Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wall Is Coming Down!

I'm in the final stages of assembling several projects right now, 
so my design wall is looking more and more bare =^..^=

I sewed together the Rainbow Pineapple blocks yesterday, so they came down first. 

These were my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks last year.  I'm still working on the 
paper-pieced flying geese border for this small wall quilt, so it's not quite done yet. 
Right now it is about 20 inches, and so darn cute!

Then I started assembling the Easy Street blocks into rows.....

I'm about halfway done with assembling this top, as you can see by what is left ...

My design wall is made of two freestanding 4x8 pieces of insulation covered in batting, 
so it's HUGE!   I left my ladder there to show you that I have to use it to reach the top blocks :*) 
(Please pay no attention to the dried paint splatters on the ladder LOL!!!) 
My little room heater is there too - those Ivory Towers can be rather drafty, don't you know!  
Ask any princess and she'll tell you.  Why do you think they grow all that hair anyway?  
To keep warm of course!!!

Because my sewing studio has those slanted ceilings common to a lot of upstairs bonus rooms, my design wall boards have to lean up against the slope in front of my project table.   Of course, this can get a little awkward when I need to get to my project boxes under the table.  So when it is not being used, I take the boards down and put them in another room out of the way.  Easy Street has been up here for quite a while, so I'm looking forward to having all that space back in my studio!

During the Super Bowl, I had planned to work on my next Blue Collection block.  

However, I didn't  realize that I had not yet prepared the scrappy yellow background 
until the game was ready to start.  Dang!  Tricked again!!!

So I picked up my knitting and worked on the other hand warmer for my right hand...

This pottery bowl was hand made by a friend, Jim Murff.  He's a local artisan who does all kinds of wonderful artworks, including pottery, quilting and beekeeping.

I managed to get all the knitting done for the hand warmer, so all I have left to do is sew up the side, 
leaving the hole open for my thumb.  

I'm no expert knitter as you can tell from my uneven stitches LOL!!!  
But I will enjoy wearing these and knowing that I made them!
Perhaps someday I'll even tackle making a pair of socks :*O

Please be sure to go to Patchwork Times to see what others have on their Design Walls!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. WooHoo! The pineapples are SO CUTE!! Now I want to make a pineapple mini quilt. Oh, be still my heart.
    Easy Street is looking great, but I had to laugh when you described your design wall. Mine is made of the identical materials, but it is attached to a wall. I also have the identical step ladder with which I reach the top--paint stains and all!
    Your knitting looks wonderful to me!

  2. Wow! Your rainbow is gorgeous, and I love the colors in your Easy Street.

  3. Just love you little pineapple! The geese border is going to really make a statement with it. Great design wall - I use any wall, mantel, door.....

  4. All your work is so fantastic. The rainbow pineapple looks so fantastic. I love this combination with black. It`s shining.
    And your Easy Street is fantastic, too.

    Liebe Grüße Grit

  5. Love that pineapple quilt with those gorgeous colors and Easy Street looks beautiful too. That new project is intriguing. Nice hand warmers too. I would knit those for myself too, but it's the tips of my fingers that cold the most,lol.

  6. Wonderful projects! Your pineapple quilt and easy street are stunning!

  7. LOOOVE the pineapples, how big are they? easy street looks great too.

  8. I am so envious that you have your easy street blocks all completed and are working on the assembly. I so wanted to get my blocks completed this weekend. But family demands took me out of the house constantly. Your rainbow pineapple is beautiful!

  9. I love pineapples and I love minis ... and I especially love your rainbow pineapple mini! So adorable!

    Since I have just a portion of our 3rd bedroom as my sewing area, I don't have a design wall ... I have a design floor. ;-)

  10. I was so mesmorized by all your beautiful projects, that I let my oatmeal burn! Got lost in time looking at all the pictures. I totally understand how you feel about Easy Street finally coming down off the wall. Wish I could say the same -- still blocks to make though. Your pineapples are so darn cute. Wish I had thought to make mine in rainbow colors. That makes them less boring to change colors every so often. Mine all are the same 3 colors and I'm bored with them. Your hand warmers are looking great. If you can tackle so many cables, doing socks should be a snap for you. I'm still wishing I was a sock knitter too.

  11. Beautiful pineapple blocks. Your easy street is coming along. I have all the pieces just need to put it together. I love your hand warmers knit in one piece; I think your knitting is great!

  12. That pineapple quilt is just so stinking cute! If I recall they are 6" blocks. So, wallhanging size? My daughter is the crochet queen and she would love that bowl.

  13. Your Rainbow Pineapple quilt is totally awesome!!!

  14. love your pineapples..especially the one with the smiley face sun peeking through!! i'm working on the back of my easy street, and sure miss my design wall in my old house where i just pinned things to the wall..can't do that in a new apartment...gotta figure that one out!

  15. I'm a fan of Maggie Walker, love her work. Can't wait to see you block when it's done. I'm new to your blog and would love to see what you've done so far on the Blue collection. What months did you post those?

  16. You have a lovely sense of color. nice creative works

  17. SO many great projects. It must feel great to be getting to the end of so many at once. LOVE the pineapples.

  18. Oh Teresa ... I love your Rainbow Pineapple flimsy - it's beee-yooo-tiful!!! I particularly like the little sun peeking out in the top yellow block! Too cute!

    Wow -- that design wall is HUGE! Gracious!! So is Easy Street! LOL!!

    Your hand warmers look fabulous! I think you're definitely ready for a pair of socks!!!! :)

  19. I love your tiny little pineapple blocks! Can't wait to see them with the borders.

  20. Love the scrappy pineapple blocks! It's going to be a fun little quilt.

  21. Gorgeous pineapple blocks and the easy street is gorgeous too

  22. How talented - I can't decide which I like more - I'm thinking Easy Street - can't wait to see that all put together and finished. Love the hand warmers as well - so much talent !

  23. Your rainbow pineapples are so beautiful Teresa!! Love your design wall and a peek in your studio, I have a step stool like that in my studio and it is fun seeing your Easy Street come together. Lots and lots of wonderful things going on!

  24. Whoa! those are some little blocks in your rainbow quilt. Love them. Just noticed the smiley face and how you fussy cut the centers.
    Your green quilt is looking good.
    One day I am going to crochet myself some hand warmers.

  25. Love your Rainbow Pineapples and Easy Street will be done before you know it, if it isn't already. :)

    Are you going to teach your needlework keeper at a Sit n Sew sometime? Hint, hint... ;-)

  26. Teresa,

    Oh my - that rainbow quilt is swoon-worthy!!!!!


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