Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 NewFO Challenge for July

Whew!!!  I just realized today is the last day in July, and what with all the drama traveling in my life this month, I almost missed starting a new project for Barbara's NewFO Challenge over at one of my favorite blogs, Cat Patches!  Talk about sliding in under the wire!!!

So what did I decide to start?  I wanted something FUN and fairly easy, and I also wanted to keep in line with my new direction of making quilts to add some colorful wall decor in my guest rooms.

 I bought this wonderfully whimsical pattern and a length of the hand-dyed background fabric from Vicki Welsh at her Etsy shop -  Vicki hand dyes some of the most yummy fabrics!  She also blogs HERE showing off her latest creations.  When I saw how she paired her gorgeous fabric up with this design by Deborah Levy, I was a goner!  I hit the "Buy" button before I took my next breath!!!  I'm thinking I'll call this quilt Meow Moon =^..^=  (Edit:  I just thought of the purrfect name!  "Moon Over Meow-mi" - yep, that's it!!!)

Isn't this fabric just mouth-watering GORGEOUS????

I'm so excited about working on this project!  And since it is fairly small, it will be decorating one of those guest room walls pretty soon :*D

In order to get in on the NewFO Challenge for July, I dug all the stuff out of my closet began work on this project first thing this morning!  First the pattern pieces had to be taped together.....the tree was 3 pages and so long I couldn't even get a good picture of it, but aren't these cats just the cutest?!!!!?!!!!

Next I began tracing off the fusible pieces....

All the pieces are now traced off, and I still need to pull the other fabrics I will use.  Will I get any more of this done today?  I'm hoping so!  But I've gotta stop now and take care of a few errands.

Click HERE to go check out all the other new projects started in the 2013 NewFO Challenge Linky Party at Cat Patches!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. This looks like such a FUN project, and that fabric is awesome!

  2. Too cute, and the fabric is just amazing!

  3. This a a cute pattern! And yes, Vicki has great hand-dyes and you chose a lovely one. An NewFO is a start and you got your start.

  4. Bright, beautiful colors with black,throw in a couple of kitties, and I'd say that is right up your alley. LOL

  5. Meow-mi! What a hoot! Love it. And what a cute project. Thanks for linking up, Teresa.

  6. I'm smiling reeeeeaaaal big!!! Meow-mi - are you kidding!!! What lovely fabric for the perfect person to put together something with a kitty!!


  7. FUN!! I adore the cats very much! And that fabric is *gorgeous*!! I'm drooling on my keyboard as I type! ;)

  8. Great pattern and so appropriate!

  9. What a fun pattern--I LOVE that background fabric. Wow!!
    Does no one else get the play on words of your cute title for this quilt? Moon Over Miami was a great old romantic comedy/musical with Betty Grable, Don Ameche and Bob Cummings. But I bet you knew that. : )

  10. Have fun with it. Beautiful fabrics!

  11. Oh my, that will be just the cutest thing when it's done! I can't wait.

  12. I think you've come up with an excellent name for you project and the fabric is just gorgeous! It surely will be greatly appreciated in your guest room. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  13. What a purrfect pattern for a cat lover! The background fabric is gorgeous too. You are so clever with your naming of projects. I am still laughing. It will be done in no time, knowing you.


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