Monday, June 16, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 6-16-14

There are a lot of projects going on in the Ivory Tower this week!

And I'd better get get crackin' too, because our sweet 16-year-old granddaughter is coming next Friday for a nice long visit with us, and I want to spend as much time as I can just being with her!

First of all, I'm wrapping up a few little designs for Jacquelynne Steves' adorable new fabrics from her Cottage Charm line ....

Just a few peeks....

My mother always taught me to make lots of pockets - in everything!!!!

You won't believe how easy this pocket zipper can be!!!!

Yep, this fabric line makes me "Imagine" all kinds of wonderful project ideas!

The completed projects, along with instructions to make your own, will be included in Jacquelynne's new summer e-magazine, The Art of Home, coming out in July, so be sure to sign up to receive it HERE!  The magazine is FREE and contains all kinds of wonderful ideas for you to enjoy .... recipes, sewing and craft projects, printables, and much, much more!

Next up, I'm putting the final touches on a pattern that I will be teaching at Runaway Quilters Retreat in September - Amish Beauties!

Another sneak peek!!!!

And of course I can't forget - the new July Bertie BOM came in the mail last week!!!  Boy-oh-boy, does Bertie play the part of "hayseed" this month, or what?  Love her spitting out that watermelon seed!  And these red fabrics are so deep and rich - such a joy to play with!

Google defines "hayseed":  A person from the country, especially a simple, unsophisticated one.
Just sayin' >^.-.^<

I hope to at least get started on that today, but I'll have to see how the day goes :)

To Do List for the rest of the month:

*  Get Baby Bargello quilted and bound....

This little quilt is for Phyllis' Angel Babies,
a Music City Guild charity group that provides quilts
to Down Syndrome babies born in Nashville hospitals.

*  Yellow Hootie!

*  Get busy stitching down my pieces for Tree O' Life!

*   And maybe somewhere along the way get this July Calendar wall quilt done ...

Quilt by Karen Schaefer
Copyright Calendar Quilts

I love Karen Schaefer's Calendar Quilts!

I've made a good many of them, but I've been wanting to do the July quilt for quite a while now.  This will take care of my NewFO and Let's Book It challenge projects for the month if I can manage to squeeze it in :*)  (If you're new to my blog, see my sidebar to learn more about these fun challenges!)

So included in this post is a camera lesson for you - free of charge LOL!!!  Today's pretty pictures come to you courtesy of some research I had to do on the web because I was so unhappy with how my camera was taking pictures last night!  Yes, it was nighttime, but usually if I get some decent lighting on the subject I can get decent pictures.  Last night, everything had a dingy cast to it, no matter how much light I put on it.  Then I noticed that the same dingy look was happening this morning in the bright light! This is a fairly new phone too - the camera is supposed to be a really, really good one for a phone camera.

Ever feel like you're getting "pooped" on?
(I followed this truck down the road the other day and 
couldn't quit laughing long enough to take a picture LOL!!!!)

So I did some research on the web, and guess what I found?  OPERATOR ERROR!!!!  Yes, really.  I know some of you are totally stunned that I am not a knowledgeable, professional photographer, but so it is!  What was my problem?  Somehow, inadvertently and without even knowing there was such a thing, I had turned on the Yellow Filter on my camera!  See the below "Before" and "After" pictures.....

See the colorful dots at the bottom of the left picture?  That was supposed to tell me that a filter was in place on my camera.  What did I know?  I thought that was just for me to push if I wanted to split it into 9 different pictures!  The picture on the right shows the corrected camera view (notice the dots are now colorless).  To fix the problem, I touched the colored dots and got this menu....

Then I chose "None" - and voila!  
My pretty unfiltered view was back!!!

So I'm wishing all of you a "Poop Free" week, my friends!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Isn;t that Cottage Charm just the cutest - and love the colors, too. Lots on your plate - laughed at the poop truck!!

  2. You have so many fun projects going. Your sewing room must be a happy place!
    I am loving the Angel Babies project. What a sweet cause!
    I think user manuals are too complicated these days--who wants to read them? Give me a gadget that can't do so many things so I don't have to read an encyclopedia to figure out how to use it. Boy, that makes me sound old, doesn't it? : )

  3. Lots of fun projects. Love your NewFO.

  4. Love the cottage charm fabrics. I know how you feel about the camera. I had my contrast/brightness turned up on mine and couldn't understand why everything came out as really orange. Took ny daughter to correct it. Thank goodness for teenagers xx

  5. Thanks for the tut on the phone camera. I usually use my camera because it is easy peasy to transfer a photo but always good to know if I happen to ot have it with me.

  6. The Cottage Charm fabrics are definitely charming! Love Amish Beauties...wish I lived closer! Great pictures!

  7. Glad you figured your camera issue out! The things we learn! ALL of your projects are wonderful! The Cottage Charm fabrics are yummy. And your Amish Beauties.... WOW! Wish I lived close enough to take your class. Thanks for the "poop free" wishes! :)

  8. You are going to be a busy girl this week! I know you are looking forward to Granddaughter Time!

  9. Beautiful fabrics. Funny "Got Poop" LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you figured out the camera issue.

  10. You have your hands full with sewing projects! Jacquelynne's fabric looks so sweet. I love the Amish blocks too.

    The July birdie block is fabulous. That will be a fun one to do. I hope you get time to do the star piece too.

    I always hate following those trucks. I can see why you got the giggles. The license plate matches the sign.

  11. Oh my, so much happening! Love the fabrics, can't wait to see the project. The Amish Beauties is just that! Love the border flowers. Such fun, fun things happening in your world.

    I see a porta potty cleaning truck once in a while that says We Go Where You Go, it always makes me giggle like a 12 year old.

  12. love all the eye candy... and I have that calendar pattern too, think I made march or april and stopped, I did needle turn applique though, maybe I should go back and do machine!

  13. So many great projects going on at your house!! I really like all of them. Beautiful Amish quilt and I can't wait to see your Tree of Life quilt come to life! Enjoy your granddaughter time!!

  14. Gosh, I got worn out just reading your post. All this and you knit, too! Wow!

  15. Oh so gorgeous projects - my favorite is the tree of life. Thanks for sharing.

  16. That wall calendar quilt is so adorable! But then everything you do is just so gorgeous! Have fun with your granddaughter!

  17. So funny...and I am unfortunately pooped this week :( I have Kim's Calendar book and love it too....though I've not made one yet!!! LOL!! I have the perfect spot in my house to hang them....just haven't got to them. Your post made me miss applique....hope to be able to start a project soon. :)


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