Thursday, May 31, 2012

May NewFO Challenge

I didn't realize I had started so much “New” stuff in May until I looked back over my posts – Wow!!!  For someone trying to finish stuff up, I really filled up some new project boxes!!!

But that is almost always the case when I take classes, and remember Edyta Sitar visited our Music City Quilt Guild this month! I started two quilt projects in classes with her, and although I often abandon projects after a class for one reason or another, I've decided that I really like these two and will finish them up into quilts.  They are....

My Eldon block from Edyta Sitar's class
Two of my spool blocks from Spools by Edyta

Then I designed and finished this sweet table topper Sonshine for my Mom for Mother’s Day….

And last but not least, I started my June Calendar Quilt.  It’s one of my favorites from Kim Schaeffer’s Calendar Quilts book!  The top is finished, and all I have left is to sandwich, quilt and bind – yoohoo!!!

You can read all about the process of working on these projects by looking back at my May posts.

How did you do on your NewFO’s?  Start anything new?  Share it with us at Cat Patches!!!  And while you’re there, wish Barbara Bon Voyage… she’s off to Ireland, the lucky girl =^..^=

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Wow! Good for you! I, on the other hand, didn't do much of ANYthing quilting related in the month of May. *sigh* I adore the June calendar block! VERY cute!!!! :)

  2. Beautiful blocks!! Well worth finishing into quilts! They will be lovely!


  3. Beautiful projects all of them. I really like the ants on the June Calendar!

  4. There is just something I love about spool quilts. I think I'd love to make the new Spool pattern by Camille Roskelley.

  5. That Eldon block is so eye-catching. I have never been drawn to spool blocks until I saw hers on another blog recently. It calls to me. : )

  6. WOW! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

  7. love that cute watermelon quilt. Now I'm off to check out that book

  8. Teresa,
    The UFO's you have started are absolutely gorgeous. I love all of them. Since I have the patterns for Eldon and the spools block, I know they are on my future list of to do's.

  9. Great looking projects. Hope you get some of them finished in June.

  10. Amazing blocks! I love the Eldon block. It looks incredibly complicated. Thanks for sharing the story of your mom's Sonshine block. It is beautiful and so is the sentiment.

  11. So, hey - this post was linked at the bottom of your latest post, and that Eldon block sucked me over to take a look. And the June ant mini!! Too much fun :)


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