Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rainbow Geese A'Flying!!

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Look what I am working on today!

Aren't they just the cutest, most colorful little flying geese you've ever seen?  

Well, okay, I may be just a teensy bit partial to my new little goslings LOL!!!  These are for my 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge project, Rainbow Pineapples.  Here are the little mini-pineapples all positioned to be sewn together.

Each pineapple will only be about 3-1/2 inches finished!  There will be a 1" black inner border, then the little goslings will fly around the edge of each corner for the outer border.  I am thinking there will probably be another 1" border around the outside edge and maybe a scrappy rainbow binding, but that is not a firm decision yet. I'll wait and see how it progresses :*D  I really just want this to be a small wall quilt for my sewing room.  So far I am LOVING IT!!!

I'm already getting excited about what I might do for the Challenge for next year and saving potential ideas on Pinterest :*D  You can click HERE  to visit Angela's blog, SoScrappy, and see what the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is all about if you think you might like to join in the fun for 2013.

Okay, so back to the geese.... I've only sewn half of the borders strips so far, covering the Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow geese.  I still have to do the second halves which will include Green, Aqua, Blue and Purple geese.  You may have noticed that two of the PROY strips are shorter than the other two....

I left the bottom two Pink geese off of these because they will fit together at the corners something like this....

Pretty rough diagram, but I think you can get the idea.  The Pink geese on one strip will serve as the corner for both strips.

Since I learned from doing Hawaii Sunset how easy it is to make flying geese by paper piecing them, I sat down and drafted a pattern to make these little geese - just 1" by 2" finished!

Then I sat down to chain sew them.  Easy right?  Well, sure, but only IF your machine doesn't decide to go rogue on you!!!   This little foot pedal decided it wanted to sew whenever IT wanted to, regardless of whether my foot was on the pedal or not!!!  I actually had to unplug the machine to get it to stop sewing!!!

I had to do a little research and found out that the Janome pedals can do that if they get dust etc., on the electrical contacts.  Well, dust is something my sewing room knows all about, let me tell ya!!!!  So I wrapped it up for my favorite handy man (sweet hubby!) to fix for me.  In the meantime, I was happy to have this little button on my machine which allowed me to sew without the pedal .....

I sure showed that pedal who's the boss!!!  Of course, it was little awkward remembering to touch the button every time I wanted to start and stop stitching... I had a few runaways at first LOL!!!!  But happily it saved the day and got the job done =^..^=

We're going to see the new James Bond movie later today, so I doubt I'll get much more sewing done today.  But I have some starched applique pieces all perfectly prepped to work on my Blue Collection tomorrow while watching football, so I'm a happy camper :*)

Now, don't forget to go over and get in on my Birthday Giveaway!!!  You can win one of these....

I'm was just tickled pink to wake up this morning and find that A Quilt and A Prayer has just reached 300 followers!!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!  I am so delighted to have you all following along and sharing together on our quilting journeys =^..^=

My stash report for this week is pretty uneventful.... no finishes, but I did add these fabrics....

The brown and cheddar pieces are for Hawaii Sunset, the lime piece on the right is a birthday gift from The Quilter's Path, and the beautiful pink floral fat quarter on the left is a WIN from Barbara at Cat Patches!!!  I recently won her Fun Fact Friday Freebie - yay!!!!  Thanks Barbara!!!

Fun Fact Friday Freebie

Don't you just LOVE Barbara's cute little cat button????

Stash Enhancement Report - November 10, 2012 

Used/Destashed this week:  0.0 yards
Used/Destashed YTD 2012: 222.75 yards
Stashed this week: 2.0 yards
Stashed YTD 2012: 254.75 yards
Net Used for 2012: -32.00 yards

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. They are just wonderful! This is going to be so pretty.

  2. THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors {of course ~ what else would you expect from me?!} Beautiful! {did I say how beautiful they are?!!}

  3. The flying geese are beautiful. Black makes those colors just pop!

  4. Oh Teresa! This is going to be a beautiful little wall hanging! I love the colorful pineapples and geese!

  5. What fun, bright colors! Loving it. You need a hand crank sewing machine. Then you don't worry about having a foot pedal at all. They are great for paper piecing.

  6. Exquisite! That is the word for this little quilt. Wow!! Makes me want to go make more little pineapple blocks.
    Interesting self-motivated presser foot--but come on, you make going rogue sound like a bad thing. : )
    Hope you are having a fun birthday month. I start my celebration tonight with a Gary Morris concert--tickets were a surprise from DD#2. He isn't well known everywhere--started as a country singer and became a broadway star, but also does a lot of ballad type stuff. I love his voice and have seen him in concert a few times before.

  7. So darn cute! The geese will be the perfect border for your pineapple blocks. I've been paper piecing my Hawaiian Sunset blocks as well, they turn out so perfect that way. Isn't it fun to be finishing up one project and already pondering the next?

  8. Look at you, yay yay yay!! I do love your colorful flying geese, but Teresa, it's your Rainbow Pineapples that make my heart go into my throat and brings tears to my eyes they are SO pretty!! :)

  9. I'm loving your flying geese too. That mini quilt is going to be gorgeous. It's already gorgeous!

  10. I love the geese AND the great pineapples.

    I can't imagine trying to sew with the stop and start about retraining the brain!!!

  11. Love your geese and those adorable mini pineapples!! Thanks for the tip on the Janome presser foot....hope mine doesn't decide to go 'rogue' :o) We saw the new James Bond movie yesterday...really enjoyed it...hope you do too!

  12. Your choice of black with the bright colors really sets these blocks off. I thought I was tired of cheddar from seeing so much of it on Bonnie's blog But, that was the piece that caught my eye first.

  13. How adorable! I am loving your scrap challenge, it is awesome.

  14. your geese are so cute. I just love the colour flowing to them. The pineapple blocks all look so good together.

  15. Ooh la la! The pineapples and goosey border are wonderful! I just love the saturated colors!

  16. Love your flying geese, 300 congratulations!

  17. Your little goslings are just adorable - so bright and cheery, too!! It will go perfectly with your gorgeous pineapple blocks!!

    Congrats on the 300!!! You have much to offer to many!! I know I always enjoy stopping by!!


  18. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy James Bond :) Your geese and pineapples are incredible - love the colors and how tiny they are!!! Congratulations on reaching 300 - woot woot!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book!!!

  19. Happy Birthday. I just LOVE your pineapple quilt and the geese for the border are just perfect.

  20. I LOVE your pineapples and your geese! I just noticed the centers of the pineapples.......clever. :)
    That start/stop button came in pretty handy. Hope hubby is able to fix the foot for you.

  21. This is a spectacular the colour explosion!
    The flying geese are a perfect border idea.
    I got a giggle over the geese flying out of control around your sewing room due to technical problems! LOL

  22. Love those colors, can't wait to see it evolve.

  23. love this rainbow project you are working on.

  24. Those scrap geese are really something - so colorful - love them. Hope your part gets fixed.

  25. My Janome pedal does the same thing. I call it "ghost sewing". The 6500P and the 6600P pedal both do this. Even just cleaned back from the sewing machine shop.
    If you lift the presser foot lever it will also stop the sewing.
    As to the Moth in the Window block...I too am waiting for the mystery. But I just had to try the block anyway. Today I sewed myself out of spool blocks (109 so far). I know they are for the L&E but I prefer 4 patches for that process. XOXOXOXO Subee

  26. I REALLY love those pineapples! I'm working on a little pineapple project right now - your colors are great!


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