Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Pineapples…..

And a Stash Report too…

Here are my new little Rainbow Pineapples ----



Look at this sweet little happy face saying Hello to you! *smiles*

Aren’t they just the sweetest things?  These are paper-pieced and will finish at only 3-3/4” square!  They go with these red, pink and green ones I have made so far -

- all out of my crumbs! - for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at SoScrappy.  I think the pinks are still my favorites.  I thought I would just love the purples, but the colors are so dark that they don’t show up as much against the black, so even though I love them, pink still reigns supreme :*) 

I’m all caught up now with this challenge.  I didn’t get my yellows made last month, so I had to get those done as well as the purples for this month.  I didn’t do any for the neutral month, so I’m thinking I can choose a color at the end of the year if there is one she doesn’t call that I like.  I love having choices!!!  =^..^=

Before I get down to the business of a Stash Report, Bonnie Hunter has asked all her blog friends to spread the word that her newest book, String Fling, is ready to ship sometime in July!  This is the cover pic she posted on her site...

She is taking pre-orders now, and will ship in the order she received the requests, so go on over HERE to see the new book and order yours!!!  I know I did!  There are at least two quilts there that immediately went on my NewFO list =^..^=  Talkin’ Turkey started talking to me as soon as I laid eyes on it, and you know I am such a sucker for sweet nothings whispered in my ear! :*D
Talkin' Turkey by Bonnie Hunter - picture from her blog
Am I right?  What’s not to love???  And I’ve coveted Jamestown Landing ever since she debuted it in Australian Patchwork magazine.  Gotta make it!!!

Okay, all fun aside now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty….  I took a bloggy break last week and didn’t do a Stash Report, so I’ll just bundle it all up this week.  I had a little come and a little go… and I ended up just about even. =^..^=

Used:  6 yards for the backing and binding of One Block Wonder (HERE), 1 yard for the backing and binding for June Calendar Quilt (HERE), about 1-1/2 yards for a Stitchery Keeper for a friend, and about a quarter yard in scraps for the Rainbow Pineapples.

Added:  I got lucky in the Bingo games and won 3 yards of backing fabric from Marcia at Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting!  

Yoohoo!  This is a gift I can really use!!! And isn’t this just gorgeous?  She had a lot of colors to choose from, but of course I fell in love with this beautiful blue :*)  I am one lucky girl!

Then I learned that Quilt Kit Market was going out of business and had their fabrics on sale, so I hopped right over and purchased these little gems….
2 yards of this gorgeous batik from Edyta Sitar's Laundry Basket line (Aqua's!!!!)
Half-yard cuts from Kate Spain's Good Fortune line
I’m really tickled with these new fabrics, and the prices were just too good to pass up.  But I really hate to see another shop go under.  It just breaks my heart!

So my totals for this week stand at:

Used this week:           8.75 yards
Used YTD 2012:           82.75 yards
Added this week:         8.5 yards
Added YTD 2012:        112.5 yards
Net Used for 2012:      -29.75 yards

I ended up a quarter yard better this week than last - so progress of a sort.  At least I didn't go further in the red, right?  =^..^=

That’s it for me this week.  See other Stash Reports at Patchwork Times!

Hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Sunday!

Hugs & Blessings,
=^.. ^=


  1. The little pineapples are so cute. I like the purple one, too. Glad I'm not doing the stash report. I went a little crazy with buying this week. Love, love, love that blue fabric that you won. How lucky was that!

  2. Thumbs up on the pineapple blocks. i love the yellow smiley faces.

  3. Love the pineapple blocks! Especially the fussy cut centres on the purples...adorable!

  4. Your rainbow pineapples are adorable!

  5. The pineapple blocks are so sweet. I can not believe they are so small, your crazy. But maybe we all are a little crazy together.

  6. Your little pineapple block are beautiful - they just (((vibrate))).

  7. I like all the pineapple blocks. And I especially loved the batik you bought. YUM!!

  8. Love your sweet little rainbow pineapple squares. Lovely fabrics.
    Thank for the heads up about Bonnie Hunter's new quilt book.

  9. The pineapples are just SO cute! The batiks in the purple are just yummy, but with the black, the yellow is just so happy. Best of all, as a collection, they are so pretty. I am constantly amazed at how great ANY block looks when presented in a vibrant rainbow of colors. I've already got a couple of quilts from String Fling on my must do list as well. Not sure about Talking Turkey, but Jamestown Landing is about half done. So many quilts, so few hours in the day!

  10. I love your little pineapple blocks. They are adorable and I want to make some!

  11. Love your itty bitty pineapple blocks! My gosh are those tiny! I think the yellow is my favorite. Looks like you have some great fabrics for new projects!

  12. Oh, those pineapples just get me every time! You are right about the darkness of the purples--I have some lighter ones if you want to try again! : )
    I think the red ones are so vibrant--I would choose those as my favorites.
    Is this pattern from a book or website?

  13. love those blocks.
    congrats on your win from Marcia's. I played bingo too. It was fun.
    Off to see Bonnie's blog.

  14. Another great blog with some beautiful, I believe you quilters call it, eye candy! Of course, my favorite was the smiley face! Keep up the good work! I have my Sonshine quilt hanging in the kitchen. Did you get the pix? Blessings and love

  15. Oh my GOSH! I love your pineapple blocks ... they're so HAPPY!!! Great colors and love the fussy-cut centers! That aqua batik is beautiful! Wow! GREAT numbers, my friend!!!! :)

  16. Your rainbow pineapples are just awesome!!!

  17. The rainbow pineapple blossom's are wonderful! The yellow reminds me of bumblebee's!


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