Thursday, July 11, 2013

On the Needles ... and on the road again!

What a wonderful visit we had with our family in North Carolina this past week!  I really enjoy the trips where I don't have to drive :*) While hubby drove for 8+ hours there, and then another 8+ back, I knitted... sometimes with Gypsy on my lap!  She loves to look out the window, especially when we are in the mountains - they fascinate her.

I finished up two dishcloths for my DIL who fell in love with the one I gave her during my last visit.

She said she uses it, then washes it really quick so she can use it again! I was happy to know I was giving her something she really likes and can use :*)

I also got quite a lot done on my Sugar and Cream Cowl. (Click on the name to see it or find the pattern on Ravelry) This is a fun project! It has been years since I worked a cable stitch, and there are eight each front and back cables on this cowl, so I had a ball playing with cables! I still have quite a ways to go, and I'm enjoying every stitch :*)  This is the yarn I'm using...

I realized the other day that it is the same yarn I used for the Hisbuscus socks :*)  It has a nice soft feel, as well as a denseness that I like.  I think it will make a lovely soft cowl.

Go to this link to see this shawl made by Bienenfresser

Next week is the Dreambird KAL at the Knaughty Knitter in Murfreesboro, and I'm really looking forward to going with a couple of my friends! You can find this pattern on Ravelry by clicking HERE if you are interested in making one yourself, perhaps in the KAL that will be going on in August with Judy and Denise. They both have information on the KAL in the sidbars of their blogs - you can go there by clicking on their names.

There is one possible cloud on the horizon, though, that might keep me from getting to take part in this KAL. My daughter in Savannah TN has been pretty sick the last few days, and they are telling her she needs to see a specialist for a kidney stone - the size of a lima bean!  YIKES!!!  I am traveling back to her house tomorrow (Friday) to see how she is doing with my own eyes and to help her make some decisions. Hopefully I will be able to come home early in the week but we will have to see how things go with her.

Are you working on a fun yarn project? 
If so, please share it at Judy's Patchwork Times

Hugs & Blessings 


  1. Love the pic of the traveling lap cat! I hope your daughter is feeling better soon... I'm sure you are anxious to see her.

  2. Your kitty looks so content on your lap. Wish my kitty would be so cooperative. I really love the dish cloths and your cowl. You are making great progress. Good luck to your daughter and hope things work out so she is feeling better soon.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Your cowl is coming along nicely. Hope your daughter is able to pass that stone quickly ... or that she's able to gt it removed soon. My daughter also suffers from kidney stones ... from what I've seen/heard from her, I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.

  4. Your knitting is really pretty. I always love working cables.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon. Those stones are no fun!

  5. Welcome Home! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Gypsy looks so contented. My hubby is here so I just showed him the picture and he looked at it and said, "Is that Katniss?" He was confused as to how a picture of Katniss in a car got on the internet. Gypsy really could be Katniss's long lost sister ... :) Pat

  6. Great projects. I love to knit in the car also (as a passenger). Can't believe your cat will travel like that! Anyone in the car would be deafened by our two felines. They absolutely hate car rides.

  7. That is amazing that your cat like to travel. And that KAL shawl/scarf looks fun. Enjoy!

  8. Your cowl is coming along wonderfully. Last time I traveled with a cat he sang to me almost all the way (6 hours), unfortunately we were moving and he needed to come along.

  9. Glad that your trip went well! Again, love your knitting projects!! Praying for healing for your daughter!!


  10. I hope your daughter's issue gets resolved without too much more trouble.
    You are a knitting fool, Teresa. Can't believe all you are tackling with those needles!

  11. It's so nice that your cat actually enjoys the car- my cat hates it, we have to put her in a kennel and she cries a lot :(

  12. How neat to have your cat sit on your lap through the whole trip and be contented! I hope your daughter will be okay Teresa, that sounds like a huge kidney stone!


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