Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Few Fun Projects - and More on the Horizon

We took Sara and the grandpuppy Link home on Wednesday - what a nice visit it was!

One of our main goals was to get Sara reacquainted with her sewing machine, gifted to her by a sweet friend during her last visit.  She had decided to leave the machine at my house until she was at a place in her life where she could devote more time to sewing.  Although she is finishing up her senior year and plans to start college courses in a few months, she is excited about doing some small projects at home this summer, so we've sent the machine and some basic tools home with her.

As promised, while she was here we each made a cuter-than-cute Shark Pencil Case which I told you about in this earlier post.  This is a design by Patchwork Posse which can be found as a free download on Craftsy.  I got to play with a lot saved-up crumbs for this project....

Sara's case is done in her beloved vintage-inspired pastels....

..... while mine is done in a fun mix of grays - one even has quilting text!

This was a fun project, so much so that I was seriously entertaining thoughts of making one out of each color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge next year - right up until time to add the zipper - UGH!!!  The designer says this can be a bit "fiddly" - riiiiiiight!  I even had to call in the Snoopervisor for help on this one!

Unfortunately, he wasn't much help.  He's decided zippers are not his thing!
In fact, he was plumb tuckered out by the time we got that sucker in there
and declared an emergency nap break =^..^=

It was nerve-wracking to tell the truth, and I had to do quite a bit of hand-stitching to close in the ends properly.  But they are well worth the effort I have to say. These turned out so darn cute and Sara was delighted with her accomplishment.  She did all of the sewing on her shark herself except for the zipper.  I put that in for her - I didn't want the poor child traumatized at this early stage of her sewing career :*)

And here's mine before the button eyes were added ....

I even used "scraps" for the buttons - these are buttons I've saved from recycled men's shirts!

No quilting was done on the Blooming 9 Patch while Sara was here, so I didn't meet my Guild UFO Challenge for June.  We were just too busy, and I had a couple of non-quilty things going on that needed a lot of my time and energy.  But Rocky volunteered for some overtime hours in the Studio to stand guard over the quilt until I can get back to it ....

One reason I ran out of time is because we celebrated the 80th birthday of my dear friend, Joanne!

Yes, she's 80 and still fabulous!!!

And she runs rings around me!  This is the Joanne who often shares her long-arm machine with me.  She had two parties, one given by her daughter for all of her many friends at church, book club, women's groups, as well as a few of her quilting friends.  The second was a small surprise party at the home of one of our Mountain Quiltfest ladies, Susie.  I made the cake for this party and put a lot of love and time into planning and executing it, especially since it had been ages since I had decorated a cake and I wanted it to be perfect!

Joanne loves birds and birdhouses, especially cardinals, so naturally I had to put a couple of those in the birdhouses.  You can just barely see the white picket fence behind them if you look closely.  I let out a deep whoosh of relief once that was done ... I was definitely reminded of why I no longer decorate cakes LOL!!!

I did manage to finish my latest See-N-Go Project bag.  This is the back of the bag featuring a Kaffe Fassett Corsage print ....

And the front with a vinyl see-thru window - I just LOVE Kaffe's purple and pink dot fabric lining showing through - so bright and cheerful :*)

This is a pattern I designed for Jacquelynne Steves for her Summer 2014 Summer E-magazine.  Some of you told me the links I shared in my last post for this pattern no longer work, so she gave me new links for you to get this pattern from her......

Please sign up for my free newsletter and emagazine here
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I highly recommend that you sign up for Jacquelynne's FREE e-magazine - it's always full of fun projects, inspirational ideas, and even a few delicious recipes!

A teensy bit of hand stitching has been worked in here and there when I can.  I always enjoy linking up with Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching linky party - today she talks about multi-tasking and the value of slowing down.  It's a great post - be sure to go over and check it out!

My 3-D braided tree is almost completely stitched down in my Blue Collection center....

And I am finally getting back to playing a little with my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.  This is the latest one in progress ....

Even with the best of intentions, I didn't find time to join in on these great QAL's, although I fully intend to make a start this coming week.....

Elm Street Quilts   

I really, really want to do both of these.  I love starting something new and fresh, don't you?  I plan to keep both of these pretty simple so they don't end up on my UFO list for next year LOL!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Sew many fun projects, but your latest Patchwork of the Crosses is stunning!

  2. Those shark pencil cases are so fun, but as always Rocky steals the show - just too cute. Interesting fabrics in your newest Patchwork of the Crosses. DH did Sunday School for the youngsters in our church today, took in his microscope with attached camera and laptop so the kids could see feathers, butterfly wings, fossils, etc. really close-up. Your POC fabrics remind me of some of those very magnified images!

  3. Well, why wouldn't Rocky love to help with that project - grey and fish - right up his alley!! I think spending time with a new sewist in the family is time well spent. The rest will wait.

  4. Love the shark pencil cases! So sorry to hear that the zipper was difficult. I keep thinking I have those zippers mastered, and then I work with another one and have trouble again! Fortunately you found a way to make it work!

  5. You sure do pack a lot into one post, Teresa! I don't know where to begin with my comments. The shark cases are sweet but your granddaughter looks sweeter. And of course, your little snoopervizor is adorable.

    The cake decorating world is missing your talent. The cake looks perfect.

    I especially like your Patchwork of Crosses block. The fussy-cutting and stitching are both amazing.

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  6. P.S. Zippers and I don't get along at all so I'm so very impressed at the perfection of your zippers!

  7. You got a lot accomplished in spite of having company and parties to attend!
    The tree looks fabulous!

  8. Her shark and your tree are FABULOUS!!

  9. Love the sharks! I need to get my Sarah reacquainted with the sewing machine this summer too =)

  10. Haven't you been busy!!! You're braver than I for tackling the shark pencil case, looks so fiddly and time consuming.

  11. What a fun and wonderful post! I am so glad to know Sara took the machine home with her just in case she has an itch to stitch! The sharks are too darn cute! Thank goodness your Snoopervisor was able to help out! You know I go ga-ga over your patchwork of the crosses! And, something new has been revealed! I hadn't a clue you decorate cakes? Now, I have the sudden urge for a piece of birthday cake and big glass of milk! Happy 80th to your friend!

  12. I just sit in awe as I read through your posts--and this is no exception.
    And however did you get along before you had such an efficient snoopervisor? Makes me smile every time I see him "helping".
    LOVE the shark cases, but you lost me when you said the zipper was fiddly. I can do straightforward zippers when I gather my courage--don't give me "fiddly"!!
    Joanne looks like an inspiring person, and you made her a lovely cake. Who knew you did that, too?!?
    The Kaffe bag is gorgeous--and I don't even do Kaffe, but I love that bag!
    Is that blue collection nearing the end? I can't wait to see it.
    Oh, my goodness, that POTC block is another stunner--yours always are.
    Have I ever told you how you have an amazing sense of color and design? Well, probably not in the last couple of months, anyway.
    Loved your post!!

  13. I love those sharks. It looks like you had a lot of fun together. How did the animals get along with each other?

    You are multi talented ... cake maker too??? Very cute.

  14. Love your sharks - and the kitty! Hmmm....may have to make some shark pencil holders for my grandbabies!

  15. So glad you were able to spend some quality time with Sara! She'll look back on these visits with such joy! Someday, when she's being interviewed about her sewing ang quilting origins, her reflections will showcase all this time spent with you! Enjoyed your post very much! XO

  16. Wow! What a wonderful post. Your talents just amaze me... the awesome quilting and fabric selections and cake decorating!?! Your cake is so pretty. How nice that you could do that for your friend. I'm glad you had Sarah had a great visit, too.

  17. I'm with the cat. I don't like zippers, and, I need a nap after watching this post. Glad you had lots of fun with your granddaughter. I didn't sew with my grandmother(my fault, not hers as she wanted to).

  18. I did a fair amount of garment sewing back in the day, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays zippers intimidate me - big time. So I'm in awe of your zipper skills!

    You are so productive ... and a woman of so many talents. Who knew that cake decorating was also in your repertoire!

    I'm glad you had a nice visit with Sara.

  19. Sara is so pretty!! She made the first picture, ahead of the feline!! LOL I love that shark pencil case, just like when you showed it before. Nothing has happened since, but it is cute. That Rocky just takes the cake for cuteness. I hope he is a snuggle bunny. Hope you have more fun planned this summer.

  20. WOW, I don't know where to begin. I love those cute sharks. Sara did a great job on hers too. So glad she is taking to sewing and wants to do more at home. She has a great inspiration in you. And those are just the cutest pictures of Rockie. I can see where he would be tuckered out trying to get those zippers put in. What a beautiful job you did on Joanne's birthday cake. Who knew you were a talented cake decorator. Happy 80th to her.

  21. Your shark is adorable--thanks for posting the link! I think it was worth the fiddly zipper!

  22. Fun projects! Any tips on the shark zippers? Or should I send mine to you? Tee Hee!

  23. Love that shark! He is gorgeous with that toothy grin. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  24. What fun pencil cases! Your 3-D braided tree is very cool. You've got me thinking.....

  25. What fun projects!! Wow, that zipper sounds challenging, for sure. Give Rocky a pat for me :-)

  26. Looks like you have been having fun and the little sharks are so cute! I think Sara, you and.....your kitty helper did a great job.

  27. Teresa, those little shark pencil cases that you and Sara made are awesome! So great to see you passing on your love of sewing to Sara! Your "snoopervisor" Rocky always make me smile and laugh! You will have no shortage of photographs for Pets on Quilts this August.
    Happy birthday to your friend Joanne. She must have loved her beautiful cake.
    You have so many great projects going on! I hope I get better at keeping up so I don't miss what your working on.


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