Monday, November 5, 2012

DWM - Learning Something New!

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The Blue Collection has become one of my primary projects recently, and I've been trying to stay focused and keep blocks prepared so that I always have one ready to work on when it's time to sit down for some slow stitching.  Like yesterday.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any blocks prepared yesterday, so instead of stitching, I had a lot of prepping to do!

These pieces are not yet stitched down, but I laid them out so you could get an idea of how they will look when they are.  All were prepared using the Starch Method, a new method for me that I decided to try after hearing some really good reports on other blogs.  I have to tell you, so far I'm a very happy camper!!!

This method involves using freezer paper templates, and painting liquid starch with a small paintbrush on the seam allowance edges that will be turned under.  It was a simple enough procedure.

This little piece very quickly went from this....

..... to this.....

to this..... and it's as close to perfect as I'm ever gonna get!!!

Here are a few other pieces that would normally have given me some trouble trying to needleturn them, but they were very easily shaped with this method....

Aren't those curves nice and smooth!  Yep, I'm a happy camper!!!  This next one has a couple of problem areas that would have given me fits before.

See the little round bump at the top?  Designed for torture!!!  But it was no problem, and the curves are nice and neat!

This piece was so tiny, I had to put my finger there to give you an idea of its size so you could be REALLY impressed with how nice and neat it is :*)   It is the stem that goes on the tip of this piece.....

It's a strawberry leaf, and it does have a little bit of a raveling issue in that little deep cut.  There just wasn't enough fabric there to fold over on both sides.  I think it will stitch out okay though once I remove the paper.  It's really the only piece that gave me a problem.

I believe The Blue Collection is going to be much more fun finishing up than it has been to this point!  There are many tutorials out there on the Internet if you are interested in trying it too.  Just Google "Starch Applique" and you'll get lots of them.

Hawaii Sunset is still sitting front and center on my Design Wall - I haven't been able to touch it this week at all, but I hope to work on some flying geese tomorrow at sit-n-sew =^..^=

And I thought I'd let you know - I have officially decided to join in on Bonnie's Mystery, Easy Street!   I just love the colors she's using this year, and the fact that she has promised to take it "Easy" on us helped me decide.  I have all the fabrics in my stash, so long as I decide that the gray will work.  I'm still on the fence about that one.  You can see the paint chips laying (lying?) next to each colored stack of fabrics. 

There may still be a few I'll pull out - too dark? - and a few I'll add in, but for the most part, this is it!  I hope some of you are going to join in the fun!!!

That's all I'm up to right now.  What about you?  Do you have something fun and exciting to show us on your design wall, or floor, or bed - whatever it is you use to view your beautiful quilts in progress?  Please join the linky party at Judy's Patchwork Times so we can all enjoy it too :*)

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Have a gorgeous week!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Wow, Teresa, these pieces look fabulous!! I've stayed away from really intricate applique pieces because I'm not good with needle-turned and my method (which looks good when I use it) is a little cumbersome for intricate designs. But I'm going to have to look at this starch method and give it a try! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. This is more applique than I would attempt. It is going to be just beautiful. And look at you, all those fabrics pulled and ready, I haven't even thought yet! I don't have most of these colors in my stash and I really don't need to shop.

  3. Both of your projects make me smile so much. I don't know which I like better - Blue Collection or Hawaii Sunset. And, yep - those colors are awesome for Easy Street. Sure wish I could justify jumping in on it!

  4. All your projects make me smile. I'm going to be in serious envy of that blue collection. Thanks for the little demo of the starch method.

  5. I like the starch method as well, and your pieces look great. I also use this same method for invisible machine applique. Your project is looking so good, I may have to break down and get that pattern.

  6. Wow Teresa, your applique is so neat and I can't believe the teeny tiny pieces!! Love the great fabrics from your stash for Easy Street, I have a little shopping to do.....maybe I'll shop in your great stash!

  7. Great work. I've used the starch method before. It's fun, but messy. Since it all washes out in the end, messy is ok.

  8. I've looked at the starch method - but I have been using Elmer's purple school stick glue!!! Work's wonderfully for me! But my latest applique projects have not been as tiny as yours!!

    Your Hawaii Sunset blocks are stunning!!!!! This going to be one gorgeous quilt!!

    I'm sure Easy Street will be a fun project - I just have too many other things going!! Looking forward to yours!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. More DWM gorgeousness! The Blue Collection is amazing and this method of applique really seems to make it easier. If I ever get the nerve to applique again I will remember this!
    Hawaii Sunset is so vibrant--love it!
    And talk about color--look at you with your huge piles of perfectly matching fabric for Easy Street. And paint chips to boot! This woman is ready--someone fire the starting pistol!! : )

  10. Your Blue Collection is really ooming together. I think your pieces are "perfect". I've used this method before and it's a bit messy but produces wonderful results. I now use the school house glue method with a tiny tip applicator for putting it on the seam allowance. It works well too.
    I'm very envious of your stash for Easy Street. I am seriously thinking about doing it, but not sure I have enough of the colors. I love the colors she chose. That along should be enough to decide! If only I didn't have so many unfinished. I am printing directions just in case.

  11. Your blue collection looks so great and I love your super bright Easy Street fabrics. Love those colors and am looking forward to peeking at everyone's as things get started!

  12. Your fabrics look perfect! Who could resist joining in?!

  13. I am also gonna. Follow along on easy street! I love the bright fun colours! But I have to go to the store... my stash is not long enough! But who complains about a trip to thexfabric store! Not me! ;o)

  14. Love to see so many people jumping in on Easy Street! It is going to be a blast!

  15. How nice to have found you! I love your Blue Collection and use to collect blue & white china. Now I tend to collect blue & white fabric instead. Don't include me in the drawing as we received our copies of this great magazine for the shop so I already have a copy. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing!

  16. Looking forward to watching your progress on Bonnie's Easy Street - those colors are really yummy. Interested in hearing how you like the starch method of appliqué also. Pretty, pretty, pretty, all!

  17. Hi Teresa.
    I love the Blue work. I am going off to read about "starch applique" as I've never seen it before.
    Love your work! Have fun. Also wondering if I"m still a "no reply" blogger as I worked on that issue when you notified me. Let me know please as you do have my email. Still working on the other problem.

  18. I LOVE your selections for Easy Street! I thought I would sit this one out but you are very inspiring...

  19. love your easy street fabrics, my stsh needs to grow!

  20. The blue and white is out of this world. Even better is your photography! Amazing...

  21. I don't do much applique, but when I do, I like to use the starch method. Your curves are so perfect. The Blue Collection is going to be amazing when it is finished. I like the way you used the border fabric for the bowl.

  22. WOW!! Your fabric collection is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Perfect for the Easy Street. I am still deciding.
    XOXOXO Subee

  23. Is the darling little snow angel pattern available for purchase.Love it.

  24. I use the starch and press method too. I can do the other methods but starch just works better for me. Those tiny pieces just get me. I'm working on a pattern by P3 Designs and "oh" the tiny pieces. Looks like your doing great! I'm going to have to get this pattern.


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