Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Little Stitching Here and There....

It's amazing the things we learn about ourselves as we "mature" - for lack of a better word!  For instance, I've learned that I have to give myself incentives in order to put down something I'm passionate about (Patchwork of the Crosses) in order to buckle down and finish up something else (Bertie's Year).

I was FIVE behind on these BOM blocks ... clearly, drastic measures were called for!  

My POTC fabrics have been calling my name in vain these past two weeks, because I've committed to finishing up these five Bertie blocks first.  And guess what?  I'm making great progress on getting them done!

Last week, I showed you the October and November blocks as I finished them up....

This week, I finished up July Bertie and added it to the growing pile for sandwiching and quilting.  That Bertie is rather sassy, isn't she?  She just spits out those seeds any where!  I think she may be just a teensy bit tipsy on blueberry wine LOL!!!

And then I got all the basic stitching done on September - this one is ready for it's half-square triangle border and then the final embroidery around the border.

I just couldn't wait to start on that sweet little squirrel!!!  
I'm so glad Bertie has nice friends, aren't you?

All of her forest friends are so friendly and love to share with her!  Maybe that is because she is friendly and likes to share .... we learn so much from the animal world if we just take the time to observe them, don't we?

I started on the August block last night and got all of the green leaves & stems done ....

All that's left is the pear stem, Bertie's eye and feet, and then some white polka dots in her kerchief.  I'm hoping to finish it up today so I can piece these last two borders tomorrow.  This was the LAST Bertie in my box!!!

Ahhhhhhh - it's so nice to have an empty project box!!!!  

It won't be empty long, however.  I got the notice a few days ago that December Bertie has shipped and is on its way to me.  The plan is to be all caught up when it gets here so I can finish it up this month.  I don't know that I have EVER actually finished up a year-long BOM in an actual year - wow!!!

I've also unearthed my poor little neglected Hootie owls and got busy working on finishing them up....

I'm thinking the last two owls will be orange and gray... (or maybe light brown?) ... what do you think?  The brown fabric on the left is my best stash fabric for the tree and limbs.  If I still like it when the Hooties are done, it can stay :)  However, the Red Hootie is going to need major surgery....

As I shared back when I made this one, I'm really unhappy with my fabric choices.  All the fabrics just mush together.  This is my definition of a hot mess, so, it will be getting a much-needed makeover this week !!!!

I've got a lot on the calendar this coming week, but most of it is fun quilty stuff.
I hope you are planning lots of fun time with your favorite quilt projects!

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quilting and the perils of multi-tasking!

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  1. I love the squirrel! The owl is not a hot mess... Just a little too blendy! Keep sewing!

  2. You just have been a-stitchin'!! Love the Bertie BOM and you have certainly brightened them up from your stash.

  3. Look at you--caught up! Wonder how that feels?
    Hmmm, I'm considering your final Hootie colors. Definitely orange! Just wondering if brown or grey will look dull compared to all of these intense, rich colors. What if you used more of an emerald green, since your other green is quite light? You do what looks good to you, of course. Just want the final Hootie to be happy with his plumage. : )

  4. Looks like your project box was smiling!

  5. Your Bertie blocks look wonderful. Congratulations on catching up with that so timely and nicely. Jane

  6. You've almost caught up with the Berties! Well done, they're looking great. I love your owls too, lots of personality!

  7. You did a great job getting the Bertie's caught up. It is hard to work on a project, when another one is whispering in your ear!! I love the Hooties---so sweet. The gray will be good if you add some dark gray to intensify like the others.

  8. Great job on getting your Bertie's caught up. Red is such a hard color to work with because they kind of blend together, and it is hard to get a good range of reds in your stash.

  9. Ahhh, focus. My word for 2014. Your Bertie blocks are amazing. I just love the hootie owl blocks and vote for gray! Multitasking is the only way I get things accomplished around the house. Stitch, dust, stitch, clean the toilet, stitch.......but when I get overwhelmed, I have no problem just sitting...and stitching.

  10. Your Bertie blocks are just adorable! Your stitching and color choices are perfect. Love the Hooties, too! Such fun quilts. And it does feel really good to have an empty box, even if it is for a short time. :)

  11. Are you going to use the Bertie pieces separately or in a quilt?

  12. Your Bertie blocks are fabulous! Your color choices are really great. Do you think that you could use some creative stitching on the red own to define the feathers rather than tear it all apart?

  13. Congrats on all the Bertie progress! Love the drunken seed spitter block! Too fun!
    Be gentle on poor red owl... she's a party girl and just needs some gold thread and embellishment to make her prettier!
    So glad you could join us for some slow stitching!

  14. I agree - orange and emerald green? That red one is just a party animal and needs a little something to make her sing - love Kathy's idea of gold maybe around some feathers?
    Great progress on the Berties. Good for you to get 'er done.

  15. Great progress on your Bertie blocks , I love them . Your owls are a real hoot 😀

  16. You have been busy, that's for sure! And I know you're even doing some knitting on the side. Love those Bertie blocks, and the owls, too. I thought of you when I saw the wool vendor at the quilt show...

  17. You are definitely on a roll.Bertie is looking good. You will be able to just sit back and enjoy her in 2015. Those owls are just so cute, too.

  18. Love seeing your Bertie progress! Very cute.:)

  19. Your Berties are spectacular! So are your Hooties, although I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say that your red one is a hot mess. He just needs a little help. ;-)

  20. I love the vicarious enjoyment from your Bertie blocks - they are so wonderful! Did you notice the big smile at the bottom of your Bertie project box?

  21. Lots of cute projects. What about a Kelly Green & darker green owl, to go with your lighter, brighter green owl?

  22. Way to go! They all look does most anything you make! is usually the other way around Teresa......most people look a "hot mess" AFTER surgery???? Can't wait to see "Red" after you work on him/her! Of course, I think (s)he looks wonderful already!

  23. Wow, Teresa, you have been one busy Bertie girl!! They look fabulous and your owls are so cute!! Wait, I thought it was against the law to finish a yearly BOM during the first year. I'll have to go check my law books!! ;-0

  24. I'm glad you got so far with Bertie! Did you ever hear back from the shop about their fabric choices? And I've been wondering about Hootie. I like the idea of a grey one over a brown one. Can't wait to see this one finish!

  25. I'm so glad to see the Hooties back. You have a lot coming together right now and its all quite impressive.

  26. I love Bertie...but those owls are so adorable! blessings, marlene

  27. I just love the Bertie appliqué blocks - just darling!


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