Saturday, January 21, 2017

Back to the Rainbows!

Before I share my rainbow scrappy adventures in PURPLE today, I have another "purple" project to share ....

I have my En Provence center together!!!!

Oh my gosh - I'm so excited!!!  I'm working now on the borders and hope to have a finished top to share next week :*)  But - since it was Saturday, I put that aside this morning and joined lots of my friends in the effort to tame our purple scraps :*)

One of my favorite blog parties has always been Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) which can be found over at her blog, SoScrappy.  Every ScrapHappy Saturday, she hosts a linky party where tons of scrappy quilters show off their stuff - rainbow-style!

I haven't been able to play along the past few years, but this year, I'm determined to carve out the time.  Actually, it's really more of a must because my scraps and crumbs runneth over!

You can see that my purple crumb jar is so full I'm having to just plop pieces on top of it!

At first I thought perhaps I would just do something with the crumbs this year, but then I remembered this pattern that has been in my "Really, Really Want to Make" file since, like, forever.....

This sweet quilt is such an ingenius design!  It's fairly simple, but looks really complicated.  The eye just roves all over it in delight!  It is called Geese Migration, and the talented Cynthia Brunz of Quilting is more fun than Housework is the designer.  My friend Libby from  Life on the Hill has been teasing me with her GM blocks for a while now, and every time I see one of her blocks I drool with envy.  Just yesterday, someone posted their completed GM quilt on Instagram and it was so gorgeous ... it was the last straw!  This is the year for me to start mine!

I decided to use my Marti Michell templates to cut the flying geese since I'll be making them one at a time.  Then I pulled out my purple scrap drawer and found lots to inspire me!

This is from a deconstructed shirt I cut up and used in a previous project...

And look at this one!  It is a sweet print from 2006 - which happens to be the year I really fell head over heels into the quilting rabbit hole :*)

The success of this pattern depends on the strategic use of blending color values together in the geese and squares.  This print gave me both a light and dark!

It was exciting to see the pieces all laid out for stitching up my first block!

 Rocky got on board with the project immediately =^..^=

This is not a great picture, but I'm in love with my first block!!!

Playing in my purple scraps was so much fun I just couldn't stop, so I pulled some purples and fuchsias and began to cut circles for the Quilty 365 Circles project that I started and left hanging last year ...

Aren't these yum???  Audrey over at Quilty Folk started this party last year.  She has since finished her quilt - and yes it's beautiful! - so for 2017, the link-up party can be found at Daisy and Jack Handmade.


This is another project that needs to get at least one day's attention each month this year.  I have maybe 50 done from last year, so lots more circles yet to be cut!  Then of course they have to be prepared for applique to the backgrounds....

You can read more about how I plan to do this project HERE if you are interested.

My time ran out today, but next Saturday I'll concentrate on my crumbs and try to tame them before they devour my studio LOL!!!

Hope you've had a lovely Saturday doing something stitchy :*)

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Your EP looks fabulous!! Look at all that purple scrappy goodness. The Migration blocks is great for RSC and you will have fun with that.

  2. What a gorgeous plan for the rainbow blocks!!! love your En Provence quilt, they are all so amazing! take care from Iowa

  3. LOVE your En Provence quilt!!! As well as all you RSC purple progress. You go girl.

  4. Your En Provence looks lovely. Can't wait to see your top finished. Glad you are joining,in Geese Migration for RSC17. I did two purple blocks last week and it is perfect for the rainbow. You've got lots of purple for sure!

  5. En Provence is gorgeous! Yay!! I, too, love Migrating Geese and have wanted to make this one, too. Now I'll have Libby's and your blocks to inspire me. Great circle fabrics, too. You had a busy Saturday!

  6. Hello my cheerful colorful friend! It always makes me smile to read your blog! Such vibrant fabrics (yep, sometimes LOUD fabrics that would NEVER make into my stash LOL) that you make into absolutely gorgeous projects! I love it!! I never tire of seeing what you have been up to!

    Blessings and hugs!!

  7. GM is a great RSC block! I really like seeing yours in prints. I hope you keep going with the monthly colors.

  8. I love the GM quilt project! I've never seen it before and it looks perfect for RSC! Rocky looks happy with it too!

  9. Your geese migration block is beautiful! I'm working on circle today as well. Must be just that sort of day.

  10. I made two GM blocks this month - there may be others along the way but they will not become an independent top . . . and the circles are just addictive!

  11. Love the Geese Migration block. Great projects.

  12. Nice job on En Provence. I like your new scrappy too. That will be cute with rainbow scraps.

  13. En Provence is gorgeous and I also love the geese migration block, what a great design it is!

  14. I'm excited to see your En Provence. MIne got pushed to the side before the holidays. Yesterday I made some major progress on it again. Love Geese Migration!

  15. Your En Provence is turning out beautifully and your Geese Migration project for the RSC is making me jealous!! I've been wanting to make that pattern, but I'm not sure that I have the depth of stash that you seem to have. Good luck with both of these AND your Quilty 365 project!!

  16. I think your square turned out perfect! I did last years 365 also, it was fun. Your cat is so precious.

  17. Congrats on that En Provence center - it's gorgeous. And what a great scrappy quilt - Geese migration. I may have to borrow your idea and start one with all my four patches. Thanks for sharing.

  18. So much purple goodness here, I hardly know where to start!
    Your mystery quilt is gorgeous--I knew it would be when you shared your fabric selections.
    Really like the Geese Migration block. That will make a lovely quilt. Will you make 2 blocks a month?
    Rocky means business when he "gets on board". : )
    Some really nice fussy cut circles for your Quilty 365.

  19. Love your newest quilt and your rainbow plan. How I wish you weren't a whole continent away.

  20. what a fun block and your BH quilt looks great!

  21. Your quilt is lovely and am sure loving all your purples.

  22. That Geese Migration pattern looks like a lot of fun, and wow! you have so many purples to choose from! :) Your block is lovely, and I look forward to seeing more blocks in a rainbow of colors! Thanks so much for linking up with Main Crush Monday.

  23. Wow, what great purples fell into that migration block. I agree it is a great pattern! Have fun.

  24. Very nice enprovence! And love the geese migration - I think a lot of us are doing this one ;-)

  25. Your En Provence turned out beautifully. Geese Migration is such a fun quilt and your first block looks great. Looking forward to seeing that project develop this year.

  26. Your purple blocks are fabulous as is En Provence.


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