Saturday, May 5, 2012

Foto Finish – "Red"

Barbara at Cat Patches has a regular post called Foto Finish, where she lists a subject and you can post a photo that fits with it.  I always love to see all the great photos linked up, but I don’t usually participate because … well..... let’s just face it, I’ll never win any prizes as a photographer!!!  However, when Barbara posted "Red" as her subject this week, I remembered that I have a photo to share – yippee!!!

I snapped these beautiful red Knock-out Roses while on my walk through the neighborhood a few days ago.  I’ve put on some weight this past year, so regular exercise has become a must for me.  Walking and dancing are really the only forms of exercise I enjoy, and my husband does not like to dance, so that’s out.  And I don’t count swimming because although I love to play in the water, my swimming skills are so poor I’d have a real hard time surviving if you dumped me out of a boat!

I also saw this poor fellow at the side of the road.  Have you ever seen an aqua snake???  I was simply amazed, I’ll tell you!!!  I know that aqua has become my favorite color lately, and that I’m seeing it everywhere I go, but this is just ridiculous!!!

This baby snake was dead, so I got as close as I dared.  (Snakes are sneaky – even dead they can get you!!)  When I got home I looked him up and learned that he is probably either a Rough Green Snake or a Smooth Green Snake.  I never did figure out how you tell the difference between “Rough” and his cousin “Smooth” other than perhaps the obvious reference to skin texture LOL!  It seems that these snakes are green (hence the name :*D), and the green comes from both blue and yellow pigments in the skin.  When he dies, the yellow pigments die quickly, leaving only the blue!  It was either that or a Blue Racer, but I think they are further north and west of us, and he didn’t look very fast :*)

I’ll leave you now with some more sweet photos from my walk.  Some of my favorite pictures came from the simplest flora – dandelions and weeds!  But before I go, I want to direct you over to Cat Patches where Barbara is also hosting a super Giveaway (click HERE) to celebrate her … shhhhh! …. ??th birthday!  Go on over to check it out and tell her I sent you :*)  Have a great weekend!

Hey, these photos aren't too bad, even if I do say so myself !  It's just amazing what an iPhone can do even in very inexperienced hands :*)

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Beautiful pictures, I had to read the iphone part twice. Amazing!

  2. Great images, Teresa. Aren't the iPhone cameras amazing these days? It helps to have a good eye...and you do.

  3. You know it is amazing about how good iphones can be... I just don't care for them when it comes to my grandbaby! I want TO SEE CLEAR PICS. Anyway... I digress! LOVE the season for flower pics! Beautiful, Teresa! Even the snake (kinda!) LOL.

  4. Love your flower pictures. The hydrangea looks like my calender page for this month.

  5. Beautiful shots, Teresa (except the snake). I can't believe those roses. Mine are barely coming out of hibernation!

  6. Wow, for a snake, I have to admit it was an awfully pretty color! Your nature shots are just lovely Teresa!! :)

  7. Loved em all, every gorgeous one of them. Who says you are no photographer??? Well, I tell you I'll be stealing some of them for my "stash"..Painters call it something else I haven't learned well enough to remember. But you know what I mean, stuff to paint! Who knows you might just get a card one day with one of them on it! I'm not commenting on the snake, but only you could find a snake that was the color of aqua. LOL

  8. Love the flowers!! I am so envious. Our trees are just barely leafing out, let alone have any flowers blooming. Can at least enjoy photos of flowers. Glad it has been too cold for snakes though. Do not miss them!!

  9. your flower pictures are beautiful. I'm amazed at how clear they look on the blog. I was thinking it was some sophisticated type of camera before I rad the complete blog.


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