Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday - 4/13/14

Today I'm planning to join Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts and all her friends who are doing some Slow Stitching.  The May Bertie block arrived this week, and I was SO excited to begin working on it.  For once, I am caught up on these blocks, and I want to stay that way if I can.

Here is my block ready for stitching :*)  It is one of my favorite Bertie's Year blocks so far - such a cute design!!!

Unfortunately, I had to make quite a few replacements of the fabrics included in this month's block. I know you don't always get the same fabrics in a BOM that were used in the original quilt, but I do expect something similar in color and texture.  I was glad I had some flannels in my stash that would work - yes I even have a flannels stash :)  Below is the picture of the original quilt on the pattern front .....

I love those bright colors!  Spring calls for BRIGHT and HAPPY colors, am I right?  Well, what came in the laser-cut set was not even close to those in the picture.  This dull mauvy pink (top fabric below) looked dead on the brown background and I decided to go with a new spring grass green instead of their darker choice...

And fall-like golds instead of yellows and oranges.... Really?  What part of that top flower says "spring"????  The bottom flannels are my replacements - can you see how much closer to the original they are?

The original also has a pretty deep blue wagon hitch, but they sent this rather blotchy, dull flannel instead .....

...... so I changed it out to a nice bright purple!  Okay, so I know that the color of wagon hitches is not normally the subject of hot debate, but I happen to be very particular about my wagon hitches! LOL :)  The bluebell piece on the very left is one that came with the package.  The violet was bright and would have been fine, but it really didn't work once I changed to the purple for the hitch, so the six petals on the right are the ones I cut from a brighter light purple that matched better.

So, that's enough complaining!  I'm delighted to have this piece ready for stitching.  It won't take very long to do the buttonhole stitch by machine, and then I can sit and do some embroidery embellishments with my lovely perle cotton threads.

I found this awesome box at Tuesday Mornings last week - and for only $2.00!!!!
(Just the box!  I already had the threads)

This sure beats them all tumbling around in a tin and getting tangled :*)

I also want to spend a little time working on my last Blue Collection vase.  Last night I prepared a new piece for the one on the bottom right that was not lining up very well....

This one is not perfect either, but since the pieces are at an angle, the lines are never going to line up perfectly, so it's as good as it's going to get!  I'm so excited to be this close to having all the vase blocks done!  True, they all have to be assembled with block sashing, the 3-D tree has to be wrangled in there somehow, and the borders have to be prepared and stitched.... whew, that's still a lot of work!!  But I'm a whole lot closer than I was when I started, right?  LOL!!!!

I think that just might be enough to keep me out of trouble on this fine Sunday :*)
Be sure to visit Kathy's Quilts HERE to see what others are Slow Stitching on today.

Hugs & Blessings to you all!!!!


  1. I love the birdie pulling the cart of flowers along - looks so cheery. Do you buttonhole stitch around the edges of the pieces or needle turn? Your Blue Collection vase is coming along well isn't it.

  2. Your experience is why I avoid BOM projects. Your replacement colors are perfect.

  3. This month's Bertie is so sweet, so adorable! And while I'm normally a fan of muted colors, you're so right ... a spring Bertie should have brighter colors ... those muted colors do read more autumnal. Good thing you have a flannels stash (not that I was surprised ha!).

    I love your threads box! It looks like it was made to store your threads!

  4. ANother fun block to enjoy. It was interesting to see your substitutions, and you definitely will have a brighter spring block with the changes. ENjoy your slow stitching today!

  5. And WHY did you not buy two of those boxes?? I want one ;)

  6. Teresa your color changes are perfection! Flannel is an excellent substitute too. I like that pattern.

  7. Holy Cow! I was ready to head out right now to my local Tuesday Morning to see if they had the box and thread for $2!! (And it won't open for 2 hours.. it's Sunday. :D) I still might go look for the box, but not right now. :) Your color changes are perfect for your spring Bertie. The Berties are so cute! Happy Slow Stitching!

  8. Love your BOM finish... it is very cute! Thanks for sharing that great box you found.. I have several perle cottons but plan to collect more and it is nice to know you can find such a box at Tuesday Morning! I will have to go check that out for sure :) thanks for sharing! Kathi

  9. Now who would not be particular about wagon hitch colors? Esp. when there are purple ones to be had! LOL. Bertie is a head gear connoisseur, too. Love her hat this month.

    1. I know! Someone has to respect the wagon hitch - why not me? LOL!!! The designs get more fun every month ;)

  10. I had to chuckle at the May Bertie darn cute! :)

  11. I love how you brightened up a spring block. I love the purple hitch too! My heart skipped a beat when you said you had gotten that box at Tuesday Morning, thanks for explaining the thread was not included. What a find that would have been! I am wondering what you will do with all your Bertie blocks once they are completed. They are so darn cute!

  12. Good thing you had a stash of bright flannels on hand. The block looks delightful and Springy after your color overhaul! : )
    Wow! That box is perfect. What a find!

  13. I love your box! I recently got a wool kit where the color of one of the fabrics was way off from the picture used when I ordered it. I hate when that happens - I was very disappointed. blessings, marlene

  14. Love the Bertie blocks, they are just too cute! Your color choices are much better! I considered getting them, but just have too many other projects in the works right now.

  15. Sorry you had to substitute so many colors for Bertie, but your colors are much better for Spring. And anything purple works for me, you know. What a great buy you found on the box. I've never been in the Tuesday Morning store in our town. Didn't know they had sewing items like that.! May have to check it out.

  16. I like your color version so much better. It is supposed to be springy and the colors are a bit drab. I think it was a good artistic choice. LOL

  17. That is so cute, I can't wait to see your finished block. Look at all those yummy balls of pearl cotton in a rainbow of colors! That is a great find for organizing them.


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