Monday, December 26, 2011

UFO Challenge 2012

One of the reasons I wanted to start my own blog was so that I could begin to join in on some of the fun things everyone is doing throughout the year.  For instance, Judy at Patchwork Times hosts a UFO Challenge each year, which I think is a really great idea and one that will help me get some of my “stuff” done! 

Although I do have quite a few projects that are lingering in UFO land, I’ve decided that my UFO list is going to be made up of quilts that need be quilted.  This is because I have close to 20 quilt tops in my closet waiting to be quilted!!!  Part of that is because I do my own quilting on my DSM and it takes me quite a while to quilt a top.  But also when my Janome 6600 is set up for quilting, I can’t do any piecing on it until the quilting is done.  So I have to use my smaller machine for piecing, which just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and is not nearly as much FUN.  All of this means that I put off quilting the tops and they just keep piling up on a shelf in my sewing room closet being enjoyed by NO ONE!!!

So I am hopping on the Patchwork Times UFO train first thing! Thanks Judy for such a fun tool for getting those UFO’s off the shelf!  Here’s my official list of the quilts I hope to have quilted by the end of this year:

1.          Dear Jane
2.          Lavender indulgence
3.     Chinese Mosaic
4.     Indian summer
5.     Iris BQ2
6.     Scheherazade
7.     Elegant Posh garden
8.     Montego Bay
9.     Dancing pinwheels
10.   Christmas Geese
11.   One Block Wonder
12.   Runaway to Bali

In addition, I will unofficially try to work in some piecing on UFO’s that need to get DONE!!!  Hopefully these won’t end up on my “To Be Quilted” UFO list next year J.  Let’s see, will I have time left to start anything new……

1.     Scrappy Bearpaws
2.     Victorian Valentines
3.     Mint Chocolate Wedding Ring
4.     Jewels in the Crown BOM
5.     Oriental Peacock French Braid
6.     Santa’s Sleigh
7.          Miniature Baskets
8.          Moonglow
9.          Victory
10.       Aqua Shop Hop Irish Chain
11.       Cardinals Wall Hanging
12.       Lopsided Hearts

Happy Quilting!!!

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