Friday, July 26, 2013

Kitten Cuteness Overload!

If you don't like kittens, then this post is definitely not for you!  On the other hand, if you think kittens are just about the cutest thing God ever created, then hold on to your hat 'cause I've got a lot of "Kitten Cuteness Overload" pictures to show you!!!  I spent the past few days with my daughter, who STILL has not passed that dratted kidney stone!  On Wednesday, the doc removed the stent and told her he thought it would come through within 24 hours.  Not!  But we're hopeful it will be soon, as this is her third week of pain and dealing with this.  Luckily, we had the new baby KITTENS to distract us from all the drama of the kidney stone :*D

At the end of the post, I will show you my progress on my Cloud Illusions shawl, but really, how can that compare to KITTENS?????

NATASHA (the sweetest of the sweet!)

LOKI (Emma has him spoiled rotten already!)

HULK AND THOR (two big boy twins who love to play!)
Can you tell my daughter and granddaughter are HUGE fans of the Avenger movies?  Yep, every kitten has an Avenger name LOL!!!  That's some big names to grow into :*)  But Hulk and Thor are definitely doing their best.  They love to rough and tumble and play!  They are big boys!

You can see how tiny they are by the size of this one next to my hand!

Did I mention how sweet Natasha is?

Who can resist watching kittens play?

And I love how they all fall asleep together suddenly, as if a bell rings to tell them "Time Out!"
They all kind of fall down in a pile and sleep however they fall :*D

How do they manage to fall asleep in these positions???

There were kittens everywhere you looked!
We had to be so careful to watch where we were sitting and walking!

Mama Addie is doing a really fine job for her first (and last!) litter!
She's such a sweetheart!!!

While my daughter and the kittens were sleeping, I managed to get quite a lot done on my Cloud Illusions shawl!  I finished the beginning section - the Garter Stitch Body, and have completed 17 rows of the lace section.

I stopped by the Knaughty Knitter on my way out of town to compare the size of mine with the shop sample (you can see the sample in a previous post by clicking HERE).  Meredith knitted hers using a cotton yarn and following the small size pattern, but my yarn is more of a lace yarn which makes it work up much smaller than her sample, so I wasn't sure whether to stop at the small version like she did or go on with the extended size.  After comparing the two, I decided to go for the larger size in order to get it closer to the size I liked.  Fortunately, I had purchased two skeins of this gorgeous yarn just in case, because she didn't have any more.

So far, I think the lace pattern is working out well....this is really fun seeing the design come to life!!!

You can see other yarn projects over at Judy's Patchwork Times today.

I'm looking forward to some quality time at home!  I need to get my sewing studio back into some reasonable kind of order and get back to work on some of my priority quilt projects.  There is a certain little granddaughter who is already 4 months old and still doesn't have her baby quilt!  Bad Grandma!!!!

Genevieve Rose
And we have another on the way, due the day after Christmas!  They have decided to be surprised when the baby is born, so their baby quilt will have to wait until it is here.  Whew - a little breathing room :*)

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. You're right...nothing cuter in the whole wide world. Oh, and I like the kittens too. Your shawl is looking great.

  2. Love the kitties! They are so cute when they play and wrestle!

  3. Love the grandbaby photo and the kitties too. Congrats on another grandchild; they are so much fun. We are waiting for one who will be here soon. Great shawl also; I love the color!

  4. Love the color of your shawl in progress. Ah baby love. Kitten rough housing and sleeping balls of fur - too cute.

  5. What great photos! Kittens are so hilarious to be around with their energy and shenanigans :-) Wonderful shawl that you're working on.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  6. The kittens are adorable!! Such a fun age! So sorry about your daughter - I'll keep praying!! The shawl is gorgeous! I missed your last post - wonderful fabrics and how fun to meet up with Denise!!


  7. What a precious wee babe. Enjoy the wait for the next one ; )

  8. Yeah...congratulations. I love surprises too.

    The kitties are darling.

  9. Your granddaughter is precious and sooo fashionable!! The kittens are very cute. This makes me cry because I just lost one of my fur babies this last week. She was part of the family and is sorely missed. Your shawl is very pretty -- the color is beautiful.

  10. Nothing cuter than kittens ... unless you're talking about grandbabies! Genevieve Rose is so adorable!

    Congratulations on another grandbaby! There's nothing better than a new grandbaby!

  11. I really think Hulk and Thor should come and live with me. What a bunch of darling kitties! How can anyone not like kittens!? I like your knitting - my mom has been on a knitting kick and made us all afghans. I'm hoping to talk her into a sweater!

  12. Love the kitties! Oh I have always wanted an orange kitty like Hulk and cute.
    Your knitting is looking so lovely too. Love the yarn color choice...I think we have the same taste in colors. I am anxious to work on some more knitting too, but my crocheted tee-short project is taking a lot of my time!!!

  13. I ADORE this post!! I would have a hard time leaving those fluffballs... my son and I used to go play with the cats and kittens weekly at our Humane Society. We would come home covered in fur but it was a blast.

    Gorgeous scarf, super cute baby and NEW baby news is exciting too!

  14. SUCH sweet kitty photos--I think they gave me a cavity!!
    The knitting just amazes me.
    Sounds to me like Grandma is going to have her hands full! Lucky grandma. : )


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