Sunday, May 29, 2016

May is for Makers - Finally!

Although I didn't keep up very well with posting about it during the month, I did thoroughly enjoy supporting the excellent May is for Makers challenge sent out by Lindsey at LRStitched .....

Not only was this a great opportunity to show my support for some of our very talented independent designers, it was a guilt-free opportunity to pick up a few new patterns/books that I had been keeping my eye on!

Quilts by ©Juliet at The Tartankiwi
Photos courtesy of ©The Tartankiwi

Of course you all know from THIS POST that I absolutely adore the creative talents of Juliet at The Tartankiwi, right?  I'm SO excited to let you know that she has announced the release of both her Large (50") and Small (14") Seahorse patterns!!!!  You can go to her Etsy shop HERE to purchase them.  (And while you're there, be sure to check out some of her other gorgeous patterns - that Zebra is simple amazing!!!

I snapped up the Large Seahorse the day she released it for my first May is for Makers purchase!  In case you missed it, here is my completed Small Seahorse ....

Next up, I couldn't resist this new pattern by Sara at SewSweetness!

Photo courtesy of ©

Like most of you, I love bags and pouches and .... well, just anything that will hold stuff!  Right?  Tell me I'm not alone here!!!  And who can resist getting two bags in one????  I love this new design and can't wait to make one (or two!) of them up!  Sara is the most amazing bag designer, and I've been eyeing her patterns for ages.  I think this double zip bag will be a great help in keeping my sewing tools organized.  You can purchase this newly released pattern at Sara's site HERE.

This paper-pieced block design is called Humming by Esther at ipatchandquilt.  I've seen it made up in quite a few different looks and decided I just had to play with it myself!  You can find it on her Craftsy shop HERE.

Quilt by Esther at ipatchandquilt
photo courtesy of ipatchandquilt

And although I have wayyyyy too many books already, I simply couldn't resist Lara Bucella's new release of her new book, Crafted Applique - New Possibilities.  I'm always on the lookout for new and better ways to accomplish applique projects, aren't you?

Photo courtesy of BuzzinBumble blog

Lara blogs over at BuzzinBumble, and she is just the sweetest.  She's blown up the blog world with her amazing book launch this month, with tons of guest bloggers and book giveaways.  You can find her blog HERE - and be sure to order a signed copy of her book while you're there!  Because I can guarantee that when you see pictures of my new applique projects using her new fray-less applique technique, you're going to want to do it too LOL!!!

Please, please, keep in mind that these designers receive more of the money you pay for their designs when you buy from them directly rather than from an intermediate source.

So that's it for my May is for Makers spree!  I hope that you also took advantage of this wonderful opportunity to shop among your favorite designers and support them generously!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I must have spent May in a cave because I wasn't aware of the May is for Makers movement. I am interested in adding appliqué to my quilting repertoire, so I'm going to go check out Laura's blog and order me a copy of that book.

  2. Thanks for reminding everyone how purchasing direct from the designer benefits them. I plan to get Lara's book and will order direct.

  3. I was lucky enough to win Lara's book. I tried one small project and love her method. She is a sweetie too.

  4. I love that seahorse - thanks for introducing me to Sara at Tartankiwi.

  5. Wow, Teresa, so much good stuff here. But I have to say, your seahorse block is absolutely stunning! Your choice of fabrics--not only color, but texture as well--is spot on. I can see the water rippling and feel the scales of the seahorse (do they have scales? Whatever--it looks alive to me).

  6. Love that seahorse! You've been very busy.

  7. Teresa, you know how much I love your seahorse! And now your Hummer block and the way you quilted it are just out of this world! Thank you for including my book in such illustrious company as Esther and Juliet and Sarah! I'm incredibly excited that you will be trying out Crafted Applique and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Your seahorse is absolutely stunning! I love the colors and the Humming block is fabulous too. The quilting is gorgeous as well.

    Lara is a genius with her new technique. She really is the kindest person too.


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