Friday, January 6, 2017

How I said Goodbye to 2016 .....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  

We had a lovely Christmas and, as is our habit, a nice, quiet New Year's.  Although we have no family near us, we are surrounded by good friends and fun things to do during the holidays.  I was especially happy to have a few days filled with nothing but puttering in my studio - it was heaven!!!  I managed to finish out the year by cranking out a few little Christmas projects and even a couple of finishes.

My favorite finish is Hello Mr. Moon - I made two of these!  One was a gift for my sister and the other I am keeping for us. =^..^=

This adorable little quilt is designed by Teri Henderson Tope, and you can find the free pattern at Bernina's We All Sew site.  I loved the freedom of the "messy" outlining she calls for around the cat and moon, and it was great fun learning how to do the swirly quilting design in the background.

I also made these Christmas Tree mug rugs for my Quiltfest group, using my buddy Kevin the Quilter's tutorial but eliminating the bottom row of the tree so they would be small enough to fit.  Thanks Kevin!!! 

The blue one is for Belinda who shares my love for all things BLUE!!!  (Yes, I have a blue one cut out for me too!)  And Joanne is my bird-loving friend, so hers has a beautiful seasonal bird fabric on the back.

This was a really fun project, challenging myself to use only my crumb scraps for the pieces.

I even pulled from my brown crumb jar for the tree trunks... who knew there could be so many colors of brown?????

One more of my Folk Art Album blocks is finished....

This is the 10th Folk Art Album block completed!  I have enjoyed this hand Applique project, especially finding ways to make it a little bit special...

Can you tell that I used metallic thread for the red buds?  I also added those french knot clusters in the center of the three-leaf section that looked a little boring to me before.  I have to admit, I'm ready to be done with this project.  Only 2 more - this one is next up for stitching.  Don't you just adore that hummingbird???

I shared my January Christmas UFO project, I Believe, with you in THIS previous post.  Since then I have finished two more blocks ....

I Believe Block #4
I Believe Block #5 - Yikes!!!!

Of course, as soon as I pulled this photo into Blogger, I saw the mistake!!!  That will have to get fixed first thing tomorrow morning :*)

In order to finish this top assembly in January (from start to finish!), I've committed to making a block per day on the days I am at home.  This week has been impossible - I've had activities every day!  Starting this weekend, this project and my En Provence blocks will be getting lots of love :*)  I'll share more about my thoughts on EP in my next post.

En Provence Clue #5 complete

Some friends are coming over to sew tomorrow, so I need to go get things set up.  As I type, it has begun to snow, so hopefully we won't get "snowed" out!  Actually, we're not expecting anything more than perhaps an inch at the most.  I'll be back this weekend to share my January goals with you.

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Hello Mr. Moon is so cute! I'm glad you get to keep one.
    Great little trees--I need to actually sew up the ones I have cut out.
    That is a gorgeous Folk Art Album block--and the hummingbird block is very pretty, too. As always, I think you choose the best fabrics!

  2. I especially LOVE those album blocks! Goodbye, 2016.

  3. Teresa, you have some beautiful blocks here! I love your applique blocks and look forward to seeing the hummingbird finished. He is gorgeous. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Teresa! I absolutely love those applique album blocks! Isn't it strange how we never see the errors in our blocks until they're completely finished and photographed?!

  5. Hello Mr. Moon is adorable! Thanks for the link! I'm bookmarking it to make for my daughter! She'll just love it! You kept very busy! Love all your projects! Happy New Year! XO

  6. You got a lot done in the waning weeks of 2016. Looking forward to seeing progress on I Believe.

  7. You had a ton of great projects going on! LOVE that you took Kevin's trees and made them your own. I think the snowflake one takes the prize!!

  8. really did get a lot of sewing done. The mug rugs are so cute - perfect gifts. I LOVE the I Believe blocks. Looking forward to your EP review...and finish.

  9. Happy New Year to you my talented Tennessee friend! I LOVE your little Oh, Christmas Tree mug rugs! You made them perfect by digging into those tiny little leftovers of yours! All of your other projects are just perfect! All of your handwork is perfect as usual! And, I love that kitty and the moon! All my best to you in 2017!!!

  10. So many beautiful Christmas projects. Those little tree mug rugs are definitely on the must try list.

  11. Happy New Year -- see you again this weekend.

  12. Happy New Year, Teresa! Love those Folk Art blockx!

  13. Hello Mr. Moon is fabulous! Your quilting is lovely. So many pretty blocks.


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