Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Small Finish :)

I was almost embarrassed to turn in this little baby quilt last month at our Music City Quilt Guild meeting!

Our Guild makes baby quilts for the Middle Tennessee Down Syndrome Association, who delivers them to new parents whenever a sweet new DS baby is born.  We call it Phyllis's Angel Babies, after one of our members who was gifted with a DS grandchild, Ron, and was able to help us understand the challenges facing the families of these darling children.  Phyl left us last year after her own battle with cancer, but her daughter, Alecia (mom of Ron), is also a Guild member and is the Director of MTDSA.  She says often when she delivers a quilt, it is the first time anyone has said Congratulations! to the new parents.  Isn't that sad?

Each summer, we plan one of our monthly sit-n-sew meetings to work on the Angel Babies quilts.  Last year - yes, last year! - the coordinators cut a huge amount of donated fabrics into strips for us to all sew up into Bargello baby quilts using Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville's free Scrappy Bargello pattern.

I got mine all pieced a few days after the sit-n-sew, and sat it on the corner of my quilting machine table so I could finish it up .....

And there it sat for almost a year!!!!  
Yikes!!!  *Hanging head* .....

So at my recent retreat to Sewanee in February, I took this along and made it my first project priority.   I sandwiched and quilted it with simple straight lines following the block intersections ....

And then I sewed the binding down by machine ......

...... much sturdier than hand-sewn which makes it perfect for babies and little children, and takes a fraction of the time to finish!

It makes me sad that it took so long for me to finish this quilt, and it helped me to see that sometimes I am not setting the right priorities in my life and my quilting activities.  As with most things in life, once we see a truth we are able to make positive changes, and I choose to use this experience to spur me upwards toward better choices!

This is Finish #2 from my 2105 Finish Along Q1 list ... and my most important one by far!!!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. It's beautiful Teresa, and some sweet child will love those bright colors and patterns! Perfect for any precious little one. It does seem that the ones we should be doing often are the most difficult to complete, don't know why that is.

  2. Maybe that's why it sat - it gave you focus and purpose when you needed it. It is a sweet quilt - no head hanging.

  3. Great job on the finish. Some family is going to love that quilt with the proper 'congrats' on a special new child. We had the possibility that Emily would be a downs baby but we declined further testing as we would not have done anything if the results came back positive. We simply read up a bit to be prepared in case that happened. We were blessed with her down's free but with speech apraxia. A tough road but we see her as a blessing no matter how she would have been born.

  4. That is a bright and happy baby quilt that someone will love!
    I've has some of those "priority moments" with my own sewing. I understand.
    Our grandson with special needs is such a blessing in our lives. You feel a very special spirit around him and know he is precious to Heavenly Father--as he is to us.

  5. There's going to be one very happy baby out there enjoying snuggles in your quilt! It's lovely.
    Congratulations on your two finishes - I have failed miserably this quarter.

  6. No worry. There are still babies being born with Downs Syndrome every day. A congrats, a smile, and a cheery baby quilt will be welcomed. I did not get into the first round. But, I plan to stitch up some this year. I needed the reminder re: priorities. Thank you.

  7. Hold your head high for the finish!!! No shame here. This quilt is absolutely beautiful and I know it was stitched with lots of love and prayers. Your timing is perfect for that special angel who will be receiving it this year.

  8. It looks wonderful and it is made with such love for a good cause. It will make such a wonderful gift to some very special little one.

  9. A beautiful quilt for such a good cause. Love that table of scraps... I'd like to roll around on that! TMI?

  10. You should never hang your head or be embarrassed when you make such a lovely quilt for such a great reason. It is beautiful. I know some mother of a special angel will love it and so will her baby.

  11. That quilt will be a special blessing at just the right time. What a wonderful gift those quilts are to those parents ... and bless you all for sharing your talents.

  12. Bless you all for doing this. No need to hang your head... your gift will be greatly appreciated and cherished and the parents and child will have no idea how long it took... only that someone cared enough to make this beautiful quilt for them and their new baby.

  13. It turned out beautiful Teresa and for such a wonderful cause too.

  14. Sweet quilt I have 3 charity quilts I need to quilt and have been really procrastinating. Maybe next week since we are on Spring Break.

  15. Beautiful quilt with lovely bright colours...sure to be treasured and loved by the little darling who receives it. If you had have finished it a year ago, that little recipient who is meant to receive it, would not have been born...but now they have been and a family will be thrilled with this gift xx

  16. You've done a great job and I congratulate you on the finish. Your guild has chosen such bright and cheerful strips. I know someone will enjoy this quilt. And Better Late than Never


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