Monday, July 11, 2016

Q3 2016 FAL List

I'm linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt with my list of projects that I'm hoping to finish in the 3rd Quarter of 2016 .............

  • Finish quilting and bind Blooming Nine Patch - this should have been done in June!!!
  • Applique, quilt and bind Moon Over Meowmi
  • Surprise wall quilt for someone special - I will show it next month after it has been delivered :*)
  • Finish appliqueing all the leaves and stems on Blue Collection
  • Quilt & bind the Show Me The Honey quilt - this was actually listed on my 2015 Q3 FAL list - yikes!!!
  • 60degree Table Runner kit for my mom
  • Bind Strip Stax - seriously... it's time!!!
  • Bind Amish Beauties - again, seriously ... it's well beyond time!!!
  • Finish assembling, quilt & bind Whooooo's Your Daddy
  • Finish my fourth See-N-Go Project bag
Obviously, I know I won't finish all of these, but it's good to have a list of what I really want to have done so (maybe) I won't get distracted and forget them.  Wish me luck!!!

2016 FAL

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Oh boy, do I wish you luck! I know you don't expect to complete all of them, but I wouldn't even dare make such an ambitious list. More power to you. : )
    That is fun the way you made a collage of the projects on your list.

  2. That's a pretty healthy list of goals! And I'll just bet you accomplish them all! Good luck! XO

  3. You are mighty ambitious! My list for the year didn't get any farther than "hand quilt two quilts." Thinking anything else is a Bonus! Good luck and we'll be looking forward to seeing some fun finishes.

  4. Well good luck with all those fabulous projects. =)

  5. Wow, good luck on your finishes and I bet it really helps to have a list to remind you what you want to work on next. So many neat projects to work on, so when you don't feel like working on one of them, you have something else to choose from which is nice.

  6. Sheesh, I thought my list was long! I've watched almost all those projects in progress and look forward to seeing (some of) them finished.

  7. Have fun! If you don't like that bag, send it my way ;)

  8. You've got a GREAT bunch of projects to work with! I'm interested in finding out how you created that photo collage on Blogspot. Any tips to share?

  9. That is an impressive list! That should keep you out of mischief, too!


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