Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!!!!

I love Thanksgiving, don't you?  

It's the one day of the year that my entire family drops everything 
and gathers together in one place -
one big, loud, raucous, ravenous, hugging group of people, 
who love each other and accept each other as we are - 

Yes, it is good to look into my mom's eyes 
and see the love that has been there since the day I was born, 
to feel her hug and eat her mashed potatoes!  
Every year I am reminded of just how blessed I am 
to still have my mom with me here on this earth.

It is such a joy to behold sons and daughters and grandchildren, 
to see them growing up strong and true, 
going out into the world to make their own place, 
to become who they were created to be.  

Is there anything in this world quite as lovely as the sound of a grandbaby's laugh?  

..... the first steps of an almost-one-year-old?  

..... the excited, magical joy of a three-year-old's birthday?

.... the happy chatter of cousins at the "kids" table, 
as though they haven't been separated for months?

.... the softness of a mother's cheek? 

..... the joyous shared hopes for newlyweds and new babies to come?

..... the satisfied faces of everyone as the table is cleared, 
the last bite of apple pie is devoured, 
and football becomes the topic of conversation in the living room?

I like the fact that our country has a day set aside each year 
with the intention of encouraging all of us to "Be Thankful" - 
I don't think we do that nearly often enough 
in this crazy, roller-coaster world we live in today.

And I love that I have a Loving Father
Who is the Creator of all that I hold most dear!
And I am content knowing that
His LOVE is Undying & Eternal........

So today as I gather with my loved ones and remember how grateful I am for each and every one of these many blessings and more, my heart is also full with the blessing of wonderful friends and the gift of creativity - and I am thankful for each of you and the joy you bring to my life through your comments and inspiration and encouragement every day!

May you and your loved ones be blessed in every way!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. You have written such beautiful words and feelings for this wonderful Day. Yes, I am thankful for family and friends and good health. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too.

  2. Sounds like your Thanksgiving will be wonderful - enjoy every moment!! Cherish those hugs from your mom...miss mine! May God bless you with many more Thanksgivings with your family.

  3. Lovely post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. You are one of the many reasons I have to be thankful!

  5. Beautiful post, girlfriend. God is good! We should be thankful!
    (Gotta go set my scale back--I'd forgotten that!) *LOL*

  6. So inspiring to read these beautiful words today.
    Have a wonderful time with your tribe!

  7. Happy thanksgiving to you too! I find it funny, that then right after we're thankful we rush out and shop for more things and forget about the things we were thankful for the day before..... read that somewhere online- so true

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family , enjoy the day !!

  9. Beautiful post, my friend -- amen and amen!! Have a wonderful day celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  10. Lovely, Teresa. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Don't eat too much...nah, go ahead. Eat it all!

  11. Have a wonderful day! I've already set my scales back : )

  12. Lovely post. Happy thanksgiving to you, too. I am very thankful for my family, too, and wish we could all be together this year. My daughters are here and that is wonderful!

  13. Beautiful post Teresa! Sounds like you are having a wonderfully reflective time with family! That is so needed! Enjoy it as long as you can! I am very thankful for your blogging friendship!

  14. Wonderful post, Teresa!! Hope your Thanksgiving was everything you hoped it would be!!

  15. A lovely Thanksgiving tribute, Teresa. I'm glad your day was so full of joy!

  16. What an awesome post! I have tears in my eyes after reading it. You're so right, we need to remember to be thankful more often and to appreciate our family. Well said!!


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