happy to report that my Clue #4 tri-rec units are completed for Bonnie's En Provence Mystery Quilt (EPMQ)!

And I did them right the first time LOL!!!  Actually, I really enjoyed stitching up these units.  Because we had just finished making them for Clue #2, my mind was already in tri-recs mode and I was able to crank them out with no problems.  And what joy to work with these rich purples!!!!

I'm now caught up on all the EPMQ clues so far, as you can see from my completed Clue #3 dark/light purple 4-patches shown in the above picture.  Bear in mind again that I am only doing half the units Bonnie calls for because I am just planning to make a lap-size quilt - unless I end up loving it of course, in which case I have plenty of fabric to make a bigger quilt :*)

Since the 4-patches were so scrappy this time, I only cut one strip off of each of my purples, so it didn't make sense to use my Sizzix cutter for the strips.

However, I did use it to cross-cut the sections for the 4 patches -

How nice to be able to have all of them cut with one simple turn of the handle!  I love turning my 4-patches over so I can admire the cute little swirls on the back (smiles!)

I'll be linking up with my fellow mystery quilters over at Bonnie's Monday Linky Party - click HERE to come over and see all the En Provence loveliness!

And for those of you who are still hanging around, I bet you are hoping for a picture of Rocky - right?  Well, here is Mr. Snoopervisor hard at work making sure I get that perfect 1/4" seam on the strips for the 4-patches...

I think he really likes the vibration of the machine, because he only gets up there when I am actually sewing.  After all that hard work, he decided to take a well-deserved nap - I spied two adorable little sets of kitty toes and an impressively furry tail sticking out from under my foyer quilt rack...

 I think he likes to take naps under there because the heat vent under the quilts makes it toasty warm :*)  He's actually inside the quilt there - that cat sure does love him a quilt!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I am sorry that I drooled on your beautiful purple fabrics! I hope the colors don't bleed. : )
    Oh, that Rocky just makes me smile with his cute antics!

  2. Very impressive piecing - love the rich dark purples. Rocky is a great supervisor and he knows the right place to nap.

  3. Well, there's nothing like a pre-warmed quilt for feline or human in this weather! Rocky sure has the right idea! Those purple blocks are wonderfully lush! Looking forward to seeing how the En Provence puzzle comes together.

  4. Congrats on catching up. Your tri-recs are luscious (and correct!) If it makes you feel better, another friend cut all her purples on one side. I haven't even cut clue 4 (insert sad face); think I'll use those two dark purples that didn't work in the 4Ps.

  5. Good job, and thanks for letting us peek at your amazing foyer quilt! ooh lala!

  6. Yay! You've done a good job catching up during this busy holiday season! But then again, you have a super cute helper! XO

  7. Those look gorgeous. I need to get going on my Step 4 this week if I want to keep up.

  8. I think I'd be fighting Rocky for a spot on the heat vent under your gorgeous quilt. I am so cold natured, winter is tough. Yay! for being caught up on the En Provence clues. Love your purples.

  9. I love that there is Purple in this years Mystery! I may have mentioned my HOPES for Purple to be in it, to Bonnie, Glad she was listening.

  10. Oh my goodness! Purple heaven! I love your colors, they are so rich and luscious!
    Your snoopervisor is doing a good job there, he really deserves his nap!

  11. That snooperviser is just the perfect furbaby for you!

  12. Our quiltin' toys sure do make things fun sometimes, right? Ole' Rocky boy! That is the cutest pic of his little feet and tail coming out of that gorgeous quilt!

  13. I may just have to do this mystery if you keep showing me your beautiful purples . You know my feelings on that color, right? Good job keeping up with all the clues. I know I wouldn't be if I had started this. Love, love your pics of Rocky on top of your machine and the one of him napping behind your foyer quilt.

  14. Hi, I am a new follower of your blog. I discovered it while searching for Hawaii Sunset. Your blocks were beautiful! Did you finish the quilt? I am excited to see your progress on BH's mystery quilt. I need to start working on clue #5 after I finish wrapping and preparing food for tomorrow. Merry Christmas! Pam


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