Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Times are Good Times!

Like many of you, we had the pleasure of children and grandchildren filling our house with love and joy during the holidays.  We loved it!!!  Hubby and I moved to Nashville eight years ago this coming March, but most of our family remains behind in North Carolina.  It is about an 8-9 hour trip between us and our grandchildren.  Since Christmas is usually such a busy time for families with little children, Hubby and I usually stay home and make do with phone calls for Christmas cheer with our children and grandchildren, except for one son who has made it a tradition to pack up the kids and drive out to Nashville the day after Christmas for a few days.

But this year we got two visits!  The week before Christmas our oldest granddaughters came for an entire week.   It is usually summer when they come, so it was exciting to have them here for Christmas.   They are 16 and 13, and any of you who have teenagers know exactly how interesting that can be!  I think they heard about Santa's List though, because they were perfect angels!  Probably the most fun thing we did was to spread out flannel-backed tablecloths on the floor, and I pulled out all my buttons and lace and rick rack etc., and they had a ball decorating their stockings!  They are both very creative and have a definite sense of personal style.  They certainly came up with some interesting designs J

Then our son and his wife brought their two angels - 7 and 4 - for their Christmas visit.  After tearing through their gifts, they set down to the serious business of playing.  I noticed the four-year-old in the floor having a ball crashing his action figures into one of his sister’s new Christmas toys.  I asked him, “What are you doing there buddy?”  Still concentrating on his work and in all seriousness, he replied dramatically in a deep voice, “DESTROYING THE WORLD!”  Laughing, I grabbed the camera to get a picture, but as soon as he realized what I was doing he assumed this angelic, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth look and smiled at me….. How quickly I melted!!! 

He's not fooling me though.  I know that angelic smile is only for my benefit :*)  His sister on the other hand is a real angel.  See - I have proof!

It has been so much fun having them here.  Hubby and I forget just how quiet it is here until they come J.  Gypsy, on the other hand, has not been very pleased!  She has kept herself hidden under the bed for the last two weeks, coming out only when the “little noise boxes” are asleep.  One day I found her here - she must have been pretty hard up for a hiding place that day!

Oh well, only a few more days of quiet before the New Year starts with a bang.  Our little quilting group will get back to sewing together every Monday and the Music City Quilt Guild will kick off a new year with its first meeting on the first Tuesday of the year.  I’ll have UFO’s to get done, NewFO's to start, and I even have a retreat lined up for each month through April – absolute heaven!!!  I can’t wait for 2012 – how about you?

Happy Quilting!!!

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  1. I can't wait, either, Teresa... and it's all GOOD! Happy New Year!


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