Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fluttering and Sparkling .....

This has already been a very busy summer - is it even officially summer yet?  Well, it feels like summer with the 90-degree days we've been having here in Nashville! 

Time for blogging has been hard to carve out, but I've got lots going on to share with you.  A couple of finishes, several projects in the works, and a few that are still in the design stage.  For instance....

This cuter-than-stinkin'-cute Tuffet Pincushion just happened to get made and now sparkles up the studio quite nicely .....

One day soon I hope to make one of those wonderful full-size Tuffets that I've been seeing in blogland, but in the meantime I bought a kit at Mountain Quiltfest to make this adorable little pincushion, and I couldn't be more smitten!  It was surprisingly easy and fun to make as well :*)

I started with lots of bright and happy scraps from my Kaffe and Philip Jacobs stash ....

Then I added a little bling ....

These are drawer pulls from the local hardware store.  You can get much more inexpensive ones of course, but I just fell in love with these sparklers and couldn't resist.  As everyone knows, I'm pretty much a lot like a magpie - a real sucker for anything bright and shiny LOL!

After a bit of a battle between my desire and my budget, I decided to splurge since the pincushion will be something I see and enjoy every day.

Of course, I have to keep it in a drawer except when I'm actually sewing because of this little guy....

Rocky helping me practice my free-motion feathers -
"Mom, make your curves nice and smooth, like my perfect little kitty toes ... "

He's pretty much declared himself King of the Studio, and if I'm sewing, then he's right there snoopervising, up close and very personal ....

.... dangerously up close!  And if there is even one pin in sight, he'll zero in on it and have it in his mouth before I can stop him.  I've taken to using one of those magnetic wands on the floor before I leave the room so he doesn't find a stray one.  Sheesh!!!

As for the "Fluttering" I mentioned earlier, here is my latest new start ....

In-Flight Monarch Butterfly
design by Debra Gabel @ Zebra Designs

I posted HERE in September 2012 that I had purchased these patterns and hoped to begin work on them.  2012!!!!  Sheesh again!!!

My friend Pat and I have been talking about getting together and playing with these blocks for well over a year, and every time we plan a playdate something comes along to spoil our fun.  She's already fused down 5 of her blocks waiting on me to get started!  This past week, we finally put a date on the calendar and refused to let anything stop us.  We had a lovely day!!!!

I used Lara Buccella's (BuzzinBumble) applique technique from her new book, Crafted Applique, and I just love the results.  No fraying edges, and I can tell that they won't fray even after I stitch them down.  Nice!  This is the perfect project for this technique, because there are lots of little fiddly pieces ...

Some of these stems are smaller than 1/8" wide!

The edges look a little rough, but that is because I used serrated scissors to cut the pieces and they grabbed the edges a bit.  With my next block, I'll use a sharp pair of sheers.  I'm really excited to finally get my first block done, and can't wait to start the next one.

One more project is not even really started yet ...

I've pulled these fabrics to make another See-n-Go project bag.  I was inspired by this amazing Kaffe Fassett print called Corsage ...

I'm going to be teaching some friends how to make this bag in a few weeks, so I wanted to make a new one to refresh my memory on all the little details.  Not to mention that I can't have enough of them LOL!!!  (If you would like to make a See-N-Go Project bag of your own, you can go HERE to find out how to get the free pattern!)

Finally, I have two finishes to share ....

My mini Fractured Seahorse has been labeled, bound and hung on its standing frame, and now graces our living room so we can enjoy it every day!  I chose this deliciously curvy hot pink that somehow reminded me of the Little Mermaid :*)

I like to sew the label into the binding so I only have to hand-sew 2 sides - and it's more secure!

And Calypso also got its binding sewn down.  I chose to do a small flange of the red in the fold of the binding to give a little pop of color between the border and the binding.....(it's not crooked, that's just the way it is draped over the chair arm).

This one also resides in our living room now as well - doesn't it look wonderful with our claret-colored furniture?

Finally, I thought you might like a quick peek at my current Design Wall ....

It's a hodge-podge of lots of little projects in the works.  Unfortunately, pictures on this wall are never great - the lighting is bad in that area of the studio, but you get the idea.
-  Top left - blocks for Cool Diehl, a set of blocks I'm putting together from a Kim Diehl design.  I'm using Kim's fabrics too and loving the way it is coming together!
-  Top right - a block gifted to me by my friend Carol Ann, waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be
-  Middle left - In-Flight Monarch Butterfly
-  Middle right - Whoooooo's Your Daddy?
-  Bottom left - a partial of my Diamonds are Forever
-  Bottom right - two See-N-Go Project bags in the planning stage

I spent last weekend sandwiching a couple of large quilt tops to be free-motion quilted on my domestic machine.  I started quilting one of them this week, but since I don't want this post to drag on too long, I'll come back and share some pretty pictures in a few days.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Your pin cushion is adorable..... coveting over here. You have gotten a lot done and I so understand the time and blogging...just keep creating.

  2. I think you need to brighten up your color palette! Cute pin cushion.

  3. So many things going on over there! Love that pincushion idea!

  4. What a cute little pin cushion. I've missed seeing the owls. They are darling!

  5. Wow, have you ever been busy! So many bright and cheerful projects - and I just love that little tuffet pincushion and the little guy that keeps you from seeing it on display ALL the time!

  6. Oh, my goodness, I'm exhausted! You keep way too busy and accomplish far too much quilty goodness! That must be because of your new little helper! XO

  7. Your pincushion is adorable. So many great projects going on.

  8. Your design wall is so bright and happy! Thanks for sharing all your lovely projects with Oh Scrap!

  9. You have shared lots of lovely things - all so beautiful. I particularly like your little seahorse. I have a pretty green stuffed seahorse hanging on our bathroom wall, so cute, and sent to me all the way from England.

  10. Your pin cushion is adorable! And the bling makes it. See your finished seahorse is inspiring me to get going on my pattern. Love your other projects, too. You have some beautiful things on your design wall. Happy stitching!

  11. You definitely made the right decision on the knobs for the pincushion. Girl, they make it! I was grinning when I saw the finished product--so you! : )
    Then the photos of Rocky had me laughing as I tried to imagine the challenge of sewing at your house with all of that "help". Gotta love it.
    But then I saw the butterfly--breathtaking!! SO beautiful, Teresa. Couldn't stop staring--well, eventually I did, but I didn't want to.
    Perfect binding on the seahorse. Again, I can't get over how perfect your fabric choices are on that piece.
    Was happy to get a glimpse of your owls again. That is such a fun quilt.
    But wait--Kim Diehl fabrics on your design wall? They look like they crashed a party. *LOL* I guess that is how it appears when I have a batik project on my wall amidst all of the "dark & dirty" stuff.
    An absolutely delightful post, Teresa. I've had my color fix for the day. I can always count on you for that!

  12. Such great projects on your wall! I just got Lara's book and cannot wait to try out her process! I have a couple things in mind. ;)
    When I looked at your pics, I wondered...
    LOVE Who's Your Daddy! I made me giggle. And Rocky......melt my heart.

  13. LOVE that Pincushion! Immediately pinned it to one of my pinterest boards! Thank you for sharing!

  14. What beautiful projects you're working on. Love the pincushion and all the rest. Smitty used to get pins in his mouth too. He gave it up eventually, but I had to watch him like a hawk while I was in the sewing room.

  15. It is always a delight to see the beautiful pieces you are working on. I LOVE the tuffet and those glass knobs are fabulous with it. Your seahorse turned out beautiful and that quilt looks stunning on the sofa.

  16. Teresa I love your work. You make the best and most colorful things. Since I too am a bright color aficionado, I love all that you do. I cracked up over Rocky being a "snoopervisor". That's what those little rascals are alright!

  17. That pincushion was so stinkin' cute. I really wanted to walk away with it at the guild meeting. LOL Thank you for sharing all your awesome projects on your blog.

  18. Amazing ear tuffs on the cute little guy.

  19. I love your pin cushion and your adorable kitty! So many lovely projects!! I'm in withdrawal right now as we are helping our son move. But I do have some handwork along for My sanity.

  20. "Snoopervising" hahahahah - so descriptive Teresa! Rocky's little paws do look like feathering inspiration.
    That little tuffet is divine! I would have splurged a little on crystal knob feet too. You have so many wonderful projects going at one time. In-flight is just amazing and I love everything about the design and your color choices! So glad you love the technique! Hooray for finishing you Fractured Seahorse and Calypso quilts! And I'd make "Whoooo's Your Daddy" just for the humor in the title alone. Good luck with your teaching - the bag is going to be beautiful!

  21. love the butterfly pretty!

  22. Lots of lovely goodies in your post!! Love the pin cushion with the crystal legs - very different.
    I see that Rocky and Tallulah seem to have the same fascination with the sewing machine - moving away a kitty with the left hand and trying to guide fabric with the right is extremely difficult!!! It is a worry it only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

  23. Your projects are always so beautiful!

  24. Stinkin' cute is right. I adore the pincushion.....and that sweet little kitty helper.

  25. Love your pincushion! Glad to hear it was easy because I bought a kit for one in January and have yet to make it. I love the sew and go project bags. I'm going to try and track down the pattern.
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. You have so many wonderful projects!

  27. You post just got better and better as I read on!! Love your little pin cushion tuffet( the feet are the perfect touch), the sea horse is adorable, and your quilt on the couch is beautiful! Wonderful share!

  28. So much to say in one post....You helper is darling, I hope he grows out of finding your pins....and that butterfly is stunning.

  29. that's a lot of projects ! Love the pincushion. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  30. My goodness Teresa, you really have some beautiful projects and things going on! Your pin cushion is so neat and those crystal feet.....perfect! How does Rocky like it? I remember that butterfly pattern! Your seahorse is the neatest!

  31. So many colourful projects! I love the tuffet (I didn't know what a tuffet was, until I recently saw a life-sized one on IG)!

  32. That pin cushion is adorable! You sure have been busy. You have a lot of ufo's there to keep you busy a little longer!

  33. I love the See and Go project Bgs! Where can I get directions for making these! What a great gift for retreats!

  34. Fun, funn projects! I love the pin cushion and the butterfly especially; oh, and your snoopervisot, too!


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