Friday, June 13, 2014

On the Needles - 6/13/14

I've been giving some love to my needles this past week!

My Happy Dance Socks are moving right along!

I admit it - I'm addicted to this colorway!!!!
Before you know it, they are going to be done and it will be time to load a new pair on the needles.  I like having a pair going at all times because they are the perfect "take-along" project when last-minute things pop up.  And they are perfect for late-night knitting along with my TV shows because by now they require very little thought except at the heels :)

I've also decided to knit along with Amy Herzog's Summer Sweater KAL - check it out on her blog HERE.  All the way back in February, I blogged that I wanted to start this sweater.....

Rocio is a summer sweater knitted with a very lightweight fingering yarn - perfect for the KAL.  You can find the pattern HERE in Ravelry.  You can follow my knitting adventures HERE, but I have to admit I don't keep my Projects Page as updated as I'd like.

Here is my very humble start for this sweater....

It's worked top down and starts with the back section.  The red yarn stitches are provisional stitches which will come out when it is time to join the front and the back.

I'm hoping this project will be challenging enough to grow my knitting skills, without being such a challenge that I hate it before I'm done!  And of course I'm hoping I've calculated correctly and it fits when I'm done!!!

The first thing I've learned is that I can read the chart for that lace pattern in the back much more easily than a list of stitches - who knew????

What's on your needles?  
I hope it's as fun as my projects are proving to be :*D
You can see more projects on needles at Judy's Patchwork Times today!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Aewsome color for the sweater, Teresa! It's a pretty pattern but does look a bit challenging. Those socks are mighty fun, too.

  2. I wondered about that red yarn. Thanks for explaining to this non-knitter. The socks look great. No one would mistake them for a bikini now! LOL

  3. LOVE your sweater yarn! That color just pops! And your socks are Happy, happy! I can understand why you are addicted to that colorway.

  4. Provisional cast on is fun to do. I learned this year with a hat ; )
    Happy knitting!

  5. I'm glad you explained the red yard ... I was wondering about it. ;-) Those certainly are happy socks!

  6. I'm addicted to that colorway too! Nothing better than bright socks right?

  7. I love the pick and yellow color combo for your socks too.

  8. Your Happy Dance socks are almost ready for dancing!! I love the sweater pattern and the yarn you have chosen! I have such trouble reading charts. I do better with the directions written out.

  9. Very pretty socks, and I look forward to watching your sweater grow! I just started a sweater myself (bottom up), so we're on a similar wavelength there. :)


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