Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday 3/6/2103

Lots of things going on here, but mostly just working on things already in progress and shared.  I thought I'd share just a quick follow-up on a few projects.

Here are the beginnings of 3 fire trucks for Hudson's Heroes....

Aren't those ladders just the cutest things?    They will go with these ambulances I shared the other day...

Click on the name of the quilt if you want to learn its history =^..^= 

Tiny, tiny bits of pieces here, but with paper piecing, it goes so smoothly!  Well, mostly.... every now and again I mess up and have to rip out a seam.  And with the thin paper and tiny stitches used for pp, no matter how careful you try to be, too often this happens....

So, here's my tip for you all today.  Keep some Scotch brand Matte Finish Removable Tape on hand for times like this!  It's the blue tape and it says "removable" on the label.

Just tape the two sides back together.  You can then sew through it and your needle will not gum up from the glue on the tape!  The only thing you need to be careful about is ironing directly on it.  It works perfectly!

One reason it is important to tape this back down is to make sure you have perfect seams when sewing the different sections together.  If that paper is not in place, then your seams will not be either.

I've also made a little progress on improving my yarn skills =^..^=

Here is my start on the Swishy Scarf .... far it's just a long, long, long (258 chains!) row of half-double-crochets!  But it is easy to do and I'm enjoying it.  This yarn is reward enough with all that lovely color and a little bit of bling :*)  Now looking at the picture, I've got to go see what that yarn blob is there- see it, on the bottom left?  I hope I don't have to take all that out!

I also started a dishcloth out of Sugar and Cream yarn.  I thought this might be the perfect project to just practice getting my tension right as I pick up the knitting needles again.

Isn't it a cutie?  It makes for the perfect carry-along project too because it is so small :*)

And last, but not least, you'll never guess what I found at Goodwill yesterday.....

Well, did you guess?   
I didn't think so!!!

What a wonderful find!  A Jim Shore hummingbird feeder in excellent shape - needs a little cleaning of course, but I love it!  And for $2.99 - whoohoo!!!!  I'm betting the hummingbirds will love it this year too :*)

That's it for me!  Hope you all have a Happy Hump Day!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Those are tiny little ladders, so cute!
    Thanks for the tape tip. Believe me, I've done that plenty of times!
    Looks at you, diversifying! Crotcheting AND knitting, along with the quilting!
    Wonderful feeder. Hummingbirds will flock to your yard for feedings from such a beauty! : )

  2. Darling little Hummingbird feeder -- what a fabulous find!! Smart tip, too -- I'll have to file that away for future use. I like your pretty sparkly nail tips -- you knew they'd catch *my* eye, right?!?! LOL!! :)

  3. Those fire trucks are awesome!

  4. I tape occassionally too. Just think those trucks are fab. And what a super find for a Jim Shore item!

  5. Love those firetrucks. And I really love that Jim Shore hummingbird feeder. Especially at $2.99!

  6. Teresa, I love all your cute blocks. I'm on retreat and just saw this post. Will have to go back and check on earlier in the week to catch up with you. Your angel hummingbird feeder is just precious.

  7. I love the hummingbird feeder! And I like your scarfs too! A beautiful deep pink color!

  8. I'm loving the Heroes quilt. How cute is that! My little grand nephew says he wants to be a fireman and wash the fire off the houses. LOL

  9. Love your paper piecing quilt they are fun to do. Is your mesh bag made from plastic house screen? I like the looks of the bag for yarn projects.

  10. What cute blocks! Thanks for the tape tip as it seems like there's always a bit of ripping when paper piecing. Isn't knitting relaxing? I love having several knitting projects going :-)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  11. I have discovered I love dish clothes made from cotton yarn. I have made my self a few and now my daughter wants me to make her some.

  12. I've been following along on your scarf. I like the color. I hope the "blob" turned out to be just a stitch that needed some gentle handling.

  13. I didn't know Jim Shore made hummingbird feeders. Cute! Thrift stores are sew much fun!


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