Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hello Yellow!

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for June is the audacious YELLOW!!!

"Audacious?" you ask?  Absolutely!  What other color unashamedly takes over quite the way yellow does?  And what other color is the color of the Sun, around which our entire universe revolves????  And what other color can make you smile, just by looking at it?  Yes, I think YELLOW knows that it is special, and it is audaciously smug about it too :*)  But you just have to love it, right?  It's like puppy dogs and kittens and babies - what's not to love????

But before we continue with our love for YELLOW, I have a little unfinished business to attend to....

Ta Da!!!  
Here is my GREEN Soul Searching block, finally finished!!!!

I was determined not to let this block slide - I've been really good about keeping up with my monthly blocks and I didn't want to fall short now!  I just love this GREEN one - such rich color!!!  And for once, I didn't have problems finding fabrics with interesting things going on :)

As soon as I had Soul Searching caught up, I happily dove into the YELLOWS and began washing them up so they could be ready for some serious playing!

It didn't take too terribly long to wash this color, considering I don't really have that many of them.  Which is a problem since I'm making my Happy Dance quilt in the Pink/Orange/Yellow colorway!  I'm finding that yellows are quite hard to find in something other than plain and boring.  However, I did run across these fun yellows while traveling a few weeks ago....

All washed but not yet ironed :*)

I found quite a lot of the yellow and black combination (top row) - so fun!!!  Don't you just love those glasses on the end of each stack on the right?  And those FUN bees?  They make me feel ready for summer!!!! 

I bought only quarter yards of these sweet prints.  I simply couldn't afford 1/2 yards of each at today's prices, and the shops did not cut fat quarters.  I think next time I'm in that situation, I may spring for at least a third yard.  Those quarter yards look so tiny!

I also picked up a few black-and-white prints - you can never have enough of those, right?  My favorite?

This fun monkey print - it makes me laugh!!!
(May camera makes some of the monkeys look stained black, but they are not :)

I haven't had time yet to begin with my usual RSC blocks for this month, but I've already begun to play with the new yellows, putting together the pieces for a Happy Dance block....

I've recently finished two more HD blocks....

This is going to be one bright and happy quilt!!!!

And remember the picture I showed you yesterday of my latest sock project?
I want to thank you all for your kind comments *blush*

And I've decided to name these my Happy Dance Socks!!!

I thought you might also like to see something I won the other day at Guild - it has YELLOW in it as well ...

A lovely mug and mug rug made by one of my favorite people in the whole world - Starr Howell!!!!  Can you see here that she even hand quilted around the flowers?  I'm not sure how I can be expected to actually EAT anything off of that lovely quilt!!!!!

Starr always makes everything so wonderful with her special touches!

And did you notice the beautiful green spatula in the above picture?
It came in a set as a gift from my lovely friend Lynn, who recently visited from Seattle!!!!
(They are not yellow - but lime green and aqua always win with me - every time!!!!)

While she was here, I loaned her one of my machines so she wouldn't have to bring hers on the airplane.  She was able to sew at retreat and then all the following week at her sister's house.  
And I was delighted to be able to help of course :*)

This week I hope to get my YELLOW Soul Searching block done.
But tomorrow will be more work in my sewing studio - if I have time I'll share some photos with you!
What will you be working on?

Check out all the fun projects in YELLOW at

And see more Stash Enhancements at

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Your green Soul Searching block is awesome!

  2. So many bright and cheerful blocks and fabrics and gifts! Beautiful!

  3. You have a lot of great, fun yellows! I like the glasses in both rows - how cool.

  4. Yellow is one of my favorite colors to put into a quilt. Should look great with your black/white prints. I had wondered who had made those cute mug rugs. I should have known it was Starr.She is such an amazing quilter. BTW, love the name for your new socks...perfect!

  5. Soul searching is gorgeous and I agree I don't have much yellow and even after looking at the fabric store the other day I only came home with 2. I like the happy, sunny yellows that don't get too mustardy or neon looking.

  6. Love all those yellows. You can't look at them without smiling. Great goodies, that mug rug is lovely xx

  7. Great Soul Searching in green! Yellow really is a pushy color. I completely agree with the way it takes over. Looking forward to seeing you put all those new sunny fabrics to good use.

  8. So pretty! Love all your bright colors.

  9. Audacious yellow, indeed! Your new yellow fabrics look like fun - looking forward to seeing them in some RSC blocks!

  10. I adore the mug and matching quilt... what a creative idea!

  11. Those yellows are going to be fabulous. I am so excited about this month's color.

    LOVE the new blocks!!!

  12. Teresa yellow is my very favorite color - my bedroom is painted yellow and even though the painters come next week because it's time for that, I'm not changing my yellow. :) blessings, marlene

  13. I love your green Soul Searching block. I'm still tardy on mine. Oooh, I love all your yellows you recently acquired. Those looks like so much fun. I'm still combing through my "OLD' stash trying to use what I have, but it is really tempting to see all the cute fabrics you are putting in your blocks. Love your gift set from your friend from Seattle. That is truly a useful and lovely gift.

  14. Some beautiful blocks and lovely thoughts about yellow. Cool shades on that yellow fabric - just perfect against all that sunshiny colour.

  15. You find such interesting fabrics. I need to go shopping with you!

  16. great looking blocks.
    I love how the mug and mat match. very cute. Cute spatula too.

  17. Oh I love that spatula and the little pouch it came in!

    What gorgeous yellows you've chosen. I don't know that I have any yellow in my stash ... I think I need to remedy that! ;-)

  18. great projects! LOVE the spatula, I want to know where they got this? would be a great gift to people at church or my pastor's wife :)

  19. Love that green block! Yellow isn't my favorite color, so it will be very interesting to see what you do with this block. So, are you going to come this way for a visit?

  20. I just love that green. All of your blocks look great, and it will be a bright happy quilt.


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