Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 NewFO Challenge

Barbara over at  Cat Patches is hosting a new event this year - The 2012 NewFO Challenge!  And I'm on board!!!  Of course, right?  Resistance is not my strong point!  

The thing I really like about this new Challenge is that all you have to do to be successful is to START a new project each month!  You don't have to finish it or even get very far on it, just start it.  

Now, Barbara started this for those quilters who don't have any UFO's so they can get some.... does that sound like me?  Of course not!!!!  I have already listed my list of UFO's in an earlier post, and that's not even all of them! :*D  But for me it would be a very boring year if all I work on is UFO's... I have to have new projects to keep me excited and happy.  So I went to my Inspiration Book where I keep a portfolio of pictures of projects I'd like to do and picked out 12.... not that I expect to start all 12 or even to stick to the list if something new pops up and grabs my attention.  But it's a way for me to try to focus on those projects that I really want to do and not just hop around doing projects that are maybe not as important to me.  We'll see how that works for me :)

NewFO’s to Start in 2012
1.  Divas Denim Shirt - I took this picture from Amy Bradley's website.  I am a member of the Divas Quilt Guild, and we are all trying to make our version of Amy's Diva pattern.

2.  Angel Cat Wallhanging - my design, and I don't have a picture to share yet.
3.  Fall Harvest - this is a pattern I bought in October last year with every intention of making it for that fall - riiiiiight!!!!  More wishful thinking.  This is a Cozy Quilt Design.  One change I will make is to use black for the background.  Fabrics all picked and ready to cut up!

4.  Rabbits Prefer Chocolate - A favorite Bunny Hill design.  This one will take a while so I will have to be very patient!

5.  “Quilts in Progress” Wallhanging - This one will hang over the door to my sewing studio.  It's been on my To Do list way too long! 

6.  Black & Green Bearpaw from Possibilities - I think I am in love with the colors as much as the Bear Paw blocks!

7.  Blackford’s Beauty - this is a quilt I saw in a very early Fons & Porter magazine, and I could not get a good picture of it.  It is an Amish-style quilt with black background and lots of brights sprinkled throughout.  Bonnie Hunter also has this pattern on her website; she calls it Jared Takes a Wife, and she did hers in greens with a light background. I will not use sashing at all, so the blocks will float.
8.  "Love in Bloom" Table Runner - a hearts runner from Jan/Feb 2010 McCalls issue, designed by Judy Blok.
9.  Bee Bop in Flannel Brights - this is a much brighter quilt than this picture shows!  Several years ago, a friend gave me a flannel solids kit as a gift and I have been looking for the perfect pattern - I think this is it!  I'm not sure of the book it came from, this is just a photocopy I made and have no idea of the source.  All that copied is "Our Best Seasonal Quilts - Spring".  I did get the name of the quilt designer though on one of the pages - Lauri Miller.

10. Calypso Cascade - no picture yet.  This is a pattern from Quiltmaker's All Time Favorites - Winter '06.  It's an Irish Chain-type design all in batiks - YUM!!!
11. Eastern Breeze Wallhanging - I had every intention of doing this applique project last year.  It is MY colors for sure and will be gorgeous in my great room when it is done!  It comes out of American Quilter March 2009 and is designed by Jane Spolar.

12. Circle of Fire Wallhanging - doesn't this just explode!?!  I can't wait to do it!  It comes from American Quilter November 2009 and is designed by Pat Wolfe.

I also want to make some of these…..Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts.  I have made the January Snowman and he is absolutely adorable!!!

So what about you?  Are you starting new projects or resolving to finish up old ones?  Or, like me, doing both?  Whatever it is, I wish you all the joy and enjoyment possible in 2012!  May Blessings and happiness be yours throughout the year!

Happy New Year!


  1. I love the quilts in progress wall hanging. I have a wall hanging I want to do for my sewing room that I totally forgot about until I saw yours. If I can find that pattern again I might add it to my NewFO list. I also want to do some small ones like your Calendar quilts. I'll have to look for that pattern. How big do those end up being?

  2. love your selections! I see some I would like to make! Oh Dear! I'm in the challenge too - just like you, I'm sure that there are some other things I'll start thru the year not on the list.

    I've made three of the Kim Shaffer calender quilts - aren't they fun! I want to make all of them, too.
    Happy New Year - I'm looking forward to the challenge!
    Beth in Dallas

  3. Are you ever going to sleep? Lol!

  4. You've got some really neat projects lined up. Looks like you're going to have a lot of fun in 2012.

  5. Enjoyed reading your Blog. Love the wall hanging stating "Quilts in Progress". I too, am new to Blogging. Still trying to figure out how to get the orange UF0 2012 Challenge button on my site.
    Any suggestions?


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