Sunday, July 24, 2016

Is There Anything Cuter than This Little Mouse?

Well, okay, maybe babies and kittens could be cuter -
- but that's all, I'm sure of it!

This is one of four paper-piecing designs newly released by my friend Juliet at The Tartankiwi - you remember the oh-so-talented designer of my recent Mini-Seahorse?

So Juliet has been up to her designing tricks once again - designers gonna design, you know what I mean?  This time she has released the cutest patterns ever in her new Mini Woodland Bundle!  And stick around to the bottom of this post because I'm going to tell you how you can WIN lots of really cool quilty prizes by joining in her Mini Woodland QAL!!!

Photo courtesy of ©The Tartankiwi

Each of the four patterns in the bundle come in four sizes - 4", 5", 6" and 8" - so you can go really really mini if you love mini's like me, or you can save your sanity and go bigger like a few of my friends :*)  These are quick little projects - I sewed up several in one day!  I love having a quick project to play with when time doesn't allow work on something more complicated, don't you?

Here are my little quilt tops - I made mine 5".....

Mouse - I have to show it again cuz it's my favorite!!!!!

Badger - so bold and brave!

Squirrel - I think he's just slightly nutty .... (I can hear you groaning!)

Bunny - Omigosh that tiny pink nose!!!

As with every Tartankiwi pattern I've sewn, these little quilts went together like butter!  Juliet's sections match up perfectly, and everything is easy to follow, and for me sewing up a stress-free pattern is FUN!  Right?

So I know you're all anxious to find out how to win those great prizes just for having a blast sewing up some cuter-than-cute Woodland creatures - right?  Well you can read all the details HERE and see all the prizes HERE in Juliet's announcement of the QAL, but basically, for each Mini Woodland Bundle creature you complete and use in a finished project, you will get a chance at the prizes!  Easy-peasy, right?  Juliet suggests, mini coasters like her original little quilts, or a fun pouch.... How about a wall quilt using all four designs - you would get four chances with that project!

I know I will be thinking hard about how I want to sew up my adorable little Woodland creatures...  What shall they be?  Hmmmm.......  Gosh!  There are so many possibilities for these sweet babies!!!

How would you use them?  Head on over to Juliet's Etsy, Payhip or Craftsy stores to purchase your Mini Woodland Bundle pattern set - ON SALE for the duration of the QAL at just $7.50 for the bundle!!!  (Note there may be very slight currency differences.)  That price is too good to pass up even if you don't intend to join in the QAL, right?  Then have fun stitching up your own little bunnies, and mousies, and ... well, you get the picture :*)

The QAL is being hosted on Instagram, so in order to win just share your finished projects on Instagram and tag @tartankiwi along with the hashtag #woodlandqa.  And if you haven't yet joined Instagram, well then, now's a good time to get started!  It's a very easy and fun site.  No long blog posts to slog through (who me?????) - just lovely pictures to stroll through and a fun giveaway once in a while.

So now I'm off to see what I can create with my sweet Woodland creatures!  I hope to see some of yours on Instagram!

I wish you all a lovely week and plenty of whatever gives you great Joy!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. My Terribly Talented Tennesseean Teresa! Not being one for much paper piecing, nor for.......ahem......RODENTS......I have to admit......these are pretty dog gone cute! I suggest you make a unique wall hanging of sorts out of them! Best wishes with the contest!

  2. You are right. That mouse is so adorable. But, the bunny is running a close second.

  3. The mouse is pretty cute, but I think I'll take the cute little bunny myself! I love that little nose. They would make super cute little coasters.

  4. Oh, that is a cute mouse. I used to collect mouse figurines and not many were cuter than that.
    The bunny is awfully sweet, too. And I love that they are tiny. : )
    Great work!!

  5. Those woodland critters sure are cute. The bunny is my favorite followed by the squirrel. They will make a cute wall hanging or as some other creative purpose in your capable hands.

  6. Well, I'll admit I've seen few things cuter in my entire life...except maybe my own babies and my own kittens...and yours.

  7. Pretty cute but I will say I am not a paper piecing fan either, but I still marvel over the seahorse which I think is fabulous.

  8. All of them are really cute!!! Paper piecing is so fun :)

  9. When I first saw your adorable mouse on Instagram I knew you must be sewing Juliet's patterns again. She is an incredible designer and you Teresa must be her star quilter! All of these little blocks are just fabulous! That little mouse steals the show!


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